All Epcot Rides 2022 – The Complete Guide

The Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorow, also known as Epcot, is a Disney park in Orlando that provides exciting and fun attractions and activities for the whole family. Today we will list all Epcot's best rides!

Epcot is one more disney park, opened in 1982 and was the second park of the Disney complex.

The original idea was to create a futuristic community where people would come into contact with the most diverse technologies and innovations that could potentially be part of everyday life in the future.

With the death of the founder Walt Disney, the idea was transformed and the park started to have a concept of promotion and dissemination of cultures between nations, in addition to not losing its futuristic bias and has attractions also focused on new technologies.

The park is divided into two parts: Future World and World showcase.

The future world, is the largest area of the park, this area characterizes a city of the future and it is there where the Spaceship Earth, the famous big silver ball, an attraction that has become a very famous tourist monument.

This area has shows and rides for the whole family.

At the end of the year, the rides and attractions are even more special, so if you are planning Christmas and new Year in Orlando, be aware of the schedule you can find at Future World.

Christmas at Epcot
Christmas Decoration at Epcot

Even recently Disney announced a major revamp at the entrance of epcot, upon the arrival of the future world, the upgrades are scheduled for 2021 and have all excited us. You can see here all the changes announced.

The World Showcase is an area where it is possible to take a walk of up to 5 hours, visiting representations from 11 countries: Mexico, Norway, China, Germany, Italy, United States, Japan, Morocco, France, United Kingdom and Canada.

In kiosks of all countries you can find typical restaurants, cultural representations and attractions related to the nation that is representing

We have now selected some of the rides of each of the areas of Epcot that make this park so special and fun.

What I Need to Know Before Visiting Epcot

Before we get into the rides, let's mention a few important topics so you can get the most out of your visit to epcot.

Definitely, buy your tickets before leaving.

This will save you the lines when you arrive at the park and will also allow you to reserve your Disney Park Pass before you go.

You can buy your tickets directly on the Disney website or through authorized and discounted agencies and in installments (contact us).

The Lightning Lane is not always worth it.

take one raincoat.

It's best to buy online at amazon discount or in supermarkets, such as walmart. Anyway, before you arrive, definitely be prepared and bring one.

Rains in Florida can happen every day depending on the season.

The Rains usually only last for a short period of time, but it's much better to have a raincoat than to be caught off guard and have to walk around in soaked clothes all day.

Rainy Day at World Showcase at Epcot
Rainy Day at World Showcase at Epcot

In addition to the rains, another climatic factor that will disturb you a lot is the heat. If you go outside of winter, you can be sure that you will feel hot in the park.

To soften up, we recommend that you bring a Cooling Towel. Just wet it, it will be chilled and will help immensely to be less uncomfortable in the heat.

We recommend this Cooling Towel here.

If you want to save money, avoid eating in the park, we recommend that you bring snacks in your backpack.

Another element that can make you spend a lot of money is buying water or soda around the park, so we recommend taking a thermal cup and fill in the water fountains around the park.

If you want to do the Drinking Around the World Bring a thermos glass both to drink water in between breaks and to transport your drinks without heating if you are going in the summer.

Epcot Rides in Future World in 2022

Guardians Of The Galaxy Cosmic Rewind

That's right, Epcot has a ride entirely dedicated to Guardians of the Galaxy.

Its opening will take place in the middle of 2022 and everything indicates that this will be one of the best ride at Epcot and even Disney World.

Guardians of the Galaxy Cosmic Rewind is a roller coaster that will feature an innovative system with 360-degree vehicles that can even do a reverse launch.

In it you will have a totally immersive experience.

The adventure will begin at the “Galaxarium”, a planetarium-like exhibit that explores the similarities and mysteries of the formation of the Earth and Xandar galaxy.

 Mission: Space

This exciting and very realistic ride simulates the takeoff and journey of a space rocket.

Four people enter the cabin and each one chooses their role on the trip: pilot, engineer, commander or cadet, then choose which trip: an intense trip to the red planet, the Orange Mission or a beautiful orbit around our planet. Earth.

Mission Space - Epcot Attraction
Mission Space – Epcot Attraction

The simulators are inspired by those used at NASA, and provide a very similar experience to real travel, even with gravity shifts.

Who doesn't have this astronaut spirit can have fun at Mission: Space advanced Lab, an area that features games and activities related to seasons and space travel, knowledge and fun are also guaranteed.

 Soarin: Around the world

The Soarin is a simulator of a hang gliding trip through incredible places in the world.

You can choose from man-made monuments like the Great Wall of China, natural beauty like the Iguazu Falls or even skimming over incredible places like Sydney Harbor in Australia.

Soaring Around the World
Soaring Around the World – Epcot Rides

All this realism is only possible thanks to the 24-meter, 180-meter high-definition IMAX projection dome that projects area images and allows you to feel like gliding.

One tip of the team is to stay in row B1 when the queues start to form, this is one of the places with one of the most privileged views of the activity.

Anyone who participates in the experience reports it is an impressive and unforgettable trip, this stop can not be left out of your visit to Epcot, right?

Test track

This is a small-scale version of automotive testing, a partnership between Disney and Chrevrolet.

Walk through beautiful installations and exhibitions of the latest technology in the automotive sector, until you arrive at the Chevrolet Design Center from there you can create your car, with the following specifications defined by you: handling, maneuverability, economic and environmental efficiency and power, after that enjoy the test drive in the car produced by you.

Test Track - Epcot Attraction
Test Track – Epcot Rides

The track has challenging turns and paths for your best experience, and weather conditions can be changed so that all sensations are felt.

Spaceship Earth

As already mentioned this is the famous icon ball of Epcot, in addition to taking pictures outside the monument, be sure to visit the inside of the ride.

It's a lot of fun and great for a break.

AT Spaceship Earth you will be transported to a journey in time, guiding the history of communication from prehistory to the newest digital technologies, which allow the approximation of those who are at different ends of the world.

Spaceship Earth - Epcot Attraction
Spaceship Earth – Epcot Ride

The screenings are narrated by the voice of actress Dami Jude Dench and are available in several languages, including Portuguese.

What we can tell you about this ride is a beautiful and pleasant history lesson that is well worth a visit.

Journey into imagination with Figment

Your five senses will be tested in this sensory lab, Dr Channing and a playful dragon will be your guides in this fun experience.

The ride of figment It's a lot of fun, especially for kids.

Journey Into Imagination with Figment - Epcot Attraction
Journey Into Imagination with Figment – Epcot Ride

After this journey be sure to visit Image Works and produce music and images from your imagination.

The Seas with Nemo & Friends

The Seas with Nemo & Friends is a high-tech ride with characters from the Finding Nemo cartoon.

The Seas with Nemo & Friends - Epcot Attractions
The Seas with Nemo & Friends – Epcot Ride

The tour also puts you in the heart of The Seas, where the exhibits, Turtle Talk with Crush and viewing platforms for the main aquarium are.

Turtle Talk with Crush

It's a very interactive and joke-filled ride, starring Crush, the turtle from the movie Finding Nemo where he interacts directly with visitors.

Turtle Talk with Crush
Turtle Talk with Crush

It's a really cool ride, but you need to know how to speak English, so if you're a tourist and don't speak English well, you might not like this interaction very much!

Living with the Land

Here you will learn a lot about nature.

It's a visit to the Epcot laboratory via a boat tour, where you'll learn a lot about the origins of foods and ways of cultivation with multimedia displays.

the ride on Living with the Land through the rainforest, deserts and other regions of the world is an attraction and so much that Disney set up to teach visually.

In our opinion it's a really cool ride!

Disney & Pixar Short Film Festival 

This is a Pixar shorts 3D cinema.

It's pretty cool, cute, but it's not a must-see attraction, after all, it's nothing very different from what you can see today at Disney+.

Disney & Pixar Short Film Festival - Epcot Attraction
Disney & Pixar Short Film Festival – Epcot Attraction

It's worth it if the day is really hot and you want a nice place to rest with air conditioning, or if you're a super fan of Pixar shorts!

Awesome Planet!

This ride is actually a movie, and it is located inside The Land pavilion.

It is a film that shows the beauties and evolution of planet Earth, in addition to alerting about the importance of conserving the environment, narrated by Ty Burrel (the dear Phil of Modern Family).

Awesome Planet! - Epcot attractions
Awesome Planet! – Epcot attractions

It's not a must-see attraction of epcot, in fact, far from it! We almost never recommend this attraction in our scripts.

But it might be an alternative for some groups.

Mouse gear

If you know what I'm talking about, you might be wondering why I included Mouse Gear in this list of EPCOT's Rides.

I will explain why. Mouse Gear is a store!

But it's not just any store, it's the biggest store inside any Disney park!

Mouse Gear - Epcot Store
Mouse Gear – Epcot Store

That's enough for me to pretty much consider it one of the park's rides.

There you can find practically everything, it's worth taking a look there during your tour.

Epcot's Rides at World Showcase 2022

Well, the world showcase it is known for its country pavilions, and deservedly so, it is really amazing to walk among these pavilions.

But that's not just what World Showcase lives on, there's a lot more out there than meets the eye.

There you will have the opportunity to visit the countries:

- Mexico
- Norway
– China
- Germany
- Italy
- U.S
- Japan
– Morocco
- France
- United Kingdom
– Canada.

Let's check out some of the rides, attractions and activities you can find there!

Ratatouille (Epcot's Newest Ride)

The newest of all Epcot Rides, Remy's Ratatouille Adventure opened on October 1, 2021 at the France pavilion!

Its opening was part of the 50th anniversary celebration of Walt Disney World.

Remy's Ratatouille Adventure - EPCOT Attraction
Remy's Ratatouille Adventure – EPCOT Attraction

The new ride Remy's Ratatouille Adventure is similar to Ratatouille: The Adventure, which opened in Disneyland Paris in 2014.

It was inspired by Disney's Ratatouille animation, which tells the story of Remy, a little mouse who dreams of becoming a chef and lives in Auguste Gusteau's restaurant.

Here, visitors will feel the size of Remy and will have an incredible and exciting experience, running in search of a safe place in the kitchen of the Parisian restaurant while being chased.

Remy's Ratatouille Adventure - EPCOT Attraction
Remy's Ratatouille Adventure – EPCOT Attraction

This is a 4-D attraction, where you'll feel the smells, sounds of every movement and see spectacular scenes that will make you feel truly part of the world of Ratatouille.

The technology is state-of-the-art and will truly amaze every Epcot visitor!

Gran Fiesta Tour Starring the Three Caballeros

A super cool ride starring the 3 Caballeros that are the Donald Duck, José Carioca and Panchito.

It is located in the Mexico pavilion.

More specifically, it is inside the Mayan pyramid found there.

Even if you decide to have a meal at San Angel Inn, you can see the attraction boats passing by.

Gran Fiesta Tour Starring the Three Caballeros - Epcot Attraction
Gran Fiesta Tour Starring the Three Caballeros – Epcot Attraction

The ride lasts 6 minutes and the story is that Donald Duck is missing and it is Zé Carioca and Panchito's task to find him.

So you'll go through different places of Mexican culture looking for Donald Duck, and be aware that he can appear anywhere.

It's a really cool attraction for the whole family.

The American Adventure

The show that premiered in 1982 has Benjamin Franklin and Mark Twain as its narrators on a journey through the history of the United States.

The attraction lasts approximately 30 minutes and features screened films and patriotic music.

The American Adventure - Epcot Worldshowcase Attraction
The American Adventure – Epcot Worldshowcase Attraction

The place has a special symbolism for the American people, for example the bricks on the facade were produced by hand with red clay from Georgia.

The beauty apart from the grand theater that houses the play is another reason for the visit.

Frozen Ever After

One of epcot's newest and most popular rides!

Located at the Norwegian Pavilion, the Frozen Ever After take a tour of the waters of Arandelle, kingdom of princesses Elsa and Anna.

Frozen Ever After - Epcot Attraction
Frozen Ever After – Epcot Attraction

From the lake docks you will settle into your seat, enter the frozen forest and feel the chill of the Frozen world.

find the princesses, Olaf, Kristoff's family and all the characters in this enchanted world, at the end, complete the tour in style and celebrate the ''Summer Snow day''.

Pictures with Characters at epcot

Something that many people don't know or don't want to know is that epcot is home to several characters to take pictures!

There are several characters scattered around the park, so those who like pictures with characters, this park is a full plate!

Wreck-It Ralph at Disney Parks
Wreck-It Ralph at Disney Parks

We recommend that you take the map at the entrance to the park, because there you will find the Times Guide. In it you can check the appearance time of each character.

Which Characters I meet for photo at Epcot?

There are many, and even you can have positive surprises with surprise characters throughout your day, but usually you can find these characters and their respective places of appearance:

Mulan in China
Snow White in Germany
Alice in England
Beauty and the Beast in France
Alladin and Jasmine in Morocco
Marry Popppins in England
Winnie the Pooh and Tigger in England
Detonate Ralph
Many others

Reflections of China

It's a 14-minute movie about China.

Honestly it's ok at best! We don't usually recommend it as we believe there are more interesting epcot attractions to do during your day.

Reflections of China - Epcot
Reflections of China – Epcot

But in case of tiredness or too much heat, it can be an alternative!

Impressions from France

Another of the attractions of epcot in film format!

This is a 20-minute film about France.

Impressions de France - France Pavilion attraction at Epcot
Impressions de France – France Pavilion Attraction at Epcot

Like “Reflections of China”, I don't think it's unmissable. But it can be interesting for some people, especially for French people or lovers of France.

It is usually shown later in the day.

IllumiNations: reflections of Earth (Closed)

This fireworks show represented the past, present and future of planet Earth.

Watch the attraction from anywhere in the Epcot that has a clear view of the World showcase Lagoon

Image result for IllumiNations: reflections of Earth

Unfortunately Illuminations came to an end in 2020 and was replaced by “Epcot Forever”, a temporary show that has also come to an end and was replaced by Harmonius, a show that promises to captivate a lot of people for years, just as the Illuminations captivated us!

Harmonious: New Epcot Fire Show

The show runs through three distinct chapters on the shores of the World Showcase Lagoon, celebrating the countries and cultures of the world.

Harmonious begins at sunrise and, as the world awakens around the viewer, they set out on a journey that takes them around the globe.

The tour visits from the home of “Moana” in the South Pacific and a Middle Eastern interpretation of “Aladdin” to “The Jungle Book” (Mogli) in India, the Chinese legend of “Mulan”, the European nations that inspired Valente ” and “The Hunchback of Notre Dame”, plus many surprises!

Sounds amazing? Really is!

Kidcot Fun Stop

Okay, that's not really an attraction, but it's worth mentioning here!

In every pavilion in each country you can find an area dedicated to small children with tables and pens, where they can color some ready-made pictures that Disney supplies.

Kidcot Fun Stop
Kidcot Fun Stop

Usually this area is in the stores in the pavilions and there are always employees helping the children. It's a cool alternative to entertain the kids!

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