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Soarin' Around the World opened June 17, 2016 with new projections, technology and a new film at Future World on Epcot.

In addition, a third theater was added in hopes of reducing waiting times. Soarin' is located on the first floor of the Land Pavilion.

Imagine flying over the Great Wall of China, an aerial view of Sydney Harbour, Australia, gliding around the Matterhorn in Switzerland, all within minutes?

These are some of the breathtaking ways you'll be able to experience the wonders of the world at Soarin' Around the World.

This is one of our favorite attractions at Epcot and all of Disney World. We think it's a cool mix of technology and Disney magic. It doesn't have big descents or a lot of butterflies in your stomach, but the effects are incredible and worth every second of waiting in line.

Board your flight: There are three lines for the three rows inside the theater. Each line offers a slightly different view of the attractions. Once seated, fasten your seat belt.

There is a second seat belt loop for children or those who want additional support. There is a small cargo area under your seat for backpacks, hats, etc. If yours doesn't fit, consult a cast member.


waiting times

The Soarin' Around the World used to be known for having some of the longest wait lines in any theme park.

In 2016, they added another screen.

While the line can still get long during peak times of the year, we've been able to walk several times in one day before seeing the fireworks show with little to no lines. This is at different times of the year.

Fastpass+ for Soarin'

Epcot uses the Soarin' Tiers system with the Tiers system. fastPass + reservations. This means you have two groups of attractions to choose from.

On the first level, high demand rides including Soarin' Around the World, Frozen Ever After, Test Track and reserved seating for the closing fireworks show.

You must choose wisely. If you have small children, I recommend using your fast pass selection to Frozen. On the other hand, for older children I would recommend the Test track.

To go on Soarin´ without FastPass+, I would personally recommend two options. The Soarin' Around the World lineup varies throughout the day. The first option you have is to arrive when the park opens and be there for the Rope Drop. (Note: Rope Drop is a term for when the park opens its gates in the morning.)

You can go straight to Soarin and be one of the first in line.

Your other option is to wait until the end of the day where the queues tend to be much emptier.

One option is also to take advantage of certain opportunities. The epcot queue is completely indoor and inside The Land. Therefore, you can take advantage of a moment of heavy rain or heat (both very common in Florida) to escape this climate and wait in line.

NOTE: If you have young children who cannot ride the Soarin, fear not! There is a very large waiting area with plenty of places to wait while the rest of you embark on your journey.

And not far from Soarin' is the Living with the Land. It's a slow boat ride, perfect for the little ones. They can see how food is grown and the history of American agriculture.

Tips and Information for Soarin'

  • FastPass + Soarin' Around the World is a Tier 1 attraction which might not be such an easy choice to select. Make sure you carefully analyze all the options and if you need to, feel free to contact us for help or even put together a personalized itinerary for your group.
  • The Soarin' experience lasts about 10 minutes including the pre-show, but the queue is very long and can take 20-25 minutes even with FastPass+.
  • You must be at least 102cm tall to assemble.
  • Accessibility: Wheelchair/ECV transfer required.
  • Video subtitling available.
  • Due to the nature of the experience, service animals are not permitted on this attraction.
  • Warnings: People with movement problems should be careful. Although it is a smooth ride, you will be lifted off the ground and there will be movement of the seats. Also, you are right in front of a huge IMAX movie screen.
  • Those who are afraid of heights or prone to motion sickness may want to skip this attraction.
Soarin Around The World
Soarin Around The World

How is Soarin'?

Well, we've already talked a little bit about how it is, but nothing better than showing it, right?

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We selected a video from our channel where we show you a little bit of Soarin and much more! This way you can have a real idea of how the attraction is and see if it is worth including it in your script.

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Technical Data and Notes Soarin' Around The World:

Park: Disney's Epcot
Area: Future World
FastPass +Recommended
Public: The whole family
Restrictions: People who are very afraid of heights or motion sickness
minimum height: 1.02 m
Child Swap: Yes
Opening Date: May 5, 2005
Last change: Soarin' closed on January 4, 2016, reopening on June 17, 2016 as Soarin' Around the World
Note Departed Disney Parks:  10? highly recommended for everyone

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