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Ross Orlando is one of the best places to go for cheap shopping on your Disney trip. Seriously: the prices are lower than the famous outlets in the city.

In fact, the store if called Ross: Dress for Less and has a number of products and units across the US.

In today's article, we will teach you how to take advantage of the best offers in this store and buy products from brands such as Calvin Klein, Nike, Adidas, Victoria's Secret and many with discounts of up to 60%.

Curious, right? So keep reading!

What to buy at Ross Orlando

Okay, what if I told you that there is a store that sells products cheaper than Orlando outlets?

More: if I said that this store sells products with discounts ranging from 20% to 60% EVERY DAY?

Yes: every day, every product, with prices ranging from 20% to 60% less than what you find in stores and malls.

You would ask for the address of the place, wouldn't you?

Ross Orlando Men's Clothing Racks

Or would probably say I'm making it up.

But it's true: this is Ross: Dress for Less.

Normally, people go to Ross Orlando for clothing items, but the store has all sorts of goods.

Ross Dress For Less - Ross Orlando Products
Ross Dress For Less – Ross Orlando Products

This company, which has about 219 stores in 17 US states, is famous across the country for offering absolutely sensational deals at incredible prices.

Despite being more sought after and known for clothes, Ross Dress For Less offers a series of products and items there such as:



household items



Sneakers, Shoes and Sandals




Toys at Ross Orlando - Ross Dress For Less
Toys at Ross Orlando – Ross Dress For Less

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Ross Dress for Less

How do they make prices so cheap

If they offer such cheap prices, with discounts of up to 60% on the sale value of some products, it's because these objects are defective, right?


Well, more or less.

Come on: yes, SOME Ross Orlando products have some kind of defect.

Usually it's nothing that harms its functioning, just some finishing issues and stuff like that.

However, not all objects are like that.

Ross Orlando
Ross Orlando

In fact, it is the minority that have some defect. To top it off, the label of problem products comes with a warning. That way, you know if you are taking an item in perfect condition or not.

The vast majority of Ross products are perfect, no problem at all. But then, how do they manage to make these prices?

It's simple: companies often produce many more units of a t-shirt, a bag or whatever, than they can sell.

At other times, it makes many products of a color or material that the market does not like.

These extra products stay in company warehouses and are difficult to get out.

Ross Dress For Less - Products found at Ross Orlando (28)
Ross Dress For Less – Steve Maden Found at Ross Orlando

Ross then submits a proposal to buy these items in bulk, relieving companies of the financial loss they represented.

Because of this, Ross pays much less per unit than other stores. And you can sell it for a much lower price.

Does Ross Orlando offer genuine products?


For example, a Nike Air Jordan can cost anywhere from $$150 to $$300 or more, depending on the model.

But Ross Orlando, you can find it for $60, $70, maybe $100 dollars for the reasons we explained earlier.

Amazing discounts at Ross Orlando
Amazing discounts at Ross Orlando

An important detail is that prices can vary from store to store and often even within the same unit.

Let me explain: every Monday, Ross does a ?markdown? of prices. ]

This means that employees go to some products and lower the amount charged for them.

However, not every store does this with the same products or the same batches.

For example, if a Ross unit purchased two different batches of Air Jordan shoes, it might lower the price on just one batch.

Ross Dress For Less - Products found at Ross Orlando
Ross Dress For Less – Products found at Ross Orlando

So you could find an Air Jordan for $$89.99 and another for $$99.99.

Both the same, perfect, same colors, all the same, but different price because they came from different batches.

Ross addresses in Orlando

Ross Orlando has more than 20 units in the city and region.

Ross Dress for Less
Ross Dress for Less

As it was going to be very difficult to list them all, we selected some of our favorites:

Ross in Orlando: 11637 Regency Village Dr, Orlando, FL (this one is very close to the Premium Vineland Outlet);
Ross address: 3205 Rolling Oaks Blvd.Kissimmee, FL 34747 (this has units from TJ Maxx, Five Below, Payless and Dollar Tree all around so it's a cheap shopping center pretty much);
Ross in Orlando: 6677 Eagle Watch Dr. Orlando, FL 32822 (very close to the airport).

However, if you want to know locations, go to Ross official website or Google Maps and search for units near your hotel.

Tips for better shopping at Ross Orlando

As you might have guessed, Ross: Dress for Less It's a very specific type of store.

It takes a lot of dedication, patience, and the ability to browse through a multitude of shelves and items to find the perfect deal.

Ross Dress For Less - Products found at Ross Orlando
Ross Dress For Less – Products found at Ross Orlando

That's why we've selected some tips from our own experience to get along and make the most of the store's discounts. Check out:

Get to Ross early

Ross has very few employees. This is, in fact, one of the ways in which they manage to charge so little for their products.

So, at the end of the day, the store is already a big mess.

Toys at Ross Orlando
Toys at Ross Orlando

There are hours and hours of customers trying on clothes, putting things in the cart and dropping them off elsewhere in the store. Not to mention that many products have already been sold.

So you'll make the most of Ross's lack of organization if you go early in the morning, as soon as the store opens.

go on monday

If you can, head to Ross Orlando on Monday. We recommend this as this is the day the store drops prices on products they are not selling.

On that day, some employees walk from sector to sector with a price gun in hand, updating values and reducing the company's margins (what they call makdown).

Ross Dress For Less - Products found at Ross Orlando
Ross Dress For Less – Products found at Ross Orlando

You can also take the opportunity to ask employees which products were priced that day.

Otherwise, go from 3rd to 5th

If you can't make it on Monday, then leave it for Tuesday until Thursday.

That's because those are the least busy days at Ross Orlando. On weekends, the place gets very crowded and it's hard to do your shopping.

Don't try to haggle at Ross Orlando

Ross Orlando's prices are already cheap and they tend to drop a little more on Monday.

So don't try to bargain as they won't accept any kind of negotiation.

Ross Orlando Store - Shopping with Many Discounts
Ross Orlando Store – Shopping with Many Discounts

Identical items may have different prices

We've already talked about this, but it's worth stressing: it's common for identical items to have different prices in the same store, if they come from different lots.

Ross can lower the value of one lot but leave the other the same.

So take a good look at all the units of a product you want to make sure you get the best deal possible.

Get ready for a treasure hunt

As already mentioned, the store does not have many employees and its organization is precarious.

The most you will see are items organized by sector (clothes, household items, toys).

In clothes, they will be separated by male and female and by size.

And ready. Therefore, you will have to go on a treasure hunt to find what you really want.

Put everything in your cart and then decide what will take

When you arrive at Ross Orlando, grab a shopping cart and take it with you as you browse the products.

Everything you like and think about buying, put it in there.

50% Off Promotion Macaw at Ross Orlando
50% Off Promotional Macaw at Ross Orlando

We say this because there is no ?stock? at Ross.

If you looked at an item at 10:30, there is no guarantee that it will be there at 11:00.

So take it with you and only when you go to the cashier decide what you will or won't really take.

Experience it all at Ross Orlando

Some items of clothing may have small defects or have the wrong size marking (I've bought a lot of clothes like this).

Ross Orlando - Women's Clothing
Ross Orlando – Women's Clothing

The tag marks M, but I see that it's actually a G, that's why it's there lol

So, here's the tip to try everything to avoid taking home something that you won't use or that won't fit right.

With these tips, you will be able to make the most of the discounts that this store has and make the best purchases possible on your vacation trip.

Be patient

Going to this store in a hurry won't bring you all the opportunities it actually can.

It is possible that you will find good things in luck, but rare gems will need to be found with a lot of patience there.

But for shopping lovers, it will be a very easy task!

So, what do you think of Ross Orlando? Did you already know the store?

Did you take a day out of your planning to visit? Tell us in the comments below!

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Video Tour at Ross

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