Where is Disney - Which Parks Around the World in 2022

It seems like a rhetorical question to many who have already been, but it is actually a very common doubt, in this post we will explain everything so you never be in doubt about Thewhere is disney!

Disney “stays” in 6 different complexes around the WORLD! Strange? Read on and you'll know where each of the Disney park complexes is located around the world!

There is a lot of confusion among people, especially between Disneyland and Disney World. 

But, one thing at a time, we will explain everything here in this post! Come on ?

I think most people who would like to know where disney is are referring to Walt Disney World which is in “Orlando” in the United States.

This is without a doubt the Disney destination most sought after by tourists!

Simply because it has become a tourist hub for huge theme parks and is home not only to disney, but many other parks.

Besides, it is without a doubt one of the most famous tourist places among Brazilians! Believe me, if you go to disney you will see the number of Brazilians who will be visiting (or living) there.

Where is Disney

But there is only the Walt Disney World and Disneyland? Not! There are actually 6 Disney complexes totaling 12 theme parks around the world.

Are they:

  • Walt Disney World - Florida (United States)
  • Disneyland - California (United States)
  • Disneyland - Paris (France)
  • Tokyo Disney – Japan
  • DisneyLand - Hong Kong (China)
  • Shanghai Disney – Shanghai (China)

We speak complex because they are more than just a park, in some cases there are even 4 parks and dozens of hotels. YES, dozens of hotels.

Below we give a brief explanation of each of these Disney complexes and define where each one is.

Where is Disney in the United States

Walt Disney World - Florida

But Walt Disney World is not just that classic park with the Cinderella castle. In this resort you will find 4 theme parks, 2 water parks and MANY hotels, in addition to Disney springs!

There you find the Magic kingdom, the famous park with that wonderful classic Cinderella castle, and 3 others disney theme parks also stay there, the EPCOT, Disney's Hollywood Studios and Disney's Animal Kingdom.

Each one with its details and peculiarities, all are wonderful in my opinion.

Well, notice that in the paragraph above I put Orlando in quotes, that's because Walt Disney World is not exactly Orlando, but in Lake Buena Vista. 

But rest assured, it is a twenty minute drive, very fast, and as everything there is connected by wonderful roads, your travels will always be very smooth.

People often refer to Walt Disney World as orlando disney, the proximity and why Orlando ended up becoming a symbol of a city that encompasses everything.

And as we said above, besides the parks they have a LOT of hotels within Disney, we have listed below the hotels you will find in Orlando.

We have already visited some and stayed there as well.

We talk about several here on the Blog and we always show that we stayed there on our Instagram it's ours youtube.

The Disney hotels in Orlando are a separate entertainment, so much so that in many of them you find activities to spend the whole day immersed in Disney climate and with lots of cool things to do.

DisneyLand - California

Where is Disney

Also in the United States we can find the DisneyLand Resort which consists of 2 more Disney theme parks. That is, only 6 theme parks are found in the United States so far!

THE Disneyland is in california, specifically in Anaheim.

It is a much smaller disney park compared to the gigantic one Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom. But what he lacks in size matters to us disney maniacs!!

But why is Disneyland California so special?

Simply because it is the only one of all parks that was conceived and built under the direct supervision of none other than Walter Elias Disney, or Walt Disney..

It is currently the second most visited theme park in the world (after only Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom).

Even DisneyLand and Magic Kingdom are often compared by many because they are very similar and share “equal” attractions, they are never identical, but many are extremely similar.

Unlike Orlando there you will find only 1 more Disney park, the California Adventure and not 3.

But who knows in the future we will have more Disney parks for us to visit!

There are 4 more Disney Resorts, they are:

Where is Disney in Japan

Tokyo Disney - Japan

We already talked a little about Tokyo Disneyland here on the Blog. It can be a little confusing for you to see some photos, because the castle in this park is IDENTICAL to the one in Orlando, as you could see in some photos above.

There are actually 2 theme parks, Tokyo Disneyland and Disney Sea!

We met some people who have already visited the Disney Sea and everyone told us that it has the potential to be the best Disney park in the world!

We haven't had the pleasure of visiting yet, but almost every week we stop to study and watch videos of this wonderful place.

And in fact, it has everything to be one of the most incredible “Disneys”, despite the great culture shock.

We are planning a trip there soon and will show you everything on our Youtube channel and on instagram stories!

Where is Disney in Europe

Disneyland - Paris (France)

Disneyland Paris
Disneyland Paris

We talked a little about DisneyLand that is in Paris, France here on the blog!

It is a very nice park too, although obviously some attractions are in French.

But that doesn't take away the magic of the park and is an excellent stop for travelers from Europe, after all, Disney never hurts!

The beautiful castle of Sleeping Beauty is one of the great attractions of this park.

It is just over thirty kilometers from Paris and there you can also find the main attractions present in parks in the United States and it leaves nothing to be desired. It is an excellent option for travelers from Europe.

Where is Disney in China

There are 2 as we talked about above, they are:

Hong Kong Disneyland Resort (Hong Kong Disneyland)

Hong Kong DisneyLand

If this castle looks tiny, it is because it really is!

Just like Disneyland in California, it is Cinderella's castle and is very short compared to other Disney around the world.

In terms of attractions you will find attractions very close to other disney around the world.

This is another one of the trips that is at the top of our list and we hope to be able to review it on video very soon.

Shanghai Disney Resort (Shanghai Disneyland)

Shanghai Disney Resort
Shanghai Disney Resort

Unlike Hong Kong Disney which has the smallest castle, Shanghai Disney has the largest castle of all!

It's cool, in China you find both the smallest and the largest castle in the world!

It also has several attractions repeated as well as the others. But don't let that put you off because it makes Disney Disney around the world.

As in the Magic Kingdom, you will find attractions more geared towards children, with the exception of the Tron roller coaster, which will also open soon at Walt Disney World as well.

Disneyland Shanghai has a Starbucks (completely empty), maps in English, an English app and signage with English translations.

You won't even find a restaurant that doesn't have photos on the menu.

Although most cast members do not speak English, it is relatively easy to visit.

We will talk about these others Disney resorts here on the Blog.

We are planning a very nice guide about each one. Although they are not as “famous” as the Disney parks from the United States, they are guaranteed fun for everyone and everyone has very good features!

Many attractions are unique in some of these parks so without a doubt it is worth visiting each one of them.

If you want to know a little better about disney, we recommend you to watch our channel on youtube where we show several tours of the disney parks!

I hope this post has clarified a little bit about “where is disney”! If you still have doubts, send it to us in the comments!

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