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Something that for some may be obvious, for others it can be quite confusing. So, we made this post to tell you a little about the Disney parks that exist so far.

4 Top Disney Parks in Orlando

There are so many options that once you are there the problem can really be time management and not how to have fun.

In fact, it is in this sense that we created this text, so you won't worry about where it's really worth facing the sometimes miles of Disney parks.

This post can be a little confusing because the first question many people initially ask is where is disney?

In general, disney is all over the world, as we have parks around the world, such as Disney World in Orlando and in other locations including japan and china!

In this post we'll talk a little about the parks from disney!

And we will explain a little bit about each of them.

Of course, taste is something undisputed, but we will give our sincere opinion of everything we experience in this magnificent space and the account of each park so you can choose the best option to enjoy the Disney parks with your family.

In order to maintain the consistency of this Post, we will divide it by region.

Disney Parks in Orlando

Magic kingdom

Magic Kingdom: Disney Parks

This is the most iconic  Disney Parksymbol of Disney and one's own Orlando.

That was the first disney park and its milestone is the Cinderella's castle.

Alias, in every corner of this park we have some of the magic created by the universe of Disney.

There is no way to make this trip that is in the sub and conscious of all young people and adults and simply say that it was not the Magic kingdom.

It is a park that we recommend at least 2 days to enjoy. However, unfortunately we know that it is not possible. Of course, if you have a short time for your trip, be sure to contact us to set up your Custom Travel Script on a trip!

All the roller coasters - which add up to 5 - welcome visitors of all ages.

As we said, some may find that adrenaline is lacking, for others there is too much adrenaline.

But what can not be argued is that there is magic left in this park wonderful. We love & close #8220; the trip on Magic kingdom!

Useful Information Park

Minimum days of park visit: 2 days (The Park is too big and has many things to do)

Possible to go to another park on the same day? : No

Recommended for: Everyone who likes the Disney universe, likes light or extreme attractions, likes to see and experience magical experiences.

Not recommended for: People who really don't like movies, characters or anything related to disney.

CapacityDisney's most crowded park in virtually every season, yet off-season it still has long lines at the newest or most famous attractions.


Epcot: Disney Parks

Who doesn't know the picture of that big ball with colorful lights at night (the famous SpaceShip Earth)?

Well that's the Epcot.

Usually associated with adults, ideal for those who want to eat and try different things while enjoying that adrenaline rush, this disney park it's almost classic attractions like the Soarin ', O Mission space and Spaceship Earth.

It also has a ride special for kids fans of Frozen and Nemo, we explain better about each attraction of this park.

The itinerary involves a variety of activities that you can enjoy according to your mood or even your desire to venture out, eat cool foods and stroll around. various parts of the world.

This in my opinion is the disney park most underrated, many find him a park boring.

However, if you look closely, it is a park With many cool things to do, we have a post where we give several tips to enjoy the Epcot: What to do at epcot.

Useful Information Park

Minimum days of park visit: 2 days (The Park is too big and has many things to do)

Possible to go to another park on the same day? : No

Recommended for: People who like to walk, like to eat, enjoy radical and different attractions, are interested in the disney universe.

Not recommended for: People who don't have much patience for & #8220; see & #8221; new things, do not like to eat different things and do not like to walk.

Capacity: The Park is quite large, usually the early part & #8220; Future World & #8221; usually gets fuller

Disney´s Hollywood Studios

Hollywood Studios: Disney Parks

Movie lover? Already know your right destiny in the Disney parks!

But it’s not just for movie lovers, the roller coaster of Aerosmith and the Tower of terror ensure that the fun comes even to the adrenaline junkies.

But make no mistake, not only for this audience that this park exists, children will love the attractions of Disney Junior with a show of the little mermaid, Muppets and even the new Toy Story Land, among others.

In addition, the presence of themes such as Star Wars guarantees fun for those older adults. old school.

And soon this park will receive the Star Wars: Galaxy´s Edge, the new area of Star Wars that promises to be mind-blowing.

I really believe that in 2022 and beyond, the Hollywood Studios it has everything to be the most crowded park in disney. And a park that you will need 2 days to visit

We have a post entirely dedicated to Hollywood Studios: Tips and Attractions. It's worth taking a look there.

Useful Information Park

Minimum days of park visit: 1 days
Possible to go to another park on the same day? : Yes
Recommended for: People who like movies and extreme attractions.
Not recommended for: No one. There are attractions for all tastes.
Capacity: Currently quite full due to Toy Story land, other than that it is a park with a reasonable capacity in the disney standard.

Animal kingdom

The Disney park feel of the moment because of your new area Pandora.

It's really impressive and beautiful, not to mention that the attraction Flight of passage It is fantastic.

But the Animal kingdom It's not just Pandora, there are lots of other fun attractions in the park like Everest Expedition, a roller coaster where we go in search of the Yeti.

The Dinosaur, where we travel back in time to seek the Aladar (From the movie Dinosaur).

The theme of park it's usually pretty cool, there are shows on the streets of park and it's a party mood all around, don't miss the Lion King show, a classic that never gets old in my opinion.

Useful Information Park

Minimum days of park visit: 1 days
Possible to go to another park on the same day? : Yes
Recommended for: All
Not recommended for: No one. There are attractions for all tastes.
Capacity: Currently Disney's most crowded park because of Pandora. It is a very large park and with many shows, even crowded, you can have a lot of fun.


Disneyland California was the first park created by Walt Disney.

As in Orlando, there is the Disney Resort complex, which is formed by Disneyland Park, Disney California Adventure, Downtown Disney and three more themed hotels. 

Its location is the city of Anaheim - which is 40 miles from Los Angeles.

Everything in the area is easily accessible and quiet to get around without relying on transportation.

Disneyland California

Disneyland California is divided into 8 areas, several of them very similar to the Magic Kingdom: Main Street USA, Adventureland, New Orleans Square, Critter Country, Frontierland, Fantasyland, Mickey's Toontown and Tomorrowland.

It is quite common to even be compared to the Magic Kingdom.

However, despite being similar, there are several differences between the two.

We even posted about Dearest DisneyLand from the American West Coast.

It's pretty cool because despite being similar to Magic Kingdom, you'll find a lot of similar and different attractions.

If you have ever been to Orlando and California. Tell us in the comments which you liked the most.

Disney California Adventure

Disney California Adventure
Disney California Adventure

Entirely based on Californian culture, this Disney park is unique worldwide.

Quite unlike all Orlando's parks, it was made in honor of the region that inspired Walt Disney.

It is amazing to recognize several sights that have served as the basis for toy scenarios.

The park is 72 hectares and is themed after Disney films and franchises.

It opened in 2001 and was called Disney & #8217; s California Adventure Park

The Disney California Adventure Park It's a more radical park, full of hyper-fun attractions and unlike any other Disney park in the world.

How Disneymen love to compare Disney parks. Disney´s California Adventure usually compared to Hollywood Studios.

But they only look alike at the entrance and on the main street. But the rest of the park is completely different and has a very interesting atmosphere.

Tips for Getting the Most Out of Disney Parks

Build your Itinerary or Itinerary

Already keep in mind which parks you want to visit and how many days of park will do if it will end up repeating any of parks and which one.

Initial planning prior to travel is required and the choice of day will have a direct impact on the amount of attractions you will have on that day, taking into account that parks have varying capacity according to several factors such as:

  • Opening and closing times.
  • Special Events (parties, closed events & #8230;)
  • Opening of attractions / new areas
  • Day of the week

These are just a few examples of factors that affect the day-to-day stocking of disney parks.

To learn more about each season, visit our post on when is the best time to visit disney in 2022

If you want a professional solution for your day-to-day organization of each park, please request custom script for disney and don't get in the way!

Avoid Weekends and Holidays at Disney Parks

Looks like a tip silly isn't it? But keeping an eye on the calendar can significantly change the amount of hours you spend in a queue.

Usually the parks usually get a lot busier on weekends by Americans, and especially on holidays by Americans from all the states that usually travel to Orlando to take advantage of parks on holiday.

Depending on the holiday the parks They are not full just because of the Americans, but because of the whole world that visits Orlando, such as Christmas and New Year, which are often common holidays in many countries.

So avoid visiting the parks on weekends and holidays, as they usually get fuller. If your trip is short and you have to choose some park To visit on some weekend or holiday choose the ones that are usually empty for those days.

Magic Kingdom is the busiest park in all of Orlando so make sure you visit it on weekdays and weekdays.

Avoid days with Special Events

Several days special events take place at each of the parks.

There are several types, they can only be events with extended hours for guests of the disney hotels.

Could be some party with ticket paid separately as the party Halloween or of Christmas at Magic Kingdom.

Halloween and Christmas Party at Disney
Disney Christmas Party

Choosing the best day to go to one of the Disney parks can be a slightly tedious and difficult task as there are many elements that can change your daily life there.

But rest assured that there are options, the first one is to search, but we've explained everything in this post on here for you to see how to choose the best day to go to Disney parks. 🙂

And of course, if you need professional help, don't forget to hire our service. custom script where we set up the entire travel itinerary for you and your family!

Get to Disney Parks Early

Sounds silly but this tip It makes all the difference.

Try to be at the door of the park at least 30 minutes in advance, because when the park open you will be one of the first to enter, and you can go to that crowded attraction that failed to schedule fastpass.

Including many parks open doors earlier than the stated time, and sometimes open up to some attractions, so don't miss this chance to get it all empty and win some minute in your day.

As soon as the park opens the attractions are usually much less crowded, since not all who arrive in park as soon as it opens, so enjoy it while it's less full!

It is noteworthy that the Magic kingdom it is a park that if you arrive early depending on the day they let you in even before the park open, during this time only Main Street is available for guest access to enjoy and take that classic picture with Cinderella's castle, and at the scheduled time to open the park officially the areas with rides are open, but you will have already taken your beautiful photos and are free to run to the busiest attraction and enjoy it with a smaller queue.

Oh and a detail, in Magic kingdom There is an opening show in front of the castle called & #8220;Let The Magic Begin& #8220 ;, if you arrive early besides catching the park less crowded, you will be able to watch this little show that is a grace and featuring many Disney characters! It is tip

Disney Parks Summary

Each one has their own taste and likes different things, but we can agree that in disney, all Disney parks can be considered the best parks of the world.

Have you ever visited a Disney park around the world? Tell us your favorite!

If you want to know the parks a little better, be sure to check out our Youtube channel.

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Get your Parks Tickets at a Discount

Many people leave to buy their tickets arriving in Orlando or even on the day of the park.

We do not in any way recommend that you do this for a variety of reasons, such as:

If you buy tickets on the spot, you won't be able to book your park days in advance at the risk of not even being able to enter a park on a given day.

You will lose valuable park minutes in line to buy your tickets.

AND MAINLY, you will pay more because tickets at the box office are more expensive than buying in advance!

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More Tips for Your Trip to Orlando

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