Rock'n Roller Coaster: Aerosmith's Roller Coaster

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Imagine yourself in a car at high speed to the sound of good old rock and roll. The problem is that you can't do this in every car out there, let alone with guaranteed safety, unless you go on an adventure with your navy. Aerosmith roller coaster which is the Rock ?n? Rollercoaster at Disney's Hollywood Studios.

The attraction, which opened in 1999, is nothing more than a roller coaster in the shape of a car that moves at very high speed in a dark environment with the soundtrack of the band Aerosmith.

Located on Sunset Boulevard near the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, the Rock´n Roller Coaster is one of the most popular rides in the park. and considered one of the best in all of Disney.

As not everything in life is perfect, the Rock´n Roller Coaster also has its negative points, and that guy can highlight two.


One of them is that, as it is a popular attraction, queues are usually long. In other words, ensure fastPass +!

The second reinforces the thesis that all good things last for a short time, the part of the Rock´n Roller Coaster car race lasts less than 2 minutes, 1m22s, but it is worth every millisecond that you are enjoying this ride .

Learn more about Hollywood Studios' Rock'n Roller Coaster and don't miss out on this adventure when you're on your trip to Disney.

location of Roller coaster of Aerosmith

As we've seen, the Rock'n Roller Coaster is located in Hollywood Studios, more precisely on Sunset Boulevard near the Tower of Terror, the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror.

To avoid mistakes, follow Sunset Boulevard. When you spot a limousine hanging upside down on a huge track, which looks like a guitar fretboard, that's right there.

Arriving at the Attraction you will find a giant 12 meter Stratocaster guitar.

In line, you already start to get into the musical mood.

The length of the queue has an outside part and an inside part.


When you enter the inner part of the queue, the decoration already puts you inside a record company, G-Force Records. In it, posters of music icons compose the environment in a decoration with a musical atmosphere.

The queue continues to a music museum, with tape recorders, microphones, instruments and musical equipment. In the sequence, we finally enter a recording studio and who is there recording, the band Aerosmith, of course.

It's there that the band welcomes visitors as soon as they finish recording a song, and from there it's just a matter of embarking on the story that Rock´n Roller Coaster proposes.

Rock'n Roller Coaster Adventure Tour

The band is late for a show, but Tyler doesn't want to leave his fans who are following the recording in the studio, in this case, us.

He then convinces his manager to get us a giant limousine so we can all fit. Of course, we also have our guaranteed entry to the show.

From there the adventure begins.

We leave the studio and head towards the limousine, which is in a dark environment dimly lit by a predominantly blue neon light, but with some red spots.


Everyone in their seats and safe and suddenly the car pulls away. At this point you understand why the Rock'n Roller Coaster is one of Disney's most beloved attractions.

The car goes from 0 to 96 km/h in less than seconds leaving you completely surrendered to this amazing adventure

The car travels through the streets of Los Angeles, and in it we can even see the famous Hollywood sign amid loopings and spirals.

The adventure continues to the sound of Aerosmith music. There are speakers and speakers in the limousine, allowing you to be immersed in the sound.

Among the songs, you can expect the most electrifying ones like ?Walk This Way?, ?Sweet Emotion?, ?Dude – Looks Like a Lady? and ?Back in the Saddle?.


On Rock´n Roller Coaster, the song ?Love in an Elevator? receives a new version with ?Love in a Roller Coaster?. In the end, red carpet and concert by the band.

After that, as usual in Orlando parks, the exit culminates in a store with band-themed items.

The route is fast but very electrifying, being one of Disney's most unmissable rides.

Tips for enjoying the Rock´n Roller Coaster

This is a disputed attraction, so depending on your arrival time at the park and the time of year you are going to Disney, it is interesting that you purchase FastPass+ so you don't have to wait in line for so long.

It is important to note that although the car is super fast, there are no impacts on this attraction, as with other rides. So, you don't have to worry about a sore neck or unwanted vibrations.

Aerosmith Roller Coaster Trivia


The band Aerosmith becomes present in the attraction through a hologram, but at its opening, on July 29, 1999, they were in the flesh at the opening ceremony.

Some numerical data are 1,037km of route, more than 900 speakers throughout the Rock´n Roller Coaster and 24 seats in each limousine.

One of Disney's bets on engineering the Aerosmith roller coaster was the magnetic force, which uses magnets not only for the design but to help move the car.

The Rock'n Roller Coaster is Disney's first roller coaster with so many inversions.

The Rock´n Roller Coaster is no longer exclusive to the Orlando park, as another one was built in the Walt Disney Studios Park in Paris, and there it is called, in Parisian fashion, Rock ?n? Roller Coaster with Aerosmith.


As we've seen, the Rock'n Roller Coaster is really one of the most interesting attractions at the Disney parks, so it can't be missing from any itinerary that includes Hollywood Studios. The ideal is really that you arrive very early so you don't have to face queues.

Were you curious to enjoy this attraction? Take advantage of the tips and be sure to include the Rock´n Roller Coaster in your itinerary of attractions at Disney parks.

We have already shown a little bit of it in our Youtube channel.

information about Roller coaster of Aerosmith

  • Grade: 5/5
  • Minimum height: 1.22 m
  • Location: Sunset Bldv – Hollywood Studios
  • FastPass+: Required
  • Average queue time: 50/90 minutes

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