Peter Pan's Flight: Children's Attraction at Magic Kingdom

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Another classic from Magic Kingdom, o Peter Pan's Flight is a timeless attraction for the whole family. Fly an enchanted boat from London to Neverland.

The  Peter Pan's Flight is very pleasant, with a happy theme that unites some favorite Disney characters, good effects and charming music.

Is ride in the dark ride style ( ride In the Dark) begins at the Darling family home before taking you on a relaxing journey on a “flying pirate ship” over London to the Never-Never Land, where Peter Pan saves Wendy from walking the plank and Captain Hook is almost eaten by the fearsome alligator.

Peter Pan´s Flight

It is noticeable that the Peter Pan's Flight it's not a ride modern, but that's part of its charm.

The nostalgia or curiosity (depending on their age) that visitors have for these classically styled walks compensates for some of the unpleasantness.

There's nothing here that jumps out at you or scares you. small children.

Even though I already went to Magic Kingdom countless times, I went for the first time in 2018.

Honestly, the attraction disappointed me a little, mainly because we took more than 1 hour in line.

I believe that if I had not taken the huge queue as I did, my disappointment would be a little less. 

To be quite honest, the queue entertained me more than the attraction itself.

Peter Pan's Flight Queue

The new themed queue for Peter Pan opened in early 2015.

As I said earlier, the queue for me was cooler than the attraction.

And despite my exaggeration, the queue or “pre-show” as it is known, was really fantastic!

In addition to air conditioning, the updated pre-show area offers a walk through Darling Street and House, where you'll see family portraits and various rooms in the house.

There you can play some very fun interactive games with your real shadow and see different things moving because of the magic dust that tinkerbell is releasing around the room.

It really is something magical with so much happening in these rooms while you wait in line.

Including this update is very welcome, because you can stay a long (very long) time in this queue!

Queue Time

As the Peter Pan's Flight it's very popular, expect long lines all day long.

I recommend riding it for the first 30 minutes of the day, during a parade, before the park closes, or using FastPass +.

These 4 options will allow you to escape the intense queues for this attraction.

History of Attraction

Walt Disney World's Peter Pan's Flight has been in operation since the Magic Kingdom opened in 1971.

It was modeled after the version of california disneyland, which has also been in operation since the park's opening day in 1955!

However, the original Disneyland version did not include Peter Pan on the ride itself.

The premise was that the guests would act as Peter Pan flying over London and Neverland.

However, few guests understood this concept.

That's why Peter Pan was included in the Walt Disney World version!

Even soon after Peter Pan was added to the Disneyland version in 1983 during the major renovation of Fantasyland in the park which made the attraction even better!

Over the years, there have been other makeovers to both versions of Peter Pan's Flight.

However, much of the attraction has remained the same. What has also remained is the popularity of the attraction.

Despite being such a short ride, kids love it and have been doing it for generations and it is still one of the most popular attractions in the world today. Disney parks.

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How is the Peter Pan's Flight Attraction

Original version (1971 – 2014)

The Departures area features movable ramps with mats, like those found in Haunted mansion, Nemo and Ariel.

This is to allow for a smoother flow of traffic and the roll bars on the ship's vehicles are padded on top.

The ride scenes are larger scale and feature Audio-Animatronic figures.

Upon entering the beginning of the nursery, one can see a tea party with two famous American toys, Raggedy Ann and Andy.

Camp Lost Boys and Mermaid Lagoon are now part of the Never Land scene.

Plus, Hook's 48-foot pirate ship is included, complete with deck, masts, sails and rigging.

You can see Captain Hook and Peter engaged in hand-to-hand combat on the mainsail, while the boys are tied to the mast and Wendy is about to walk the plank.

Next, you'll see Peter and the Darlings posed victoriously on the ship, ready to sail away into the sky, back to London.

2014 update

In 2014, this version was updated to include an updated internal queue as discussed earlier.

The new queue starts by entering a hallway with interactive murals, then takes you into the Darling family home, with special emphasis on the nursery.

This new queue has extremely high attention to detail.

Fun fact, if you look closely, there are suitcases and shopping bags next to Wendy's bed, revealing that the Darlings went on vacation to Paris, France.

Attraction video

We show a little bit of the Fila in this video on our youtube channel.

And here you can also see a POV from inside the attraction!

Peter Pan's Flight Technical Data

Park: Magic Kingdom
Area: Fantasyland
Lines: Huge, move slowly
Strategy: Try to go in the afternoon or guarantee a fastPass +
Public: All ages
Opening Date: October 1, 1971

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