Epcot World ShowCase – 5 Secrets and Trivia

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Written By Carlos Braga

Everyone knows I love to talk about Disney, and among the things I like to talk about the most, talking about the hidden secrets of disney parks is one of my favorites. So let's go to the little secrets and curiosities of the World showcase at the epcot.

Epcot is Walt's second largest park Disney World, Florida, second only to Animal kingdom. It opened to the public in October 1982.

Its inspiration is based on Walt Disney's model of a city of the future (hence its acronym stands for EXperimental Prototype Community Of Tomorrow).

Walt Disney's idea was that the epcot was actually a real sustainable community, with people actually living there and not a theme park. The idea changed over time and reached the epcot as we know it today!

The park is divided into two sections: Future World, which is the entire front part and World Showcase, which is the back part that borders the lagoon, where every night there is the light show, called ?IllumiNations: Reflections. of Earth.?

World Showcase is practically a park in itself and functions as a full-scale country fair. In my opinion, it is the most interesting of any of the Florida parks.

In this post, I'm going to talk about some curiosities of Epcot World Showcase , one of the favorite places among tourists from all over the world.

There are many elements hidden in the World showcase, and here we will list just 5 to give you a taste.

To start the list, let's go in the order in which we visited the pavilions, starting with the Mexico.

Video Tour

Those who follow us here on the blog and on our social networks know that we love Epcot and we always share our tours there both Instagram as in youtube.

We loved walking around World Showcase and spending a few good hours relaxing and eating there!

Yes, eating is one of the best things to do there! 🇧🇷

Follow our latest tour of Epcot's beloved World Showcase!

Mexico pavilion

epcot secrets / curiosities

The Pavilion Mexican has an Aztec pyramid over 10 meters high.

Inside, there is the ?Plaza de los Amigos?, with restaurants and shops, in a totally dark environment, as if it were night.

That's because, according to Mexican culture, a market space like this in the morning wouldn't have many people.

For this reason, knowing the amount of people that a Disney park normally has, the employees maintain a night lighting, to maintain the feeling of celebration and togetherness of the people.

This area is currently with several details from the movie "Viva - life is a party", it's beautiful!

epcot secrets / curiosities

This detail found in Pavilion from Norway is not easily noticeable. Mainly because the guests here tend to look for the attraction of the Frozen than anything else hahaha

Located next to the ?Kringla Bakeri Og Kafe? bakery, the ?Stave Church Gallery? It has real grasses on its roof that are even watered by cast members EVERY DAY!

Until the 19th century, it was common in Norway to use grass on the roofs of wooden huts.

This made the houses cold during the summer and warm during the winter. Since it's real grass, a gardener has to climb that lawn manually (no automatic mowers).

This is a very typical disney “secret” and its detailed constructions!

the bridge that goes up

epcot secrets / curiosities

Passing by Pavilion from China and before reaching the Africa Outpost, you have to cross a small bridge.

This bridge is raised every day between 4 and 5 pm to show the fireworks and the giant globe that is placed in the center of the lagoon during the IllumiNations.

During this period of time, the passage between the pavilions is closed. You can see a video of what happens here:

Attraction in Germany

epcot secrets / curiosities

The Pavilion German is full of details that can easily be ignored. For example, every hour two cuckoo clocks work in the central clock of the pavilion, one with a rooster on top and the other with some children ringing a bell at the bottom.

The Pavilion don't have one ride, but supposedly would have one. If you enter the oktoberfest restaurant, you can see a large mural covering the back wall.

This copper-clad mural would be a supposed entrance to a ride: a boat trip on the river Rhine in Germany.

It was planned to build the attraction in the second phase of the Pavilion, but was later cancelled. Experts say that Disney is preparing to build something there, but Disney has not confirmed anything, so for now we will have to wait for that news.

Another curious fact about the Pavilion German is that when you go out to the central square, on the left at the top, you can see three lords in their armor.

Chritopher Robin's Room

epcot secrets / curiosities

The Pavilion from the UK also has a ride abandoned, in ?The Toy Soldier? store: Christopher Robin's bedroom.

Before, tourists could visit the place to take pictures with Winnie the Pooh and Tigger, now the place is restricted to employees only, much to our sadness.

The site still retains the space of Christopher Robin's bedroom, but access is off-limits to visitors.

It closed in 2016 as part of the park's entertainment cuts and has not been used since.

Hope you enjoy the tips and always remember the details when you visit Epcot World Showcase, stay tuned!

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