Disney Hotels in Orlando - Which One to Choose

If you have ever thought of staying at any Disney hotel in Orlando you know how difficult it is to choose because the amount is huge. Today we will talk about each one of them to help you choose the best Disney hotel for your trip!

In this post I’ll take a step through each of the hotels within disney and give lots of information to let you know exactly which hotel is best for you and your family!

Port Orleans Room

Something we always recommend is book your hotel as soon as possible. This way you can guarantee good prices and can plan the rest of your trip with peace of mind. And of course, for your reservation, we always recommend that you do it in reliable places like the booking.com or expedite and avoid falling into robbery!

For hotel, we recommend that you make your reservation through booking.com which is one of the best sites for hotel booking and with the best prices. See the list of prices and available hotels here.

As we well know, without sleep, we do nothing.

At Disney, no matter how magical, history repeats itself.

Having a good night's sleep in fairytale lands is even more necessary!

But we disney hotels, the last thing you will do is sleep!

So stay with us and see more details about all the hotels in all of Walt Disney World!

Staying at Disney can really be like living in a fairy tale.

So that is not the nightmare of living with a stepmother, remember to choose the hotel that you will be staying in Orlando. Let's start by classifying hotels into 3 simple categories:

  • Economical;
  • Moderates;
  • Luxurious

The cheap hotels within disney cost about 175 dollars a day, this in high season.

In low season the values fall by half.

This is very attractive and attracts the attention of low budget travelers.

Moderate hotels come next, with prices around $ 280 in the high season and $ 200 in the low season.

When we talk about luxury hotels, the values go up a lot.

In high season the values can reach up to $770 dollars, but some others, although luxurious, charge about $550 Dollars, even in high season.

In the low, the values decrease, respectively, to $500 dollars and $320 dollars in both cases.

Choosing one of these is more dependent on your funds available for investing in travel.
If you are wanting to go there and live like true kings, luxury hotels are the best for you.

Image Result For Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge

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List of Hotels Within Disney

Cheap hotels

Moderate Hotels

Luxury hotels

Our Top 10 List of Luxury Disney Hotels:

  1. Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge
  2. Disney's BoardWalk Inn
  3. Disney's Beach Club Resort
  4. Disney's Yacht Club Resort
  5. Disney's Polynesian Village Resort
  6. Disney's Contemporary Resort
  7. Disney's Grand Floridian Resort & Spa
  8. Disney's Wilderness Lodge
  9. Disney's Old Key West Resort
  10. Disney's Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa

If you, like us, usually go with the tighter budget, below we will make a list of hotels a little more affordable and you can see more details about location and if it suits well the type of travel you want to do.

Top 10 most affordable Disney hotels.

  1. Disney's Port Orleans Resort - French Quarter
  2. Disney's Port Orleans Resort - Riverside
  3. Disney's Fort Wilderness Resort
  4. Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort
  5. Disney's Coronado Springs Resort
  6. Disney's Pop Century Resort
  7. Disney's All-Star Sports Resort
  8. Disney's All-Star Music Resort
  9. Disney's All-Star Movies Resort
  10. Disney's Art of Animation resort

Let's talk more deeply about each of the Disney hotels, but first we will answer some questions that we received a lot and it could be yours too! Come on

Is it worth staying at Disney hotels?

This is a very difficult question to answer because it is not true for anyone.

There are a number of negatives and positives to staying at any hotel within the Disney resort.

The main negative point is the high values of daily rates.

The positives are so many and we have already mentioned several and each hotel has its own. Overall advantages like transportation, be able to schedule fastPass + 30 days ahead and the fact that you feel the disney vibe all the time on the trip may be worth it in itself.

However, Disney has increasingly removed these big advantages, causing the balance of pros and cons to start to tip towards the more negative side, unfortunately.

Below we will go into more detail on the benefits you get from staying in a hotel inside disney.

At the end of the day, you have to choose for yourself if it's worth it or not. Make your budgets and make sure the added value of being at a disney resort is worth to you.

But speaking for us.

We we love stay in disney hotels, has a number of advantages.

But due to the value, we never stayed the entire trip there. It's okay that we are in the habit of always visiting 2 or 3 different hotels on our travels, but even if that weren't the case, we probably wouldn't stay the entire trip at a Disney resort due to its high value.

And I need to make it clear that we love Disney so much that even if there weren't any extra benefits of staying there, we still would be because we love the Disney vibe!

Benefits of Staying at a Hotel Within Disney

Below we will talk a few of the existing benefits for Disney hotel guests. We will also leave the old benefits that were removed, just for 1 simple reason.

There is a lot of loose information on the internet about the benefits of Disney hotels today, precisely because there have been so many changes. Thus, here you will be able to check precisely all the ones that were

  • Free transportation between the airport and your resort (Removed)
  • MagicBands free (Removed)
  • Extra Magic Hours (Removed)
  • FastPass + 60-Day Scheduling (Removed)
  • Free shuttle between resorts, parks and Disney springs
  • Disney Meal Plan (Disney Dining Plan)
  • You can enter any park 30 minutes early (Substitute Extra Magic Hours)
  • Resort Room Charge Privileges
  • Resort Package Delivery
  • Bookings of meals 180 + 10 days in advance
  • Being inside the Disney bubble & #8220;
  • Location and stay on site at Disney World

Speaking of Values of Each Hotel Class Within Disney

  • Disney Cheap Hotels: They cost approximately US$175 / day in high season and start at US$100 per day in low season.
  • Moderate Hotels within Disney: An average of US$280.00 per day in high season and US$205.00 per day in low season.
  • Luxury Disney Hotels: With daily rates from $500 to $700 in high season depending on the chosen hotel. In low season, it is around US$320 to US$550.00.

One change is that Disney hotels now charge parking per night.

  • Cheapest hotels stay at $13 / night
  • Moderate hotels located in $19 / night
  • Deluxe hotels stay at $24 / night

Well, although we have talked a lot about several hotels here on the blog.

Let's take a look around here, so you can have a nice view of what awaits you and maybe help you choose which hotel you want, if in doubt!

Come on ?

Monorail and Near Magic Kingdom Hotels in 2021

Disney´s Contemporary Resort (Deluxe Resort)

Contemporary addresses themes from a minimalist perspective, so it's a good fit for those who want a break from the Disney feel of the parks. Thanks to its A-frame design and the monorail running through it, it still has a distinctive look.

The monorail is another point in favor of this hotel, as it offers convenient access to the Magic kingdom (which is also within walking distance) and Epcot.

Excellent dining options are another advantage, as the Chef Mickey´sas well as the compact layout.

Weaknesses are high nightly rates, generic pool and a theme that may not appeal to Disney fans or kids. Click here to read our full review and see photos of the room.

Grand floridian

Disney & #8217; s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa (Deluxe & Deluxe Villa Resort)

One of the most coveted hotels in all of Walt Disney World. It's one that catches the most attention seeing from the Magic Kingdom!

Overall strengths are excellent on-site dining (best at Walt Disney World), location near the Magic Kingdom on the monorail circuit and a generally pleasant atmosphere around the resort.

The shortcomings are the fact that it is the most expensive resort of Walt Disney World and the shared transportation to Disney & #8217; Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom.

But surely here the biggest problem is the price. Is too expensive.

Disney´s Polynesian Resort Village (Deluxe Resort)

Polynesian is well known to Disney fans, this resort celebrates the tiki culture, meaning it's more of a 1970s caricature than an authentic portrait.

Honestly of the hotels that we have not stayed, is what I most want to stay!

Strengths of Polynesian Resort its beautiful gardens, great restaurants and monorail location make it a short trip to the magic kingdom. Not to mention that he offers great places to watch his own Magic Kingdom Fireworks show.

It is also within walking distance of the Entrance and Transportation Center.

The weaknesses are that it is one of Walt Disney World's most expensive resorts along with the others already cited.

Be dated in some ways and use shared transportation to Disney & #8217; s Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom.

Disney´s Wilderness Lodge (Deluxe & Deluxe Villa Resort)

One of my favorite resorts at Walt Disney World.

I have to admit, it was the hotel that most impressed me when I entered the lobby. I even recorded everything because it was during the Magic Influencers event, when we were invited by Disney. It was awesome too!

Unlike other Magic Kingdom area resorts, it is not on the monorail circuit & #8211; It is connected to the park by boat service.

Other highlights include its beautiful gardens, understated dining options, compact layout, location near the Magic Kingdom, large boat transportation, and lower prices than other Deluxes.

If you like the rustic theme here, Wilderness Lodge is hard to beat.

Disney Hotels near EPCOT (Deluxe)

Disney & #8217; s Beach Club Resort (Deluxe Resort)

Yacht Club's lightweight partner resort, Beach Club has a lot to offer.

The theme is cheerful, fun and well executed.

The Storm-Along Bay pool is by far one of the best in Walt Disney World. (He has his own lazy river!)

It's a very short and wonderful walk to Epcot, and a walk or boat ride to Disney's Hollywood Studios. On-site dining is also excellent.

Weaknesses are price and shared bus transportation to Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom.

We also think the rooms are superior to the Yacht Club, but not bad.

Boardwalk Inn Room
Boardwalk Inn Room

Disney & #8217; s BoardWalk Inn (Deluxe & Deluxe Villa Resort)

We love BoardWalk for its proximity to Epcot and Disney's Hollywood Studios.

Beyond the charming Atlantic turn-of-the-century boardwalk theme. The rooms here are attractive and quite subdued, although they remain well themed.

In terms of disadvantages, price and shared bus service are the main ones.

The BoardWalk Inn also lacks an excellent counter restaurant (Table Service).

Despite the excellent options found in BoardWalk.

Disney & #8217; s Yacht Club Resort (Deluxe Resort)

The Yacht Club is Beach Club's most upscale partner hotel, and is more or less the same, plus a slightly more refined theme.

As well as the Beach Club, pool, convenience for Epcot and Disney's Hollywood Studios, as well as dining options, are strengths. Even when I ate at Ale & Compass made a post about being the most cost-effective breakfast in Disney.

Weaknesses are daily price, shared bus service and on-site table service restaurants.

You might even argue that the theme is a bit muffled, but we don't consider this negative, it's a matter of personal taste.

Other Disney Luxury Hotels in 2021

Disney & #8217; s Animal Kingdom Lodge & #8211; Jambo House (Deluxe & Deluxe Villa Resort)

This is one of our favorite resorts at Walt Disney World, and one of the best options in all of Walt Disney World. I had the pleasure of staying there this year on the Disney show we were invited to!

The strengths of Animal Kingdom Lodge are its comprehensive resort feel, with MANY great dining options, on-site animal entertainment to see and a collection of high quality art.

Thematically and culturally authentic, Animal Kingdom Lodge is perfect for guests looking for a resort that alone offers something to do.

Its biggest downside is its distance from virtually every other point of interest within Walt Disney World.

Disney & #8217; s Animal Kingdom Lodge & #8211; Kidani Villa (Deluxe & Deluxe Villa Resort)

Very similar to Jambo House above, but with some minor differences in location and amenities.

Particularly in pools and restaurants, but in fact, if you're staying in one, you'll have access to both features.

This is very useful for Disney Vacation Club members who want to conserve points by staying at Kidani Village.

Disney´s Old Key West Resort (Deluxe Villa Resort)

Old Key West is the original Disney Vacation Club resort, and that was really its name when it first opened.

A lush, themed environment Key west, Old Key West has the largest rooms of any Disney Vacation Club resort, which is a big plus if you want space.

The Old Key West theme is very well done, but it is a Florida themed resort in Florida.

On-site dining and amenities are great.

The biggest disadvantage is the way in which the Old Key West, which means a long walk to dinner and an inefficient bus system that stops too much.

Disney & #8217; s Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa (Deluxe Resort Villa)

Saratoga Springs is another resort which was built as a Disney Vacation Club hotel, meaning it was built with homes in mind.

The theme here is subdued, and the hotel looks very new and fresh. It is also within walking distance or ferry from the Disney springs.

On the downside, Saratoga Springs is Walt Disney World's largest and most extensive resort, using multiple bus stops, making transportation to the parks a daunting task if you don't have a rental car. And now with paid parking, renting a car to stay at the Disney resort has become excessively more expensive.

Dinner on site is also poor.

Treehouse Villas Resort

An incredibly unique resort nestled in the woods beside the banks of the Sassagoula River, within walking distance of Disney Springs. Treehouse Villas will make you feel in a world far from the rest of Walt Disney World.

These larger units are good for some families, but definitely not for everyone & #8211; especially for those without cars.

Moderate Level Disney Hotels

Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort (Moderate Resort)

& #8211; The vibrant and tropical feel of this hotel seems to be a bit unpleasant. It's the oldest of the Moderates, which is good and bad.

Good in rooms as they are larger than normal, bad for being a bit dated, but has been well renovated recently. But unfortunately we have not had the opportunity to visit it after retirement.

The pool here is undoubtedly the best of any moderate.

This resort is great for families who want an upgrade of values.

Like other moderates, it has several bus stops and inefficient transportation.

Coronado Springs

Disney & #8217; s Coronado Springs Resort (Moderate Resort)

Coronado Springs has the quality of a Deluxe Resort for the price of a Moderate.

It also has dining options on par with a Deluxe.

That's because it's Walt Disney World's main convention hotel, which is good and bad.

It was another hotel where I made a technical visit during the Disney Magic Influencers program and the new tower was recently opened, but we haven't had a chance to visit it yet.

On the plus side, its amenities are aware of what convention attendees who have no interest in theme parks would expect.

On the downside, many tourists don't appreciate the & #8220; convention crowd & #8221; at your resort, which in fact can be a little unpleasant.

This resort is good for adults traveling without children and bad for families.

Other weaknesses are their scattered nature and a theme that is globally bland.

Disney & #8217; s Fort Wilderness Resort & Campground Review (Moderate Resort)

Fort Wilderness is unlike any other Walt Disney World resort, and if you don't know better, you may have no idea that a theme park was on the other side of the lake.

Great outdoor activities like fishing, boating, archery, bonfires and more.

The inefficient internal bus system is the biggest weakness.

Fort Wilderness is not for everyone. But for nature lovers it is a separate show and can become your favorite hotel!

Fort Wilderness Cabin

Fort Wilderness Resort Cabins (Moderate Resort)

We think this is a great option if you have a large group and want to enjoy the secluded environment of the resort.

A beautiful room that combines a rustic style with modern amenities. A good choice for some families.

Disney & #8217; s Port Orleans Resort & #8211; French Quarter (Moderate Resort)French quarter

It's a romanticized version of New Orleans, and that's a definite plus. If you like Princess and Frog, you'll love this hotel!

In addition, its greatest strength is its compact size and unique bus stop, which is a stark contrast to other moderates.

The pool is also nice, as are many areas of the resort.

Weaknesses are that it shares some amenities with Riverside (French Quarter has no table service restaurant because of this).

Due to its small size, it is also rarely discounted, which means that in practice it often costs much more than other Moderate Resorts.

Disney & #8217; s Port Orleans Resort & #8211; Riverside (Moderate Resort) ReviewRiverside

Ton the theme of a Deluxe Resort for the price of a Moderate Resort.

You have the entertainment offerings of a Deluxe Resort for the price of a Moderate Resort.

We consider this the perfect Walt Disney World hotel for budget honeymooners because of its romantic atmosphere.

The only disadvantages are its layout layout, which leads to long walks. But let's agree that walks in Disney hotels are enjoyable AND romantic!

Disney Value Hotels (Cheapest)

Car Wing at Disney's Art of Animation

Disney´s Art of Animation Suites (Value Resort)

Art of Animation is Walt Disney World's newest hotel, and already one of the most popular.

Most of their rooms are family style, family suites, which is a pro or con, depending on your perspective.

Design throughout the resort can be both a pros and cons (probably a plus point for families and avid Disney movie fans and a blow to adults looking for a romantic or laid-back escape).

Another plus point is the food court and the transportation. Cons are the layout and price spread, which are above the rest of the value resorts.

It's one of the hotels where we'll be staying on our next trip to Disney, right in the room below!

Disney's Art of Animation's Little Mermaid Room (Value Resort)

If family suites in Art of Animation are too large for your family, these standard rooms in the Little Mermaid wing are a potentially viable alternative.

We love Art of Animation, and it's the most affordable way to stay at Art of Animation because it's the cheapest room in this hotel.

Disney´s All Star Music Resort (Value Resort)

Each of the All Star Resorts has the same strengths and weaknesses.

The theme is one thing that will be the dividing point, and life-long icons will be considered a favor by some while this is a blow to others.

In general, All Star Resorts are Disneyfied motels and are fairly spread out.

Strengths here are the price and the fact that you can still enjoy the on-site Disney amenities.

From All Stars, we think Music is the most relaxed and best placed.

Weaknesses are transport, overall quality and design (for some).

Disney´s All Star Movies (Value Resort)

Like All Star Music, the greatest strength of All Star Movies is its price.

It also has a fun theme for kids and movie fans, although many others find it tacky and exaggerated. Not our case, we LOVE it and we have already reviewed it including our Youtube channel.

All general strengths and weaknesses are the same here as All Start Music.

Of the three All Star Resorts, Movies is our favorite because it is the last stop on the bus route (meaning it is sometimes ignored) and because it is the oldest.

Disney's All Star Sports Resort (Value Resort)

exactly the same general pros and cons of the other All Stars.

In addition, All Star Sports benefits from having a nicer food court than the others and is the first stop on the shared bus circuit.

Its biggest disadvantage is that it is the most used hotel for large groups of young people.

If you don't think this is a big problem, you have never had a group of cheerleaders practicing their chants at 11 pm outside your room.

Disney's Pop Century Resort (Value Resort)

A good choice at Resort Value as it costs less per night than Art of Animation, and some rooms are within walking distance of the Art of Animation food court.

Pop Century's newly renovated rooms also make it a winner, as its rooms are the newest of all Value Resorts.

Pop Century has dividing, oversized icons that adorn the property, and many of them will resonate less with children, because some are pop culture references that are above their heads than the icons of other Value Resorts.

Pop Century also has dedicated bus service and a very nice food court, plus Disney amenities at a reasonable rate.

This makes it a good choice for trips where the hotel is just for sleeping and bathing.

Weaknesses are that it is basically a motel & #8220; Disneyficado & #8221; and it's spread out.

Other Disney Area Hotels

This is our selection of “others” hotels near Walt Disney World.

Some of these hotels are located on-site, some are off-site in the Disney Springs area, and some are off-property but always right next door. Walt Disney World Resort.

Grand cypress villas

Grand Cypress Villas (Disney Springs Area)

This is a luxury AAA Four-Diamond golf resort: a kind of Disney Vacation Club with steroids, and set on a golf course.

Make your reservation at Grand Cypress Villas!

It is the # 1 hotel in Orlando with an average score of 5/5.

Villas at Grand Cypress absolutely met the expectations set by its prestige.

The problems are twofold: price and golf.

It's expensive, and unless you or someone on your team is a serious player, you won't get the most out of its key amenities.

B Resort & Spa (Disney Springs)

B Resort looks like a hip boutique hotel, unlike anything I've seen at Walt Disney World.

We recommend that you make your reservation at the B Resort & Spa immediately

This is a really ambitious hotel with very attractive prices considering its quality and location at Walt Disney World.

However, this style is probably not for everyone, ie families with young children.

It seems best suited for convention attendees or younger people who want to hang out after the parks close and have fun at Disney Springs.

Best Western Lake Buena Vista (Disney Springs)

This is a good hotel worth considering if you want a good location and solid accommodations, and a quiet location to Disney Springs.

This hotel will not impress & #8221; But the rooms are better than expected, the amenities are strong, and there are some modern flourishes in common areas that give the hotel a bit of a luxury appeal.

It's a pleasant surprise, like an above-average 3-star Best Western, which doesn't just rest on the advantages of its location.

DoubleTree Suites by Hilton Orlando (Disney Springs)

Huge suite-style rooms that offer space for guests to spread out about are the great selling point of this hotel, and in that regard it is absolutely excellent.

We highly recommend it if you want something with comfort and in an excellent location, of course, don't leave to make your reservation too high to not miss the chance to stay there!

They also have fresh baked cookies hehehe

One of the best budget options for all of Walt Disney World.

Swan & Dolphin Resort (Epcot Area)

My favorite non-Disney hotel choice, Swan & Dolphin are great options if you are looking for a luxury experience or walking distance to Epcot and Disney & #8217; s Hollywood Studios at a lower price.

The fact is that prices at Swan & Dolphin are significantly better than comparable Disney hotels, even with the added costs being accounted for, and amenities give virtually every Disney hotel a run for the money.

Therefore, guarantee your reservation as soon as possible because it usually sells out, especially in high season!

Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress (Disney Springs Area)

This hotel takes the resort to the next level with a robust list of activities and amenities.

Plus, this Hyatt offers chic style, upscale service, and great rooms. It is recommended for all types of travelers who want to stay close to Disney parks. Make your reservation here!

It is a luxury hotel that will likely attract convention attendees and newlyweds, or families who want an alternative to staying at Walt Disney World.

Hilton Orlando Buena Vista Palace (Disney Springs)

Hilton Orlando Buena Vista Palace is a much more ambitious hotel than you expect.

It has an impressive slate of amenities, is an easy walk to Disney Springs, and has some of the absolute best rooms at Walt Disney World.

It is certainly not perfect, it has some very old areas, and the night is absurdly expensive.

But even considering this, this must be one of the best hotels in Walt Disney World.

If you want to stay there, we recommend you make your reservation here!

Hilton Orlando Lake Buena Vista (Disney Springs)

Unlike its sister property, the Buena Vista Palace, the (main) Hilton Orlando leaves a lot to be desired.

It also has a short walk to Disney Springs, the rooms are old and very strange.

There are significantly better options at Disney Springs, and we expect more from the Hilton name.

It is possible to do here the Hilton Orlando Lake Buena Vista reservations near Disney Springs

Holiday Inn Orlando (Disney Springs)

The rooms here aren't anything special, but there's nothing wrong with them either.

Its highlight is the comfort of the bedding, which is far better than any bargain at a Holiday Inn. This hotel also scores points for its dining and pool areas.

Click here to not miss your reservation for this amazing hotel near Disney Springs.

Waldorf Astoria Orlando

Waldorf Astoria Orlando (Bonnet Creek)

Given the quality of the hotel, Waldorf Astoria's US $ 300 / night prices are not bad.

The hotel is superior to a Walt Disney World Deluxe Resort in almost every respect, beyond theme and also less expensive than most of them.

And we highly recommend you to stay at this hotel!

One of the most luxurious hotels in all of Central Florida, this is a hotel where all luxury guests should have a good look.

Make your reservation here with the best price and confirmation on time!

Wyndham Lake Buena Vista (Disney Springs)

Wyndham is a very basic, though reasonably enjoyable, option that will mostly appeal to those who don't want the theme of a Disney resort, or have rewards they can use or earn at Wyndham.

It offers fair value and is worth a stay there for the good value for money. You can make your reservation here!

But how do I choose my hotel anyway?

Find out how long your stay at the Disney hotel complex will last

The first step in knowing how to choose the Disney hotel that suits you best is to define how long your vacation will last. In fact, this is step number 1 to choose the best hotel in any situation!

Do you plan to stay a week at Disney? Or maybe 10 days? Only 5? Or maybe you will enjoy 15 days in the parks?

Whatever it is, you have to write it down on paper. This is important as the number of nights is a multiplier that will affect your budget. For example, suppose you have $ 500 for Disney accommodation.

In this case, you could stay approximately 3 nights at Pop century, one of the most economical hotels in Disney. At the same time, that budget is for a day or so at Wilderness Lodge, a luxury resort in the same place.

This is why it is important to know how long you will be staying. Without this information, you can't do any planning!

Set a budget for how to choose the most suitable Disney hotel

Ok, now that you know how many days you'll be at Disney, it's time to check out which hotel options are available to you. In this case, we must take the available budget for accommodation and divide by the number of nights of the trip.

To make this account, you need to have a well-organized travel budget. Is it work? Yes, I won't lie. But a spreadsheet in Excel works miracles and makes your vacation a lot easier.

When you know how much you can spend on lodging on the trip, just divide this amount by the number of nights. For example, let's say you have $ $1,400 to spend on a 7-day hotel trip.

This means that you can choose from all resort options whose daily rate is less than $ $200. Just to name a few, you could stay at Pop Century, at All stars and in Art of Animation.

Now, let's say you have $2.100 to spend on hosting on this same 7-day trip. In this case, your range of options increases. In addition to the above, you could still stay in Caribbean Beach Resort, Coronado Springs, Port Orleans Resort and others.

When you do this, you'll have Disney's choice of hotel options to decide which one is best for you.

Oh, don't forget to include the Disney Hotels Parking Value. They now charge per night and if you are renting a car on the trip you will need to add this amount to the budget.

Establish what features your ideal hotel room needs to have

Each tourist travels from a different place and goes to a different place, carrying a different luggage. This is a truth that many backpackers learn in practice.

This means that each person has a specific set of needs on a trip. Want to see an example?

Come on. Imagine a newly married couple on a honeymoon trip. They will want a little more luxury (after all, it's a very special trip), more privacy. They will prefer a more comfortable hotel room, dinner in a romantic restaurant.

Already a family with father, mother and two children, will have totally different needs. They will want convenience, economical dining, easy walking to the parks and other entertainment options.

They will be in the same place. Maybe even at the same resort. But each of these people will have different needs.

Therefore, you should write down everything you need in a hotel room on paper. Want a mini kitchen to buy food at the supermarket? Or maybe you prefer a fully renovated room?

Who knows your priority is a decoration from another world? Or quick access to a huge pool?

Check out the different transportation options for hotels and parks.

When you have more or less in mind the price you can pay per night and what your hotel room needs, there are a few options available to you.

At this point, there is no way to go wrong, as the two most basic factors are already met: money and primordial needs.

From now on, what separates each hotel room (possibly even within the same resort) is the details.

I will give an example. At the Art of Animation, The Little Mermaid Pavilion is further away from the other buildings. Because of this, you need to walk a little farther to get there. This is bad for those who don't want this job or have children.

On the other hand, the rooms in the Little Mermaid pavilion are cheaper than the other buildings. It is a matter of balancing the pros and cons of each option.

Check out the food and entertainment options in each hotel

One detail that goes unnoticed when planning your trip is the choice of food and entertainment at each resort.

Now that doesn't seem important. After all, you are already planning dinner with Snow White or have fun in the parks.

But by the time you get to Disney and start living there from day to day, you'll want to pay attention to the food and entertainment options at each resort.

The best way to solve this is to search hard enough until you know all the details about each of the options available, then make the best choice for you.

Consider the alternatives of decoration, merchandising and other elements.

Oh, as it should be, we have to remember that traveling to Disney is a dream come true, often from childhood.

It is watching your favorite characters come to life and having the experience of being there with them in those magical scenarios. It is something from another world.

So it is worth valuing this part of the trip. Maybe it's more expensive to stay in the Lion King building in Art of Animation than in Pop Century, for example. However, your son is in love with Simba.

It will definitely be worth investing a few extra dollars to see his smile as you approach the decor with the giant Simba at the hotel entrance.

Now you know how to choose the right Disney hotel for you. It sounds hard, but it's a matter of balancing the cost, appeal, and magical experience each room offers for your trip.

Summary of Disney 2021 Hotels

We hope this post has given you a good overview of the Disney hotels that exist in 2021!

Yes, there are many options and it can be very difficult to define, we recommend that the choice starts with its purchasing power.

The best hotel is one that you can afford with peace of mind.

Did you like the tips? Be sure to share with your friends, ok?

Below is a video pretty cool Review we did at Animal Kingdom Lodge when we were invited by Disney to participate in the Magic Influencers program!

If you have any questions, tell us down here in the comments!

We hope again that this post helped you in your research for your trip to Disney.

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As we talked about above, be sure to check out our youtube channel where we give several travel tips to Orlando.

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Art of Animation - Little Mermaid Carlos and Nath - Departed Disney Parks
Art of Animation - Little Mermaid Carlos and Nath - Partiu Disney Parks

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  1. Hey Carlos,
    Love your article!
    I read something about Disney not having Disney`s Magical Express anymore.
    Is it still worth it to stay on property?

    • Hey Stela,
      Yes it is. Staying on property can bring a lot to your vacation. But that depends on your focus. If you plan to enjoy the parks and you like Disney then staying on property is the way to go!


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