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Halloween is one of the most anticipated dates of the year in the United States and starting in August, the Magic Kingdom of Walt Disney World will host the most anticipated party of the year, with lots of sweets and costumes, Mickey's Not So-Scary Halloween Party arrives to please everyone. children to adults.

What is the Mickey's Not So-Scary Halloween Party?

It's the famous party Disney's Halloween!

In this incredible party that takes place during the months of August, September and October, you will have the opportunity to visit the Magic Kingdom with a totally different decoration.

In addition, you can find rare characters such as the 7 dwarfs and villains, not to mention the many sweets that are distributed at different points in the park.

The name of the party says it all, even though it's a Halloween party it's not a scary party.

The idea of the event is not to scare anyone, just to create a slightly more spooky environment but still bringing the magic of Disney behind.

It is important to stay tuned for the party dates if you are traveling during this period, as Magic Kingdom visitors without a ticket to the event will have to leave the Park at 6:00 pm, party start time.

Ie, to participate in it you need an event-specific ticket. So if you are planning to visit the party, buy as soon as possible because they tend to sell out quickly.

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Disney Halloween Party Shows and Parades

Boo To You Parade

In my opinion the best part of Disney.

Boo To You Parade - Disney Halloween Party Night Parade
Boo To You Parade – Disney Halloween Party Night Parade

This nighttime parade is a complete must-see for those visiting for the Halloween party.

It usually happens at two times, around 21:00 and another at 23:00.

Boo To You Parade - Disney Halloween Party Night Parade
Boo To You Parade – Disney Halloween Party Night Parade

So, there are no excuses not to watch it.

Disney's Not-So-Spooky Spectacular

This is the special halloween fireworks show🇧🇷 It was released in 2019 when it replaced the old show which was called Hallowishes.

The new show is simply amazing, mainly because of the host of the event, Jack Skellington!

It's amazing how this character is introduced during this show.

Disney's Not-So-Spooky Spectacular

This fireworks show only happens once during the event so plan your day well so you don't miss it.

Hocus Pocus Villain Spelltacular

The famous musical in front of the castle, now based on the movie Hocus Pocus.

Hocus Pocus Villain Spelltacular
Hocus Pocus Villain Spelltacular

This show is really cool because you'll have the opportunity to see practically all Disney villains interacting in this super animated and fun musical.

Show times vary depending on the season. but it usually happens at least 2 times a night.

Hocus Pocus Villain Spelltacular
Hocus Pocus Villain Spelltacular

Dance party

During the party there are two dance parties, which are a party with a DJ and some characters.

They are really cool parties especially for the kids.

One takes place in Tomorrowland, on the stage near Space Mountain, there you can find some characters from the animation Monster Inc.

Another dance party takes place at Fantasyland inside Storybook Circus with Disney Junior characters.

Candy and mischief

Entering the party you will receive a bag to put your sweets that you can pick up for free at the party.

Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party Candy Bag
Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party Candy Bag

They will also give you a map and on it you can check where all the points of interest are. candy distribution.

Walking in the park you will see several lit Totems indicating places where sweets are distributed.

Indication Totem for Candy Distribution
Indication Totem for Candy Distribution

And of course, the map also shows where you can find the the different characters that are around the park.

Extra Tip: If you have the focus on getting candy, I recommend taking a backpack to keep the candy you will get because it is possible to get a huge amount of candy throughout the night.

Special Characters Disney Halloween

One of the differentials that attracts many people to Disney's Halloween party is the possibility of finding rare characters.

Jack Skellington and Sally

this characters are not found in the parks at other times of the year and are located at strategic points during the event.

A very important tip here is arrive early so as not to spend a lot of time in the queues to take a picture with these characters.

Some of these queues can reach more than 2 hours.

Some of the characters you can find there are some villains like Cruella Cruel, Maleficent, Jafar and the darlings 7 dwarfs.

The map that we found at the beginning of the park shows the entire program of the party!

In addition to the characters mentioned above, some of the most requested at the party are:

Jack Skellington

Jack is perhaps the most sought after character at the party, I remember that at the last party we went to we spent almost 2 hours in line to take a picture with him.

Jack Skellington at Disney's Halloween Party
Jack Skellington at Disney's Halloween Party

The tip here, if you want this interaction is to do it as soon as you arrive because the queues increase throughout the night to the point that it is no longer worth waiting so long.

Seven Dwarfs

Seven Dwarfs Meet & Greet at Disney's Halloween Party

Rides During the Party

This is a point that many people overlook, but we strongly recommend you be sure to check it out.

Firstly It is important to know that not all rides are open during the event.

And in other attractions some extra and different factor is added during the event.

And it is precisely on these attractions that you should focus your attention during the event (in addition to the activities listed above).

The attractions are:

Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor – Instead of the stand-up show you are used to seeing here, you will walk through the theater while some monsters distract those who are passing by. This attraction becomes a candy distribution point as well.

Mad tea party – The attraction's music and lighting are changed.

Haunted Mansion – Outside the attraction, the mansion receives lights and an ominous fog.

Haunted Mansion during Disney's Halloween Party
Haunted Mansion during Disney's Halloween Party

Pirates of the Caribbean – Some actors are added during the queue and during the attraction.

Space mountain – All lights are removed from the attraction. You might be wondering if it's that much different from the normal experience that's already in the dark. I guarantee you that the difference is huge (it's much more exciting)!

Can adults dress up?

Yes, during the Disney Halloween party everyone can dress up!

It is the only exception where adults can go to the park in costume.

As much as costume is not a mandatory item, people make a lot of effort to go in the best possible way!

We ourselves, we always go in costume!

It is surprising to see how there is no age to dress up, with a lot of creativity, quality and in an original way, the costumes are very well elaborated.

Costume Restrictions for Disney's Halloween Party

There are some minor restrictions ons fantasies like:

They they cannot contain weapons or the like that could be confused with originals;

Are not allowed pointed, sharp objects or materials that could hurt other visitors;

And it is worth mentioning that even following the rules, Cast Members can prevent their entry or request the removal of accessories from people who are wearing inappropriate costumes or that may interfere with other people's experience.

For children up to 13 years old, costumes and some masks can be used, but they must leave the eyes visible and not cover the whole face.

Mickey's not so Scary Halloween Party - Decoration
Mickey's not so Scary Halloween Party – Decoration

From 14 years old, masks are not allowed.

At Costumes also cannot drag on the ground and capes must be above the waist.

Halloween Party Summary and Video

The party is very beautiful, with plenty of magic, where the whole family has fun, both with costumes, sweets, characters, shows and attractions.

If you are going during the Disney Halloween Party, we strongly recommend including it in your script.

We have a video on our youtube channel of one of our trips to the Halloween Party!

Did you like the publication? If you have any questions or want to tell us what you think about the party, leave them in the comments below!

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