Mickey`s Not So-Scary: Disney Halloween in the Magic Kingdom

Halloween is one of the most anticipated dates of the year in the United States and in August the Magic Kingdom of Walt Disney World receives the most anticipated party of the year, with many sweets and costumes, the Mickey`s Not So- Scary Halloween Party enough to please children to adults.

What is Mickey`s Not So-Scary?

It's the famous party in Halloween that changes the decor of the Magic kingdom, brings rare characters like the 7 dwarfs and the villains, many sweets that are distributed in different points of the park.

THE Disney named the Halloween with that name so that people would understand that even though Halloweenthe feast of Magic kingdom It's meant to please all ages and it's not scary at all, but rather fun!

It starts in August and goes until the beginning of November and although you will not attend the party, it ends up affecting your schedule, since that day the Magic kingdom closes early at 7 pm for the party to begin.

It is worth remembering that to participate in it you need to enter your own party, it gives you the right to join the park from 16 hours! And tickets for August and September parties are usually cheaper than those for October.

Want to know what goes on at Mickey`s Not So-Scary? Come check it out!

Boo To You Parade

It is the famous Halloween special night parade that usually takes place at two times, around 21h and another at 23h.

Disney's Not-So-Spooky Spectacular

It's the special fireworks show of halloween that occurs with the theme of the party itself and with fireworks at 180 degrees! In 2019 it replaces the traditional Hallowishes.

But for those who liked the old show, don't be sad because the new show is breathtaking. You will even have the opportunity to see a Jack Skellington live like never before!

Hocus Pocus Villain Spelltacular, the Villains Show

The famous musical in front of the castle, now based on the movie Abracadabra occurs between 3 and 4 times. During the show several of the most beloved villains give the air of grace in the musical.

Show times vary according to the season of the party.

Dance party

During the party there are two dance parties, which are baladinhas with music and some characters, the kids and the adults love it!

One takes place at Tomorrowland, on the stage near Space Mountain, featuring characters from the Monster Animation SA and the other takes place in the Fantasyland area, Storybook Circus featuring the beloved characters from Disney Junior.

Candy and mischief

By joining the Magic kingdom To participate in the party, you will get a bag to put your candies and a map where there is both the marking of the distribution points of the candy and where you can find the different characters that are in the park.

There is no distinction, both children and adults win the sweets (candies and chocolates) and this is already included in the ticket. If you love sweets, we recommend that you bring a purse or backpack to accommodate them better, because the bags they distribute end up being very small for those who are focused on picking sweets!

Special Characters Disney Halloween

One of the differentials that attracts many people is the appearance of rare characters that are not found in the parks and are at strategic points to meet with visitors.

The tip is to arrive early so as not to get too long in line, the villains like Cruella Cruel, Malevola, Jafar and the darling 7 dwarfs are available for photos and autographs.

The map that we found at the beginning of the park shows the entire party schedule!

In addition to the characters we already mentioned above, some of the most requested at the party are:

Jack Skellington

Jack is perhaps the most sought after character at the party, I remember that at the last party we went to, we spent almost 2 hours in line to take pictures with him.

The tip here, if you want this interaction is to do it as soon as you arrive because the lines are increasing throughout the night to the point that it is no longer worth waiting so long.


Seven Dwarfs


Can adults dress up?

Yes, at the parties of Halloween gives Disney Everyone can dress up! It's the only exception where adults can go to the park in costume.

As fancy as fantasy is not a must, people work hard to do their best! It is amazing to see how there is no age to fantasize, with a lot of creativity, quality and originality, the fantasies are very well elaborated.

Can I go with any costume? No, there are some rules for adults regarding fantasies. They cannot be violent, offensive or objectionable.

You may fantasize about your favorite theme, but you may not want to impersonate the original character by taking pictures with other visitors.

Costumes may not contain weapons or the like that can be confused with originals and no sharp, sharp objects or materials that may hurt other visitors.

No matter how well you follow the rules, cast members may bar your entry or request removal of accessories or people who are in inappropriate costumes or may interfere with other people's experience.

For children up to 13 years old, costumes and some masks can be worn, but they need to make their eyes visible and not cover their entire face. For visitors age 14 and older, body-covering accessories or costumes are not recommended and may be subjected to more critical verification. Outfits should be above the ground without dragging over it and the capes should have length above the waist.

Acceptable props range from plastic lightsabers, non-covering headgear, tutus, transparent wings, toy swords and other objects that do not endanger the integrity of other visitors.

Remember that masks of any kind are prohibited for those over 14 years old.


We know that many people end up enjoying the trip to Halloween of Magic kingdom to enjoy the park, the parks of the Disney sometimes they are not in your script, but it is important to know that not all attractions are open during the event and other activities end up being more prominent.

So it is good to measure what is really worth giving that special attention, such as the rare characters who are in the park, special show, musical in front of the castle and the special parade of Halloween In addition, there is candy distribution at specific points throughout the park.

It is also important to know the attractions that are changed especially for the event, they are:

Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor - When you follow the Monster World candy trail at Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor, you will interact in totally new ways with the comical cast of monsters as they learn about the curious Human World holiday we call Halloween.

Mad tea party - Tea cups will take you on a colorful tour with new lighting and effects that provide a different night atmosphere.

Pirates of the Caribbean - New pirates will invade the attraction, interacting with sailors who will join the search for “Gunpowder Pete” who is a live actor on the tour.

Space mountain - Rocket ships will fly through deep space as a new soundtrack and special effects transform the adventure. It is completely erased, and it really gives a different experience to this attraction.

The party is very beautiful, with magic about, where the whole family has fun, both with costumes, sweets, characters and shows.

And to get even better! We have the video on our youtube channel when we were at the party! Enjoy there!

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