Disney Dining Plan – The Complete Food Guide

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The Disney Dining Plan was the name of the meal plan or dining plans from Disney, in it the visitor can choose between the types of restaurant between Quick or Table Service and have their meals with peace of mind.

Learn how they worked, the values and when they return.

What was the Disney Dining Plan?

That was the name of the meal plan at Disney restaurants, it was exclusive to those who stayed at the chain's hotels and worked as a prepaid plan and entitled to several meals during the day.

The guest paid a fixed amount per day and received credits, so he chose among the various options where he intended to have lunch or dinner.

By the way, it was a good option for the visitor who wanted to save money and at the same time eat well inside the park.

Food, after all, is usually an important part of travel costs, as well as airfare and accommodation.

Mainly for parents who shunned fast food and preferred to serve healthy food to their young children, therefore, Disney Dining Plan it was an interesting alternative to eating well.

complex of tables in front of the disney castle
With the Disney Dining Plan you can enjoy a variety of incredible dishes. Image from Pixabay.

The Disney Dining Plan Plan Options

There were several options and to make each one clear, it's important to understand the types of restaurants, it's simple and very similar to what we have in Brazil.

The Quick Service it's like fast-food restaurants, the customer asks the attendant at the counter, pays him and takes him to a table.

Table service, on the other hand, the customer sits down, is served by the waiter, eats and then pays the bill. In addition, the Table has two other forms, in both of which you can eat as much as you like, with one difference, that is:

  • Buffet: the customer serves himself; 
  • Family Style: food comes in small portions on the table and the customer can repeat.

Anyway, Snacks are usually taken at a kiosk and can be fruit, ice cream, pretzel, among other options.

Quick Service Dining Plan

He It was the cheapest plan Disney Dining Plan, the last rate was in 2020, so it's worth keeping an eye on the value when plans return.

They cost about US$56.41 per day per adult and US$26 per day per child. 

In principle, he was entitled to two full meals at Quick Service restaurants and two snacks.

In addition, alcoholic beverages were included for people over 21 years of age.

Which restaurants accepted the Disney Dining Plan Quick option?

According to information on the official website about dining plans, around one hundred restaurants in the complex accepted the Disney Dining Plan Quick Service plan.

In Magic Kingdom for example we have some of the following places:

Anyway, the advantage of the counter service is that it doesn't need reservations and is perfect for those who prefer a quick lunch or dinner and get back to the fun.

Standard Dining Plan

This was the standard meal plan, the last amount of it was US$79.42 per adult and US$30.51 per child per day.

It entitles you to a Quick Service meal credit and a Table Service meal credit with a main course, dessert and drinks, including alcoholic drinks for those over 21 years of age, or Buffet.

The Standard Dining Plan was a great option for those who wanted to have a quick lunch, however, have a quieter dinner, or vice versa.

The plan also entitles you to two snack credits per day that were spent at restaurants or kiosks.

Finally, he provided a mug of disney mug for refills, which was a beautiful souvenir.

Restaurants that accept the Standard Disney Dining Plan

In addition to the restaurants that accepted the Quick Service credit in this plan, there are restaurants of the type Table Service, as an example we can mention some of those that are in the Magic Kingdom, they are:

  • Tusker House;
  • Rainforest Cafe;
  • Good at ? Flavors of Africa.

Some of these restaurants require a reservation, which is done on the official Disney website up to six months in advance, regardless of the payment method.

Therefore, it is good to plan because they are very popular.

Dining Plan Plus

In this plan, the last values were US$94.61 for the adult and US$35 for the child, per day.

It entitles you to two full meal, Table or Quick Service credits per day.

The visitor chose dining plans between the complete Table Service, with main course, dessert and drink, or the Buffet type.

In addition, he was entitled to two snacks a day.

Finally, this plan also gave the option of a Disney Mug refill for travel.

Which locations accepted the Dining Plan Plus?

All of the aforementioned locations accepted the Dining Plan Plus plan.

Even because, what changes it to the Standard is the amount of meals that can be made of the Table type.

Deluxe Dining Plan

The plan costs US$120.41 per day per adult and US$47.50 per child.

It included three full Table or Quick Service meal credits per day.

The visitor chose between a complete meal with main course, dessert and drink, or a buffet.

The Deluxe Dining Plan also included two snacks a day and the Disney Mug that was used as a refill inside the hotels.

Which restaurants accepted the Disney Dining Plan Deluxe Plan?

In general, at all restaurants that accepted the meal plan, the list was the same as for Standard and Quick plans.

The difference of Deluxe Dining Plan for the former is that there are three meals in it.

How does the Disney Dining Plan work?

The purchase of the plan was at the time of booking the hotel, resorts or purchasing tickets.

The visitor chose the type of plan that most pleased him and how many days he wanted. 

Thus, a family of three, two adults and a child, who would stay five days in Orlando and opt for the plan Quick Service Dining Plan they would receive two meals and two snacks a day.

Everyone would receive the same number of meals, the difference being that the child would pay less.

In total there would be 10 meals and 10 snacks per person over the five days.

Anyway, the same explanation was valid for the other planes.

For example, if this family opted for the Deluxe Dining Plan, everyone would receive three full Quick Service or Table meals and three snacks.

In total there would be 15 meals and 15 snacks in total per person in the family.

Important information about the Disney Dining Plan

The total points of the plan, first of all, would be used as they prefer, the suggestion was two snacks a day, but if the child wanted three snacks, all they had to do was use more credit, the same was true for the meal.

Another important point was to notify the waiter or attendant who would use the points.

It is worth remembering that tips were not included in the Deluxe Dining Plan, in addition, the points were valid until the end of the stay at the hotel, it was not possible to save them for a next trip.

Anyway, most restaurants accepted the points, this could be checked on the official Disney website.

Disney Dining Plan for ages 3 and under

Children under the age of three, at first, were not included in the complex's meal plan. Disney

Dining Plan for people with the same reservation

All people on the reservation should purchase the same plan.

Thus, a family of three, who were together on the hotel reservation, would have to purchase the same type of plan.

The father couldn't buy him the Quick plan and the Standard Dining Plan for his wife and son, for example.

The same, incidentally, occurred for friends traveling together, three friends with the same reservation would have to buy the same type of plan Disney Dining Plan.

mickey shaped waffle
Disney Dining Plan, the Mickey-shaped Waffle was another Snack option at the Magic Kingdom. Image of Rachel Franko on disney food blog

Is it worth using the Disney Dining Plan?

The Disney Dining Plan it was a great option and very worthwhile to control food expenses, or to concentrate everything on the MagicBand.

In addition, it was worth using in restaurants where the meal would be more expensive than the amount paid for the meal plan.

Anyway, Disney reported that the plans would return in 2022, however, there is still no forecast for the return.

It is important to check the availability on the website when making reservations at the hotel, it is also necessary to be aware of whether they will return with the same rules, or new ones.

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