Disney with Kids - A Parent's Guide

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visit to disney with kids it's an amazing experience. Through the eyes of children, all the magic of the parks becomes more evident.

Therefore, like any program with children, it is necessary to plan and take special care.

Tips for enjoying Disney with kids

Disney is an environment for all ages that delights adults, teenagers, children and seniors.

For each age group there are different attractions, but for children there is a world of possibilities, from interacting with their favorite characters, to attractions suitable for them.

Meeting Sully at Disney's Hollywood Studios
Meeting Sully at Disney's Hollywood Studios

However, due to the great movement and size of the parks, care is required.

So, be in disney with kids demand:

  • Responsibility;
  • Care;
  • Fun;
  • Heads up;
  • Schedule.

Enjoying the parks with joy and relaxation is ideal for a good experience for children.

However, those responsible are always on alert so that nothing bad happens.

So, for a better action on your trip, here are some carefully selected tips to prepare for such an important moment.

1- How to get into the Disney mood with kids?

For children to enjoy Disney in the best way, explain to them the parks and all the fun they will have in those moments.

Tell which favorite characters from the movies the child likes will be there for her to get to know up close.

Another tip to get in the mood is to travel listening to favorite songs from the movies, thus creating a mood for the long-awaited moment.

2- Disney Parks and Attractions for Children

Visit the parks of Disney with young children requires attention to which places will be on the travel itinerary.

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Value the environments with characters, attractions simple and not radical. Here is the list in order of priority:

  • Magic Kingdom;
  • Animal Kingdom;
  • Legoland;
  • Epcot;
  • Hollywood Studios;

It is important to emphasize that due to the size of the Magic Kingdom, to see all the attractions, special shows, parades with characters and enjoy the attractions, it is possible to separate two days of the trip to buy the tickets and visit it.

In this way, for the other parks it is possible to separate smaller times.

In addition, Animal Kingdom will bring an incredible experience for children to meet different animals, which is why it is second on the list.

3- Rest carts to enjoy Disney with children

The Disney is also for kids, but due to the size of the sites and queues for the attractions, the little ones can get bored quickly.

Thus, an option for them to enjoy more attractions is to rent baby strollers.

These can be found inside and outside the parks.

There are two types of these objects to take advantage of Disney with kids:

  • Simple: for small children, it holds up to 22 kilos;
  • Double: for slightly older children, it can hold up to 45 kilos;

Another important tip is to research prices outside, often buying a simple stroller in a Walmart for the period of travel it can be cheaper than rent.

Talking to people who have already had this experience can facilitate your decisions and help in your final schedule. 

4- Is it worth buying snacks to enjoy the Disney parks?

Will Disney with young children it also requires care with food throughout the day, to ensure the energy and attention of the little ones in the fun.

An important tip is to take snacks and snacks in jars in the bags that will be carried in the park.

Thus, it is guaranteed that at any time they will have access to a healthy and nutritious diet.

Buying meals and snacks in the park can be something special to try new things, but these are often more geared towards an adult audience.

Also, bringing snacks saves a little money to buy ice cream, candy and accessories from the parks to cheer up the kids. 

5- Disney with children and the baby care center

The baby care center is a great ally for those responsible for going to Disney with young children.

This space is equipped with changing tables, microwaves to heat food, high chairs for better accommodation during meals and other useful equipment in care. 

6- How to set up a script of attractions at Disney with children?

To set up the visit itinerary to the disney with kids you need to pay attention to some details.

Many toys require a minimum height for user safety reasons.

It is possible to consult in advance on Disney websites and informative blogs that have ready-made itineraries for worry-free fun. 

Barrel Bridge on Tom Sawyer Island in the MK
Barrel Bridge on Tom Sawyer Island in the MK

7- Is it possible to enjoy Disney with children using the Rider Switch?

A valuable tip to enjoy is using the Rider Switch.

This is a Disney initiative that allows some attractions to have a different queue for those responsible for children. 

To take turns who takes care of the little one who cannot enter a certain toy, an adult takes the queue and participates and when that one leaves the other does not need to take the queue again.

That way, you can go straight in to take advantage of your turn to participate.

Some activities that can be performed on the Rider Switch are:

are not all disney attractions that have this benefit, but several of the items mentioned in the list are the most extreme toys, such as free fall and roller coasters.

In this way, it is possible to guarantee the fun of those responsible and the children without losing care.

It is also useful to consult websites and blogs to see the other attractions that have a rider switch.

8- Can children interact with Disney characters?

Will disney with kids getting to know the characters is a big part of the journey.

Long queues lead to special moments of taking pictures and talking with those favorite figures of children and adults.

Meet Donald Duck in Mexico at Epcot
Meet Donald Duck in Mexico at Epcot

In addition, it is possible to find some strolling through the park and also stop for a small talk and exchange of special moments.

Disney values the charm and loyalty to the characters.

Thus, everyone is instructed to make the visitors' day more magical and happy.

In this way the experience is complete and the interaction with them makes the Disney with young children more special. 

9- Disney with children, themed hotels and restaurants

Disney has themed hotels and restaurants. In this way, each park has incredible possibilities to visit and become more immersed in the magical world.

So, a tip to make the moments of rest and food even more special is to use these possibilities of the parks.

An example is the rainforest café, which is entirely forest-themed. another interesting point is the dinosaur-themed T-Rex.

already the Cinderella's Royal Table there is one that is even more special, as it is located inside the main Disney castle, so the experience is to have a meal as if you were a guest of the princess in her castle. Something unforgettable.

About the themed hotels there are several films and themes. there is an Hotel with a themed area from the movie Finding Nemo, princess rooms, the Lion King.

In these hotels, the rooms and external areas are full of characters and accessories of those figures.

Thus, it is possible from your child's favorite movie to choose how the experience will continue in the moments of rest.

10- How to stay safe at Disney with children?

Staying alert is vital to visit the Disney parks with kids.

In addition to the responsibility of never leaving your child alone, always holding hands and respecting the rules of the environment so that it is a safe adventure for the little ones. 

Another important point, then, is that there is a procedure to be followed in case the child gets lost in the big parks.

So park staff are instructed to help find lost children.

Arrange an easy point for the child to memorize so that if he doesn't find you, he will wait in that environment.

Ask the staff for help.

Also, leave the child with an identification plate with your name and cell phone contact, so that identification is easier and it reaches you more easily.

Finally, it is also possible to take pictures of the child before entering the park to show the features and clothes to anyone who asks if they have seen them around the park.

disney castle
Cinderella's castle is a reference point for those who go to Disney with children.
Image from md1orlando website.

Make the Most of Disney with The Kids

Joy, fun and magic are the main points of the trip.

In this way, it is necessary to make the experience worthwhile for all involved.

So participating and seeing everything there is in the parks can be difficult, but it's worth it.

In this way, in order to make the most of the parks in the Disney with young children Here is a summary of what was discussed about attractions:

  • Participate in toys;
  • Meet characters;
  • Stay in themed hotels;
  • Buy souvenirs;
  • See the parades in the park throughout the day;
  • Go to themed restaurants;
  • see the classic disney shows.

Planning the trip is very important to find time to complete all the items and make the most of the parks.

Of course, due to the number of activities, it takes several days to fulfill all the possibilities.

However, by planning in advance the attractions that make sense for your visit, you can optimize your time in the parks and leave with great stories to tell.

These will never leave the children's memories.

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  1. I have enjoyed this content a lot. I've been wanting to travel to Disney for a while and I'm dying to know the parks already. We'll see if the summer comes, everything gets better and we can travel with more freedom

  2. I intend to travel with my children at the end of next year to Disney, they are 7 and 10 years old. Are there any Disney hotels you think they'll like?

    • Hi Carol! How are you? Look, if your child likes characters from Disney animations and cartoons like Nemo, Lion King, Little Mermaid or Cars I highly recommend Art of Animation which is one of Disney's value hotels. They have excellent rooms for families and it is one of the cheapest hotels in the resort!


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