Star Wars Galaxy's Edge: All About Disney's Planet Batuu

In a very, very distant galaxy & #8230; it is Star Wars Galaxy & #8217; s Edge. In fact, it's not that far: the new Star Wars area at Disney is in Florida (and also in Disneyland, California).

Casa do Mickey announced the construction of a new area in its complex, intended exclusively for the Star Wars franchise. Consequently, you will be able to visit it soon.

THE disney announced the opening dates of the new Star Wars Galaxy´s Edge for our happiness!!! The opening will be on May 31st at California Disneyland and on August 29 at Hollywood Studios in Walt Disney World, Orlando.

But do you already know what to expect from this news? We'll find out in the text below!

What is Star Wars Galaxy & #8217; s Edge?

Star Wars Galaxy & #8217; s Edge is a new area under development at two different Disney complexes. The first one is the Disneyland parkin California, while the second is the Walt Disney Worldin Orlando, Florida.

The construction area in each of the parks is 14 acres. This is equivalent to 56 thousand square meters. Enough, isn't it?

Construction on both parks started in April 2016 and the opening is scheduled for the end of 2019 (first at Disneyland and then at Disney World). In Florida, the attraction will be attached to Hollywood Studios.

Okay, and what is the Galaxy & #8217; s Edge, anyway?

In addition to being a Star Wars themed area, the attraction is also a new form of Disney storytelling. Basically, the place is part of the Star Wars Universe and will be intertwined with the mythology of the franchise.

As Bob Iger, Disney CEO, explains: & #8220;the area will be occupied by many inhabitants: humanoids, aliens and androids. Everything will be part of our storytelling. There will be nothing outside of character or mythology“.

Therefore, the area will be a spectacle for Star Wars fans. Starting with the ambience, since the Galaxy & #8217; s Edge will be based on a planet called Batuu.

For those who don't know, this is the planet from the book Star Wars: Thrawn: Alliances, which was launched in 2018. The buildings of the place will be based on a village called Black Spire Outpost. Anyone who watched the movie Han Solo in 2018 should recognize the name, as Black Spire is an organization cited in the film's plot.

In other words: everything there is connected with the Star Wars films and the idea is that the visitor really feels in a galaxy far, far away.

What are the attractions of the Star Wars Galaxy & #8217; s Edge?

All of this is very cool, but let's talk about something more concrete: what's good about Star Wars Galaxy & #8217; s Edge?

To cover the subject, we divided the theme into two parts; ambiance and attractions. Read on!

A little bit of the ambience of the place

Every Disney theme area depends a lot on the setting of the place. And Casa do Mickey takes this letter.

Anyone who has been to one of the Disney parks knows how they care about the setting and how the decor makes all the difference in each attraction.

In the Star Wars area at Disney it would be no different, of course.

As already mentioned, Galaxy & #8217; s Edge will be based on the planet Batuu, present in one of the books in the series. The place itself will be a village for a rebel organization.

THE Black Spire Outpost (official name of the place) is a famous stop for dealers, adventurers and all kinds of smugglers in the galaxy. The kind of place where you would easily find Han Solo and Chewbacca, for example.

The planet is in the most distant part of the galaxy and has become a species and sanctuary for the most notorious (and colorful) characters in the franchise.

One of the characteristics of the planet is that it is punctuated by hundreds of peaks, which were once giant trees. These peaks will be in the decoration of the area, of course.

One of the main setting points of the place will be the Oga & #8217; s Cantina, a local pub. It will be the first Disneyland place to serve alcohol (this in California, of course).

In addition, the place is expected to have a host of other Star Wars-based drinks and foods.

The coolest thing, however, will be the Cantina's connection with the rest of the Star Wars area at Disney. Let's explain:

At one of the attractions (we will already talk about it), you can fly the Millennium Falcon. Depending on your performance, you will be treated better or worse in the Canteen.

For example, if you score high on the adventure, you will receive extra credits for the Canteen. If you damage the Millennium Falcon, you may even fall on a bounty hunter's list!

Another very cool setting is the present of the RX-24, a droid that has appeared in Star tours. If you don't know what that is, let's take a little history now:

In 1987, Disney opened an attraction called Star Tours in the Tomorrowland area. It was a kind of motion simulator.

The attraction ran until 2010, when it was replaced by its sequence: Star Tours & #8211; The Adventure Continues.

The RX-24 (or rather, Captain Rx-24) was one of the characters in the adventure. Now, he will be the DJ of Oga & #8217; s Cantina, bringing more immersion to those who have visited Disney before.

Also appearing in Disney's new Star Wars area will be protagonists Rey, Poe, Finn and Kylo Ren, from recent films in the franchise.

Actors Daisy Ridley, Oscar Isaac, John Boyega and Adam Driver will reprise their roles, but it remains to be seen in what capacity.

Main attractions

Well, let's talk about good things: what are the attractions of the Star Wars area at Disney?

Disney managed to overcome the configurations in this area and they will certainly please even those who are not from the Star Wars Franchise.

Let's get to know each one of them below!

Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run

One of the main attractions of the Star Wars area at Disney will be a replica of Millennium Falcon in real size. And you can pilot it, at least in a simulator.

The attraction will put the visitor in charge of Millennium Falcon to carry out a smuggling mission. The entire cockpit of the ship will be functional and each person will have an important role in the control of the simulation.

As we said before, your performance on the toy will have consequences for your visit. For example, you can earn more credits in the Canteen or be sought out by a dangerous bounty hunter.

In addition to the great adventure that awaits us disney released the video of the development of a friendly animatronic called Hondo and the level of realism presented is to leave the jaw dropping.

The character can be seen talking and gesturing, and if it weren't for the previous footage of the animatronic figure being assembled, it could easily be mistaken for a human being in makeup.

Hondo Ohnaka will probably be responsible for giving you his mission before embarking on the Millennium Falcon. Those on the tour will have many opportunities to interact with Falcon controls, according to executive creator Asa Kalama.

Hondo Ohnaka was a pirate featured in the animated series Star Wars: Rebels and Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Pirate Weequay was famous for kidnapping Count Dooku, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker. Below we put the video to give you an idea of the level of realism of the new animatronic.

Ahhh worth saying, that Hondo will not be the only one, rumors that we will see some animatronics with this same technology spread across Galaxy´s Edge.


Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance

The great gem of Star Wars Galaxy's Edge, however, should be Rise of Resistance. According to Disney, this will be its biggest and most immersive experience of all parks.

That's right: the LARGEST and most IMMERSIVE experience of all Disney parks. Can you imagine?

In it, visitors will assume the role of resistance recruits and will be captured by the First Order. The objective will be to flee the place, while an epic battle unfolds on the spot.

According to Disney, you'll be able to come face to face with the evil Kylo Ren (the great villain of the new franchise trilogy) during the attraction. Sensational, huh?

The Star Wars area at Disney will have an incredible experience

Jedi training

Have you ever dreamed of the chance to be a Jedi? You may not be able to achieve that goal, but your children can.

At the Jedi Training: Trials of the Temple, children can train the Force and even put their skills to the test.

They are monitored by Jedi Masters in a 20-minute activity (aimed at young children, toddlers and pre-teens).

At the moment, the activity is at Echo Lake, at Hollywood Studios, but is expected to switch to Star Wars Galaxy & #8217; s Edge.

Lanes and immersion

Back there we talked about how immersion will be a central part of the Star Wars area at Disney. In fact, there is even an “attraction” based on that.

We use "attraction", with quotation marks, because you can't really call it attraction. But it is, in a way, an "attraction". OK, let's go.

Visitors will be able to download an app on their cell phone and look for clues that are hidden throughout the Star Wars area at Disney.

These clues unlock exclusive content, which increases the immersion of Galaxy's Edge visitors. It is undoubtedly great fun between each attraction.

When will the Star Wars area at Disney be available?

Okay, after all of that, you're sure to be very excited to see the Star Wars area at Disney, right? But when will it debut?

As we said at the beginning of the post, the opening of the new land will be on May 31 at Disneyland gives California and on August 29 at Hollywood Studios in Walt Disney World, Orlando.

So, let's remember some of the information that we already passed today (there were so many):

  • Star Wars Galaxy & #8217; s Edge is the name of the Star Wars area at Disney;
  • there will be a Galaxy & #8217; s Edge at Hollywood Studios, Florida, and another at Disneyland, California;
  • all will have about 14 acres (more than 56 thousand square meters);
  • the focus of the Star Wars area at Disney will be storytelling and immersion;
  • Galaxy & #8217; s Edge will be the recreation of Black Spire Outpost, a village on the planet Batuu;
  • this planet was mentioned in the book Star Wars: Thrawn: Alliances;
  • Black Spire is an organization mentioned in the film Han Solo;
  • the place will have a canteen with drinks and food based on the franchise;
  • you will receive treatment according to your performance in the Millennium Falcon simulator;
  • if you do well in the simulator, you earn credits. If you do badly, you can be a hunter by a bounty hunter;
  • there is a whole mythology behind the decoration of the place;
  • there will be aliens, humans and droids in the place;
  • a full-size replica of the Millannium Falcon will be available on Galaxy & #8217; s Edge;
  • you will be able to interact with some Star Wars characters;
  • Star Wars Galaxy & #8217; s Edge will have the largest and most immersive experience of a Disney park;
  • this experience will be called Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance;
  • visitors will be captured by the First Order and will have to flee, meeting Kylo Ren halfway;
  • children will receive Jedi training;
  • there will be an app for a kind of track hunt in place.

Phew, how much, isn't it?

And when will all this be available? We will see!

California's Star Wars Galaxy's Edge is scheduled for debut in the summer 2019. That means something between June and August of that year. The Florida version won't be ready until fall 2019 (between September and November).

How about that, are you excited to visit this Star Wars land at Disney? Which of the Star Wars Galaxy's Edge attractions is your favorite? Comment below!

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