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Many people still have no idea, but there is a nightlife in Orlando far beyond what we are used to imagining.

The reason for this lack of knowledge is the fact that the Orlando parks end up overshadowing any other tourist spot or attraction for people who still dream of going there.

It turns out that you can find many options things to do in Orlando besides Disney and still have a lot of fun!

To show this new side of Florida to people who intend to visit the place, we decided to create a post entirely dedicated to nightlife in Orlando. Check out!

Nightlife in Orlando

As in any other big city, it is possible to find several options of what to do in nightlife in Orlando and extend your fun beyond the theme park gates.

Orlando Nightlife
Orlando Nightlife

The places of attractions found at this time of day are much more focused on adult entertainment, which can lead tourists to imagine that it is an impediment for those traveling with children.

But you don't have to worry about that, there are places that stay open later and that are made to receive tourists and everyone in your family, regardless of age!

Tips for enjoying the nightlife in Orlando

Know the nightlife in Orlando it can be a very nice experience for those who enjoy the hustle and bustle.

However, to participate in the ?attractions? on this other side of the magical city, you have to follow the rules to the letter, because the Americans can be very strict!

A point of attention is the schedules. That's because in the United States, bars and clubs stay open until two in the morning.

Therefore, if you are caught on the street after this time, you could be arrested for disturbing peace of mind.

Another very important piece of information to keep in mind when participating in the nightlife in Orlando, is the minimum age for drinking alcoholic beverages.

Here in Brazil, the minimum age to consume drinks with alcohol is 18 years old, but in Terra do Uncle Sam, you must be at least 21 years old, be aware!

It is necessary to be careful when consuming alcoholic beverages, as it is not allowed to drink in the streets, only inside the establishments.

If you follow all the rules and laws established in the place, you will definitely have a lot of fun in the nights of this wonderful city!

Remembering that these rules are for the entire American territory and not just for the city of Orlando.

And there? Want more tips on where to enjoy the nightlife in Orlando? Stay with us!


Walking through the main streets of the city you will find several options of ballads to enjoy your night.

Generally, these establishments are always full and, because of this, it is necessary to arrive early if you want to enjoy them during the night.

Orlando Nightlife
Orlando Nightlife

You will be able to choose among attractions of different styles, that is, regardless of your taste, it is possible to have fun and find ?your space? over there.

The place has from luxurious ballads, to the simplest ones, allowing you to decide whether or not you want to spend a lot when playing in the nightlife in Orlando.


It's practically impossible to count how many bars there are in the city that are open at night, welcoming locals and tourists alike.

That's because in virtually every street in the main center of Orlando, you can find a place to drink, eat and chat with friends.

With a milder climate? than the ballads, the bars that make up the nightlife in Orlando they also have options for all styles and tastes.

This type of environment is perfect for those who want to try different drinks, without giving up comfort and without spending a lot.

On weekends, these establishments function as a ?warm up? for the ballads, therefore, you will also find a lot of excitement in them!

A place right in the center of the most famous spots in Orlando where there are a number of very cool bars is citywalk which is next to Universal Studios and Island of Adventure parks.

Night tours

At nights in Orlando they also have really cool tours for those who don't want to spend their nights in a very crowded place or with the music so loud.


this is an upside down mansion on the city's main avenue? In Orlando there is!

The facade of the place is nothing more than a museum turned upside down and that draws more attention with the night lights of the city.

Inside the place you can find different attractions and fun games for all ages!

The Wheel Icon Orlando

We can already imagine that the nightlife in Orlando it's very beautiful. But have you ever thought about seeing all this from up there?

The The Wheel Icon, formerly known as the Orlando Eye, is a Ferris wheel located at Icon Park in International drive (a privileged location), where you can observe the whole city and its lights that adorn it when it gets dark.

The attraction is huge, therefore, it is quite high, but you can be sure that the view is breathtaking.

Sports matches

VAre you a sports fan and want to enjoy the nights in Orlando? So this is your moment!

Orlando Magic (basketball) and Orlando City (American football) matches always take place at night.

The games that take place there are very different from those we know here in Brazil, so you won't regret taking a day to visit these attractions.


When we travel, we don't want to sleep. So why not take advantage of the bustling nightlife in Orlando and do shopping?

The city has several malls that are open longer hours, allowing you to take advantage of the American nights to renew your wardrobe and guarantee the family's gift.

Many of these attractions are open during the day too, but we know that everything is more beautiful at night, so it's worth visiting them at this time!


Restaurants - Nightlife in Orlando
Restaurants – Nightlife in Orlando

Impossible to talk about nightlife in Orlando not to mention the wonderful restaurants in the city.

You will have several options of places to take your whole family to have an unforgettable dinner on vacation.

From typical food restaurants, to places where you can enjoy Brazilian food, Orlando is full of culinary variations for you to enjoy.

We can guarantee that it will be difficult to choose just one place to eat there!


Did you see how easy it is to find a place for you and your family to enjoy the nights in Orlando? After all, contrary to what most people think, the city does not only have Disney as an attraction.

If you have a trip scheduled there, count on the Travel Assistant and find out about many other tips to make your vacation even more perfect!

In addition, you can purchase your travel insurance directly on our website and thus enjoy this magical city even more, intended for people of all ages!

You know nightlife in Orlando? Tell us in the comments, we'd love to hear more about your experience!

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