Primeval Whirl: Rollercoaster of Dinosaurs

The Disney parks are full of roller coasters, some of the most fun and exciting in Orlando. An example of this is Primeval Whirl.

The roller coaster is on Dinoland, in Animal kingdom, and shows the quality and creativity of Disney when creating its attractions. Even a “simple” tour like this becomes an incredible experience because of the company's whimsy.

So if you had no plans to ride Primeval Whirl on your visit to Animal Kingdom, it's time to change your mind. So fasten your seat belts and come and meet this roller coaster!

What is the theme of Primeval Whirl?

Primeval Whirl
Primeval Whirl

One of the coolest things about Disney's roller coasters is the almost magical ability to create atmosphere and narrative at attractions.

When you sit in the roller coaster cars you’re not just there for the falls, loops or high speed inversions, but also for the history of each attraction.

This is the highlight of Primeval Whirl, an attraction that is more focused on children, but also pleases adults.

The idea of the game is as follows: you are entering a machine in time and are going to travel to the Cretaceous Period, when the extinction of the dinosaurs occurred.

However, something happens and you arrive exactly on the day that the meteor will hit Earth. You must then run to escape this disaster and return home safe and sound.

The narrative is all told by images and posters along the way of the roller coaster. As the attraction is focused on children, the visual elements are all cute and cartoonish.

For those who like the style, they will have a lot of fun, especially with the dinosaur that holds a sign saying "The end is near!".

One of the most interesting elements of the setting of this roller coaster is that the narrative is not only told with the images, but also with the route of the attraction.

As the situation gets "complicated" and you need to go back to escape the meteor, the roller coaster becomes faster, with more spins in the cart and other elements that increase the adrenaline.

So you can feel that the creation of Primeval Whirl is a Disney design class and shows how even a simple theme can become an incredible adventure.

And how is Primeval Whirl in terms of speed?


Look, to be honest, Primeval Whirl isn't Disney's fastest roller coaster. In fact, in terms of adrenaline and excitement, it must be one of the simplest rollercoasters in Orlando parks.

The route is relatively simple. It starts with an elevation and is basically the only one on the entire route.

Up there, the cart walks in a relatively long line seeing some of the history and watching the dinosaur drawings in the natural habitat.

Then there is the first fall, of only a few meters and with considerable speed. At that moment, the meteors arrive and there is a second fall, this one bigger and faster.

Then, the cart takes a turn and arrives at its highlight. One of the main elements of Primeval Whirl is that the car where people stay turns on its own axis.

Then, the car takes a path similar to what it does at the top, walking in a long line. The scene serves to show the meteors arriving and starting to hit the dinosaurs.

The cool thing is that the cart starts to rotate around its own axis at that time, which adds a little more emotion to the attraction.

Then, the moment of greatest emotion: a light fall with the cart rotating on its own axis, to symbolize time travel to the present.

Thus ends the journey of Primeval Whirl, a very interesting tour, especially for children.

Is Primeval Whirl worth planning?

So, we come to the golden question of the article: is it worth going to Primeval Whirl and putting the roller coaster in the planning of your day in Animal Kingdom?

Of course yes!

It is obvious that the roller coaster is not a Everest Expedition, Wanyama Safari or Flight of Passage Avatar, which are the most striking attractions in Animal Kingdom.

But even so, it is a very fun attraction, especially for those traveling to Disney with children.

We already saw the faces of the younger ones when they left Primeval Whirl and it's a really cool thing to see their fun.

After all, Primeval Whirl is like the first roller coaster for the youngest, especially since they can't go (or are afraid) of the Expedition Everest, Rock'n'Roller Coaster and more hectic.

Primeval Whirl
Primeval Whirl

In addition, Primeval Whirl is a must for anyone who is fascinated by roller coaster design, as it is practically a storytelling lesson on the trails.

The experience is so cool that going to Primeval Whirl helps you enjoy more of DIsney's other roller coasters. It is almost as if the other attractions are written in a specific language and you learn that language here.

So, when you go to the others, you enjoy it a lot more because you start to notice details of the roller coaster narrative that you didn't see before.

Therefore, our recommendation is that you do visit Primeval Whirl, especially if you are going to Disney with a child, such as a child, nephew or cousin.

If the younger ones are scared, this is a great attraction to take the fear off the roller coasters and make them more comfortable for the next ones. Just be careful: the children are able to force you to repeat the tour!

Technical information about the tour

  • Minimum height: 1.22 meters or more;
  • Suitable for: children, adults, adolescents and young people;
  • Contains: speed, turns and falls;
  • Worth the FastPass +: No. It's a fun attraction, but the queue is short and FastPass + is best used on other Animal Kingdom toys, like Expedition Everest or Flight of Passage.

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