WonderWorks: The Upside Down Orlando Home

Do you or your children like arcades and different things? Wonderworks can be an excellent option for your trip to Orlando!

Traveling to Orlando usually means going to Disney and Universal. We know that parks like Epcot, Magic kingdom, Hollywood Studios or Animal kingdom make up the most vacation in Orlando. But sometimes there is time for some attractions outside of these theme parks, like the Wonderworks (Orlando's famous upside-down house). Besides being a fun alternative, it is a great option for a quieter day among the rush of the parks.

Who drives by car on International Drive (Orlando's most famous road, where there are some outlets, McDonald & #8217; s and other things) soon notice a house built upside down.

She's WonderWorks, one of the coolest and fun places in Orlando. I love to visit there, especially if I'm accompanied by a child or teenager.

Want to know why? So keep reading!

Wonderworks Orlando Inside
Wonderworks Orlando Inside

What is WonderWorks?

WonderWorks is a difficult establishment to classify. It mixes museum with theme park within a closed space with a few dozen attractions of its own.

It is, in a way, a place that combines knowledge and fun and, because of that, makes a tremendous success with children of all ages (but especially those in their pre-teens).

One of its main features is that it appears to have been built upside down. In fact, the idea is that the place was built correctly, but something happened that left the house upside down.

According to the legend & #8221; of the place, WonderWorks was a study center in the Bermuda Triangle, but a hurricane passed and threw the place to Orlando.

WonderWorks Orlando
WonderWorks Orlando

But you don't have to be afraid of dizziness: just the outside and the WonderWorks desk keep this upside down. Once we have entered the interactive house, everything is & #8220; right way & #8221 ;.

What are the attractions of WonderWorks?

According to the official WonderWorks website, there are over 100 interactive attractions in place.

The interactive park is organized into 6 different theme zones:

  • Physical Challenge;
  • Space Discovery;
  • Natural Disasters;
  • Light & Sound;
  • Far Out Art Gallery;
  • Imagination Lab.

Each of these areas has interactive themed attractions. There are no organized lines for each attraction, so you kind of have to wait your turn.

There are some really cool attractions there. For example, one of them allows you to stay inside a soap bubble! Cool huh?

Plus, you can get into an attraction that simulates an earthquake or hurricane, as well as go on a Mars mission or even create (and ride) your own roller coaster.

In addition to the 100 attractions of WonderWorks main package, the place also has 4 extra toys for those interested.

WonderWorks Orlando
WonderWorks Orlando

Basically, these are attractions within WonderWorks that only those who pay an extra ticket can enjoy.

The first of these is a 4D simulator called WonderWorks Simulator Ride.

Participants enter a kind of & #8220; cinema & #8221; and wear a 3D glasses to watch a movie. Meanwhile, the chairs of the place move to keep up with the movements of the screen. It is an attraction slightly below similar ones in Orlando, such as Soarin & #8217; Around the World from Disney.

Another attraction is the Indoor Ropes Course. It is a attraction of relatively heavy physical exertion, but it is a big hit with children.

Participants are strapped to the ceiling with a belt and must pass a trail hanging from ropes.

The third extra attraction is the Outta Control Magic Comedy Dinner Show. This is a magic show mixed with a dinner. WonderWorks serves free pizza, salad and popcorn, as well as good quality wine. The food is very good and receives many compliments. Already the magic show divides opinions: for some, it's good. For others, already used to larger shows, it owes a little.

WonderWorks Orlando
WonderWorks Orlando

Finally, the latest attraction is the most popular as well: the Leisure-Tag. For those who don't know, laser tag is a kind of laser paintball instead of inks. People split into teams and enter a dark area wearing vests and laser guns. You must shoot your opponents' vests with the laser to get them out of the game.

How to visit?

Wonder Works ticket you can buy with discount using coupon: PDP on our partner site: Uncle Orlando Tickets.

If you need any support or would like any questions regarding your tickets, you may feel free to contact us here in the comments or on our social networks!

The basic ticket costs $ $33,99 (plus tax) for those over 13 and $ $24,99 (plus tax) for children ages 4 to 12. Children under 3 do not pay admission.

The entry ticket gives you access to all WonderWorks attractions, the 4D movie theater, the Laser Tag and the Ropes Course.

There is the option to purchase a ticket only for the Outta Control Magic Comedy Dinner Show. It costs $ $31.99 (plus tax) for children over 13 and $ $21.99 (plus tax) for children ages 4 to 12. Children under 3 do not pay.

WonderWorks Orlando
WonderWorks Orlando

VIP ticket costs $ $59.99 (plus tax) for children over 13 and $ $41.99 (plus tax) for children ages 4 to 12. It gives you access to all WonderWorks attractions.

Finally, there is the After Dark ticket, which only allows access to the park after 9 pm. It costs $ $20 (plus tax) for all ages and allows access to all attractions except the magic show.

Where to find?

As we mentioned before, WonderWorks is on 9067 International Drive.

It is open every day of the year from 9 am until midnight.

Guest parking is available, which costs $ $4 in the first two hours and an additional $ $2 per extra hour (peaking at $ $10).

The WonderWorks interactive home is one of the highlights of Orlando

As you can see, WonderWorks is a great entertainment option outside of Disney for your trip. If you go to Orlando with a preteen child, it's worth a day to take her to the place. 2-3 hours is enough to enjoy all the attractions (although queues are longer on weekends, holidays or rainy days).

Is it worth visiting Wonderworks?

Well, being very categorical.

If you are thinking of replacing a Orlando park by Wonderworks, it is definitely not worth it.

The only advantage for this would be the financial side, as an entrance to wonderworks is cheaper than a theme park.

However, it doesn't quite match what you find in the parks. It is certainly a fun place, but this exchange is not recommended.

Now, if you have free days on your trip and your kids or you like arcades and video games, then Wonderworks can be a good addition to your travel itinerary!

So, did you enjoy meeting WonderWorks? Tell us your opinion below!

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