18 Tips to Save Time and Money at Disney World

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Written By Carlos Braga

Today I will give you several tips in a very objective way so that you can save time and money during your trip to Walt Disney World.

With a little planning and creative thinking, you can make the most of your Disney experience without breaking the bank.

Here are what I consider to be the top tips and tricks for saving time and money at Disney World.


Buy your tickets in advance! I first recommend buying from a specialized agency such as PDP Trips (request your quote by clicking here).

Walt Disney World - Gateway to the Parks
Walt Disney World – Gateway to the Parks

In addition to guaranteeing the best prices, even cheaper than at the ticket office at the parks, they will book your Park Pass to guarantee your trip to the park.

It is possible to get good discounts on tickets purchased in advance, so be sure to take advantage of this promotion to save money.

Plus, you can save time by buying your tickets in advance and avoiding the long queues at the ticket booths.

Visit outside High Season

If possible, try to plan your visit during the low season.

Not only will you save money on hotels and prices of tickets, but will also face shorter queues and less crowds at attractions.

Use Genie+

Despite being a paid service, buying Genie+ will make the best use of your time inside the Disney parks because through it you can schedule the attractions' skip-the-lines.

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train - Seven Dwarfs Roller Coaster
Seven Dwarfs Mine Train – Seven Dwarfs Rollercoaster

It's not a simple system, in fact it's quite complex and we have a service where we make appointments for customers, learn more about this guidance service clicking here.

Take Your Snacks

Food and drinks can be quite expensive inside the park, so consider bringing your own snacks and drinks to save money.

Remembering that it is not possible to enter with glass packaging.

But snacks Ready-to-eat or packaged sandwiches are welcome!

Enjoy Free Activities

Disney offers a variety of free activities and events, such as nightly fireworks shows and parades.

Be sure to take advantage of these free activities to save money and make the most of your Disney experience.

Disney springs
Disney springs

We have a post entirely dedicated to these activities here on the blog: Free Disney Tours.

Stay at a Disney Resort

Although staying in a Disney resort may seem more expensive at first glance, it can save you money in the long run.

Lion King Area at Disney's Art of Animation - Disney Hotel
Lion King Area at Disney's Art of Animation – Disney Hotel

By staying at the property, you will have access to a variety of amenities, such as free transportation and early access to the park, which can save you time and money.

Use the Disney Transportation System

Disney offers a variety of transportation options such as buses, monorail and boats, to help you get around the resort quickly and easily.

Monorail at Contemporary Resort - Disney World
Monorail at Contemporary Resort – Disney World

Be sure to use these transportation options to save time and avoid parking fees.

Use the My Disney Experience App

Disney's My Disney Experience app lets you track your reservations for Genie+ and Lightning Lane attractions, make restaurant reservations and view ride wait times, all from your phone.

Be sure to download this app and use it to your advantage during your visit.

Take advantage of Single Rider Queues

If you're traveling with a small group or don't mind riding alone, consider using Single Rider Lines to save time and avoid long waits in regular lines.

Single Rider - Flight Of Passage - Pandora the World of Avatar
Single Rider – Flight Of Passage – Pandora the World of Avatar

Buy discounted Disney gift cards

If you plan to spend a lot of money inside the park, consider purchasing discounted Disney gift cards in advance.

You can often find discounted gift cards at retailers like Costco or Sam's Club, which can save you a significant amount of money in the long run.

Take Your Water Bottle To The Parks

You can save money and stay hydrated by bringing your own water bottle and refilling it throughout the day.

Disney hotel bottles
Disney hotel bottles

There are many water fountains dotted around the park where you can refill your bottle for free.

Take advantage of the Rider Switch program

If you are traveling with children small riders who cannot ride certain attractions, use the Rider Switch program to save time.

Dumbo the Flying Elephant
Dumbo the Flying Elephant

One adult can wait with the child while the other adult rides the ride and then switch places without having to wait in line again.

Avoid Souvenir Shops Close to Park Entrance

Souvenir shops near the park entrance tend to be more expensive.

Wait until the end of your visit to shop for souvenirs, or visit stores in other areas of the park that may have better prices.

Emporium Store at Magic Kingdom
Emporium Store at Magic Kingdom

Use the Mobile Order Feature

Disney's Mobile Order lets you order food in advance at select restaurants and skip the lines.

This can save you time and money, especially during peak hours.

Plan Your Route Strategically

Before starting your day at the park, plan your route strategically to avoid walking back and forth through the park.

This can save you time and energy, allowing you to see more attractions and take more tours.

Of course, if you don't know anything, I recommend that you hire an expert to assemble your travel itinerary.

Carlos and Nathan at the Magic Kingdom
Carlos and Nathan at the Magic Kingdom

Avoid Peak Hours

During peak hours, many restaurants in the park can be crowded and have long wait times.

Try to eat during off-peak hours to avoid the crowds. restaurants and save time.

Use Disney World's Free Wi-Fi

Disney World offers free Wi-Fi throughout the park, which can save you on data charges if you're using your phone for browsing or other purposes.

Use the Single Day Memory Maker option

If you want to buy photos from your trip, consider using the Single Day Memory Maker option instead of buying a full Memory Maker package.

This can save you money if you are only visiting the park for one day.

Carlos and Nath at Magic Kingdom in Rapunzel's area
Carlos and Nath at Magic Kingdom in Rapunzel's area

If you are going to visit the Disney parks for more than 1 day, I recommend buying the complete package.

By using these additional tips and hacks, you can further optimize your Disney World experience and make the most of your time and money.

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