+15 Free Activities at Disney World - Meet the Best

There are several free rides at Disney. After all, it is a huge complex with several entertainment options.

For example, theme parks, water parks, resorts and more. Therefore, this is one of the reasons for receiving about 52 million people a year.

The Disney World Resort of Orlando it opened in 1971. From then on, its audience and attractions only increased.

Undoubtedly, you can already see that there is no lack of entertainment alternatives. So, check here which tours to do and the best: totally free.

You can enjoy free rides at Disney

Many are surprised by this information.

But, yes, there are several interesting and free attractions for visitors.

In fact, the space of this complex occupies an area of 11,106 hectares, which includes:

  • 4 theme parks;
  • 2 water parks;
  • 27 themed resorts;
  • 2 spas;
  • Gym centers;
  • 5 golf courses;
  • Other places for shopping, leisure, sports and entertainment.

Who can take advantage

The free rides at disney They are ideal to be made with the family.

Well, kids are in love with their characters.

So everyone can enjoy this tour. However, the schedule should be different according to the age of your child.

Children under the age of three, for example, may be frightened by the crowd. As well, with all the lighting and sounds of the places.

So, if that's the case, it's better to make this trip in the low season. That is, in the months of May, September and October.

The little ones above this age group will enjoy the attractions, especially the toys.

However, the most extreme ones (roller coaster) are recommended for teenagers.

Free Disney Tours

As you've already noticed, the possibilities for fun are varied.

So get ready for a long stay, so you don't leave anything out.

In this way, check out the programs that can be done for free below:

  • Boardwalk;
  • HoDisney tels;
  • Fireworks;
  • Electrical Water Pageant;
  • Drawing classes;
  • Disney Springs;
  • Campfires;
  • Radiator Springs;
  • Animal Kingdom Lodge;
  • Disney's Skyliner;
  • Ride a monorail and / or boat;
  • Screening of films;
  • Celebration;
  • Disney resort events.

Disney springs

It is one of the most popular and complete tours.

Thus, the old Downtown Disney is a large center for entertainment and shopping. In addition, it is full of attractions, shops and great restaurants.

Disney springs
Disney springs

There are activities for all tastes and ages.

Admission is even free. This space is always bringing news to tourists. So it is worth checking out whenever you go to Orlando.

Disney Free Tour Attractions

There is no shortage of shopping options there. So one of the highlights is the Art of Disney.

Where you can find amazing works of art. On the other hand, it is impossible not to visit World of Disney. Undoubtedly the biggest of all in the entire complex.

At Arribas Bros, artists are sculpting crystal pieces. In the Candy Cauldron store, you can see how the love apples are decorated.

In fact, you can buy one right there or in the parks. 

If you want to record every moment of these free rides at disney, there are several places for photos. However, the best attraction there for children is the Lego store.

Your child can play with the pieces arranged there and create sculptures. 

At Once Upon a Toy there are also toys available for visitors.

Another very cool place there is also the store art of disney, a store full of collector's items, amazing for those who like it!


In addition, the Disney Springs setting features fun fountains that splash water from the ground.

At night, you will find talented artists performing live.

For example, some play saxophone, keyboard, and more. At Marketplace, there's even a stage installed for that purpose.

When that hunger hits, don't worry.

Well, there you can find a lot of variety in price and food. From the fancy ones like The Boathouse to the cheapest ones like Chicken Guy and Earl of sandwich

Free tours at Disney: Boardwalk

It is one of the lesser known places, but full of attractions. Thus, the Boardwalk is a 400-meter boardwalk with:

  • Restaurants;
  • Shops; 
  • And a bustling nightlife. 

Its location is close to Epcot. In addition, you can get there by taking a delicious boat trip.

What to do

The Boardwalk is surrounded by a lake. Due to this, the free translation of his name means “boardwalk on the shore”.

One of the first mandatory stops is the Bakery, where there are very tasty sweets. In fact, some are even unusual, such as Banana and Candied Bacon Pie. That is, a bacon and banana pie.

Flying Fish Boardwalk

ESPN Club is a bar / restaurant for sports fans. In this location, you will find several TV's around, even in the bathroom. 

Joe's Marvelous Margaritas offers the most diverse drinks of this drink.

In this way, the options range from the simplest to the most elaborate.

Who prefers seafood, the request is the Flying Fish Coffee.

But for lovers of Italian food, Trattoria al Forno is recommended, which serves:

  • Various types of cheese;
  • Pastas;
  • And pizzas.

Free Disney Tours: Boardwalk Entertainment

In Arcade, you will find arcades and other varieties of games.

On the other hand, the Atlantic Dance Hall is something of a club. Jellyrolls, on the other hand, is a very pleasant bar, with the right to duel between pianists.

The public participates by submitting the songs.

In fact, water and popcorn are free too. In general, on the streets of Boardwalk, there are street shows, especially comedy or juggling.

In addition, there are game kiosks and two-seater bike rentals.

Disney Hotels

In addition to being wonderful, all are available for visitation free of charge. Therefore, the areas released are:

  • Lobby;
  • Gardens;
  • Restaurants
  • And other facilities.

The spaces that cannot be frequented are swimming pools and gyms.

Therefore, the free rides at disney that stand out the most are the hotels:

The most special and charming time of year for these visits is at Christmas. Well, the decorations are stunning, with huge pines and merry-go-rounds. 

Hotels available to meet

Each has a different theme.

For example, some are more sophisticated, with a more Victorian feel. While there are others more rustic, in a farmhouse style.

Or even those with Disney or sports characters decoration.

At the hotel Art of Animation, there is almost a reenactment of certain company films, such as:

  • Nemo;
  • Little Mermaid;
  • Lion King;
  • Cars.

Toy Story fans, on the other hand, should visit All Star Movies. Since it is also part of free rides at Disney.

However, the coolest of all is the Animal Kingdom Lodge. Well, its theme is all focused on the African scene.

Art of Animation - Little Mermaid Carlos and Nath - Departed Disney Parks
Art of Animation - Little Mermaid Carlos and Nath - Partiu Disney Parks

This attraction offers a very close visit to the animals.

In addition, you are more informed about the culture of Africa through the instructors.

There are also musical performances in the lobby.

There are themed restaurants, with incredible meals, such as Sanaa. Without a doubt, it is the perfect setting for a family afternoon coffee.

At certain times of the year, some hotels have special decorations, including Halloween.

Disney's Grand Floridian, at Easter, displays decorative eggs. 

Free Walks at Disney: Fireworks Display

Many tourists, when going to Orlando, find that they have to pay for tickets to any attraction.

Fortunately, this is not the case and you can watch the fireworks without having to pay anything.

In the outer space of the parks themselves, it is possible to glimpse this moment. Even with a better view of who is inside.

For example, burning the Epcot can be seen on the Boardwalk. However, in a more limited way.

Other options are at the Beach Club and Yatch Club hotels.

So it's worth visiting them and then staying to check out the fireworks show. In fact, an important tip for this moment: take a towel to sit on the sand.

Enjoying Disney fireworks inside the parks can be more exciting.

But when you have free alternatives, you better take advantage. Therefore, it ends up being advantageous also for those who:

  • He is not going to visit the park, but he wants to see the fireworks show;
  • He went to the park, but could not stay until the end;
  • He wants to review the fireworks display, but he doesn't want to spend on tickets again;
  • He prefers to see outside, with less crowd.

Free tours at Disney: where to watch fireworks

There are other cool spots to watch. For example, from Hollywood Studios and Magic Kingdom. In the latter, it is possible to follow the fires from various places. 

The box office itself is one of them.

Also, to enjoy the Happily Ever After (fireworks show), there are other interesting points:

There are also incredible views from some resorts and they are completely free.

Therefore, all these places offer a unique chance to be enchanted by this spectacle.

After all, this is one of the free rides at disney more magical and awaited by visitors.

Electrical Water Pageant (Closed)

One of the lesser-known events is this lighted boat parade on the lake at Magic Kingdom.

In fact, it is possible to see it from several places, such as the following resorts and their respective hours:

  • Polynesian: 9:00 pm;
  • Wilderness Lodge: 9:30 pm;
  • Grand Floridian: 9:15 pm;
  • Contemporary: 10:10 pm;
  • Fort Wilderness: 9:45 pm;
  • Magic Kingdom: 10:35 pm.

Free Disney Tours: Bonfires at Disney

There are fire pits in several hotels there, not just the Fort Wilderness. So this is a very special moment in Disney programming.

Where you can roast marshmallows, tell stories and sing.

You can buy s'mores (chocolate-filled marshmallows) on site.

Or take yours. So, just arrive, choose your place and that's it.

Bonfire at Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge
Bonfire at Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge

So, check out where these bonfires are for you to enjoy:

  • Animal Kingdom Lodge;
  • Beach Club;
  • Caribbean Beach;
  • Boardwalk Inn;
  • Contemporary;
  • Grand Floridian;
  • Coronado Springs;
  • Old Key West;
  • Polynesian;
  • Saratoga Springs;
  • Port Orleans;
  • Wilderness Lodge;
  • yacht club.

One of the best free rides at Disney.

Well, they are very different from what Brazilians are used to.

On the other hand, there are no characters in these events, but still, it's worth it.

Radiator Springs at Art of Animation

It is one of the favorite attractions for visitors, not only for fans of the movie “Cars”.

Since it mixes running, adrenaline and competition. 

The setting perfectly mimics the Rocky Mountains in the film.

After a queue, you arrive at the carts to board. In fact, each of them can be occupied by up to six people.

Art of Animation - Nath Cars Session - Departed Disney Parks 2
Art of Animation - Nath Cars Session - Departed Disney Parks 2

And they are very faithful to the movie. Undoubtedly, those who are fans are very excited. 

Free tours at Disney: Radiator Springs Racers

At first, there is a slower and shorter route.

In fact, with the right to a soundtrack and a waterfall at the end. Of course, there is no shortage of references to “Cars”.

Even though it's almost a replica of Cars Land, the emotion is very real.

After all, all the characters in the film are there, interacting and introducing the city.

Disney's audio animatronics are among the most modern.

Well, move your eyes and mouths. In addition, most of the film's cast voices the toys.

So far, you can get an idea of why this is one of the best free rides at Disney.

The occupied area is about 26 thousand square meters. On the other hand, each vehicle travels 60 thousand kilometers per year.

In a second moment, the cars undergo a transformation.

For example, a new paint job or tire change. It's just a projection trick though, but it looks pretty real.

After that, comes the most awaited part by all: the start of the race.

Thus, two vehicles are side by side competing at 64 km/h. 

With the adrenaline and the emotion it seems to happen faster than that. Soon, everyone is screaming and hoping to be the champion.

Free Disney Rides: Animals at Animal Kingdom Lodge

Animal Kingdom Lodge is one of the hotels located in a wildlife area. Therefore, it occupies about 17.4 hectares at Walt Disney World. 

Its differential is the safari theme and the free presence of animals in the place.

In fact, there are approximately 200 types of animals and birds. 

What animals can be seen

One of the most outstanding and favorite of visitors are the giraffes. So, they measure up to 6 meters in height.

In addition, there are nine different species in the wilds of Africa.

Another large animal residing in the Animal Kingdom is the ankole-watusi cattle.

Therefore, he comes from a descendant race of cattle that lived on the Nile in 4000 BC.

They have immense horns, almost 2 meters long.

So, a curiosity is that they cool the body of these animals. That is, they act as an internal air conditioner.

Animal Kingdom Lodge Savanna
Animal Kingdom Lodge Savanna

Undoubtedly, this is one of the free rides at disney most successful.

The African red pigs are also there enjoying their mud puddles. Therefore, it is often difficult to see them.

In addition, this species are cousins of wild boar in Africa.

Okapis are related to giraffes, not zebras. Sure enough, this confusion is made because of their stripes.

Thus, they are found only in the Democratic Republic of Congo. As well, at Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge.

They have zebra stripes, a horse's body and a giraffe's head.

By the way, there are also two species of zebras grazing in the hotel's savannah.

Birds are present in this which is one of the best free rides at disney. For example, there are flamingos, which are close to water bodies. 

Griffon vultures, on the other hand, are one of nature's greatest caregivers. Well, it keeps it clean when it feeds on dead animals.

Monorail and / or boat

It is not only the tours that are free at Disney, transportation is also free.

In this way, tourists can move around the areas by monorail, boat or bus.

So anyone can use them, you don't have to be a guest at any Disney hotel. 

Monorail Gran Floridian
Monorail Grand Floridian

Boat trips are among the most enjoyable. In general, the route is between a hotel, park or the old Downtown Disney.

In fact, the ferry boat is one of the most beautiful. 

We already free rides at disney by monorail it is possible to see everything from above. Well, the tracks are suspended.

In fact, the best time for this journey is during the day, since there are fewer people. In addition, the view is more appreciated.

The route of this means of transport is from the Magic Kingdom to the hotels and vice versa. It also takes visitors to and from Epcot. Thus, the hotels that have a monorail are:

  • Contemporary;
  • Grand Floridian;
  • Polynesian;
  • Transportation and Ticket Center.

Disney free tour times and locations

Operation starts one hour before the parks open until one hour after they close. In general, the drivers themselves inform the last transport time.

For example, buses to Disney springs run daily until 2 am.

At Walt Disney World, there is no shortage of ways to get around.

Therefore, some routes are simpler for those who are not in any hotel. But, you want to visit some parks, so, know some options:

  • Magic Kingdom Park and Epcot: monorail;
  • Disney's Animal Kingdom Theme Park and theme parks: buses;
  • Magic kingdom and Disney's Hollywood Studios: bus;
  • Epcot and Hollywood Studios: boat.

Free Disney Tours: Disney's Skyliner

The Skyliner is the Disney cable car. It can even be used to travel from hotels or just for a walk.

In order to appreciate the grandeur of the place from above. Indeed, it has 300 gondolas in 8 different colors.


Some with prints of Disney characters, such as Mickey, Frozen, Star Wars and several others. 

Each gondola holds 10 people. In addition, it is accessible to visitors with disabilities and parents carrying strollers.

In fact, they don't stop for passengers to board, they just slow down.  

In the case of those who have mobility difficulties, there is a retreat and the individual boards with it parked.

On the other hand, there are some safety rules on the gondolas, such as:

  • Everyone should remain seated and not standing;
  • It is not allowed to lean on the doors;
  • Smoking is prohibited;
  • Children must be supervised by their parents at all times.

Free Disney Rides: Attractions

There are five stations in total, with Caribbean Beach being the main one.

Namely, all are themed, matching the place where they are. For example, in this one it looks like an old train station.

At Hollywood Studios, it has a more retro style.

While Epcot has a more French designer and Pop Century/Art of Animation is modern.

All routes are very fast. Check the distance and approximate time between them below:

Hollywood Studios to Caribbean Beach: 1.2 km - 4 min;
Caribbean to Riviera: 0.6 km - 2.5 min;
Riviera to Epcot: 1.6 km - 5 min;
Caribbean Beach to Art of Animation / Pop Century: 1 km - 3 min.

Disney Skyliner
Disney Skyliner

Free tours at Disney: bonfire of Tico and Teco

It is one of the most interesting attractions, because it has the participation of characters.

Soon, this event has a campfire for children to roast marshmallows. In addition, there is an exhibition of films in the open air.

All of this happens at the hotel Fort wilderness.

It is worth mentioning that you and your family do not need to be guests to participate. Without a doubt, it is one of the coolest programs, especially in the summer. 

How is Campfire

It is a very spacious place, in a forest surrounded by benches and tables.

Including a stage and a very large screen are located there. As well as the bonfires.

Free Disney tours: show

A singer performs on stage entertaining the audience. Soon after, about 10 minutes, Tico and Teco appear.

They dance and then go to the tables and interact with everyone. 


This is the third moment of the tour, hence the presence of the big screen.

Thus, each one can settle where they prefer: in the chairs or bleachers.

In rainy weather, the display takes place on the porch of the Meadow Trading Post.

When happens?

The attraction starts at 8pm during spring and 7pm in winter.

By the way, it is important to arrive 1h30 before. Well, the bonfire is lit from 18:30.

Free tours at Disney: showing films

In all hotels, there is an open-air cinema session. In this way, each day of the week is selected.

From there, the most classic or the most recent Disney productions are shown.

Drawing lessons

The Art of Animation Resort hotel offers free classes to learn how to draw your favorite characters.

In fact, they are very lively and fun.

In addition, you will understand how the details of the main characters are made.

Free Disney Tours: Disney Resort Events

One of the best attractions is participating in the programming at the resorts.

Even because each hotel has its own.

So, try to find out which event will take place in the one where you and your family are staying.

The “Movies Under the Stars”, without a doubt, is present in everyone. After all, it is quite successful, as it broadcasts Disney movies.

So, be ready for an outdoor movie night.

All resorts offer a specific area for this purpose.

In fact, with sun loungers and chairs for you to settle down at will. Anyway, it's a nice time to be enjoyed with family and without paying anything.

Free tours at Disney: Celebration

It is the famous city of Walt Disney. Thus, it is a quiet region that looks like a movie set.

There are several very beautiful houses, with tree-lined sidewalks and platforms among the marshes. You can even see alligators sunning themselves from there. 

9 thousand people inhabit this place and one of the residences belongs to Silvio Santos. On the other hand, in this city there are charming:

  • Restaurants;
  • Shops;
  • Sweets.

There are still quite interesting attractions such as walks on the lake shore. It is also possible to ride a carriage and on Sundays, fairs.

Extra tips: in addition to free Disney tours

There are other fun and cool experiences to do at Disney.

And best of all, it's completely free. Including food and drink.

So, check out some of them below so you don't miss any privileges.

Commemorative Buttons

These accessories were launched in 2009, for the campaign “What are you going to celebrate?”. However, due to the success, Disney kept them. The themes are several, see below:

  • Family meeting;
  • They lived happy ever after;
  • Birthday;
  • Engagement;
  • Wedding anniversary;
  • First visit to Disneyland.

What are worth for

Buttons are a way to show that you are celebrating something. In general, park employees keep an eye on who uses them. In order to greet them, especially the birthdays. 

It can happen to win even a cupcake with candle in restaurants. Therefore, it is advantageous to get one.

The free rides at Disney: where to pick up?

They are available in several places. However, it is more common to find them in the parks in the area called Guest Relations. But you can also find them in hotels and stores.

Free Wi-Fi

One of Disney World's best amenities.

Thus, the internet is available in hotels, parks, resorts, restaurants and much more. Incidentally, in most public areas also like:

Free tours at Disney: how it works

It is very simple and fast. Just connect to the Walt Disney World Resort network and that's it, you can enjoy it without a problem.

Free desserts on your birthday

When you're at a restaurant in the park or hotel, tell the waiter it's your birthday.

Well, the chance of you getting a dessert and a corner is great.

If you're a more subtle person, just wear a commemorative button

Free Disney tours: tickets for 3 year olds

In most parks there is a difference in the price of tickets. For example, adult values for children over 10 years are considered. On the other hand, between 3 and 9 years is another amount.

Elderly, disabled and students do not have different pricing. Babies up to 3 years old pay nothing in the following places:

  • Disney parks;
  • Sea World;
  • Busch Gardens;
  • Universal Studios;
  • Islands of Adventure.

Free Disney Rides: Water in the Parks

In the US, tap water is filtered and potable.

So, don't be surprised if an employee gives you a glass of water from there. In addition, it is free at all Walt Disney restaurants and eateries.

Just ask for “tap water”, “just water” or “ice water”.

Disney hotel bottles
Disney hotel bottles

For sure, in any of these ways you will get filtered and cold water.

In the parks there are also several drinking fountains scattered around. So just fill your own bottle.

Free tours at Disney: Fastpass +

It is a benefit that allows you to skip the line at any of the 4 theme parks. So, understand now how it works. 

3 appointments Fastpass + can be done for each day you go to parks. It is recommended to do this in advance and not on the spot itself. 

On the agreed date, at the time of booking, you can go straight through the normal queue. However, you should remain in a special only for people who have made appointments.

Use this feature on busier attractions. Or the one you can't miss at all. 

Free Disney Tours: Stickers

They are distributed in all parks by Cast Members. That is, by Disney employees. Soon, they are everywhere working in stores, hotels, restaurants and more.

Chocolate Ghirardelli

At Disney Springs, there is an incredible chocolate shop. And the best thing is that when you visit, even if you don't buy anything, you win. Well, they always give you a free sample of the delicious Ghirardelli.

It is located in front of the World of Disney store. In fact, there are several types of chocolate and also coffees. In addition, if you prefer to change the flavor of the toast, they do it without any problem.

Enjoy free Disney tours

The time has come to know all the magic and fun provided by this world of fairy tales.

So, be sure to follow all the programs mentioned throughout this post. Well, they are free and very interesting.

A trip to Disney is a guarantee of magical family days and moments. After all, it's like an entirely new world. Where all you have to do is enjoy each place, each food and each experience. 

It's a chance to rest, forget about problems and enjoy yourself a lot. So pack your bags and take this article as your travel guide for free rides at Disney.

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