The Art of Disney: A Collector's Paradise

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Written By Carlos Braga

Find out all about the store here The Art of Disney, which is like an art gallery that is located in Disney Springs in Orlando.

Without a doubt, anyone who is a fan and loves to collect items from Mickey Mouse and company will feel right at home. 

Check here what you will find there and if it is worth a visit.

Also, see essential tips for when you go to this area, which is a real shopping and leisure complex, check it out.

First of all, get to know the old Downtown Disney 

It is known that Walt Disney is an immense complex, made up of 4 theme parks, 2 water parks, as well as a sports park, dozens of resorts and the Disney springs, which was once called Downtown Disney (as it is still called in California), which houses the The Art of Disney.

It is a space for entertainment and leisure, almost a city it is so big. By the way, due to this, it is divided into 3 parts:

Of its many attractions, there are several restaurants, bars, pubs, environments full of fun options and of course, many stores, such as the The Art of Disney.

Pleasure Island, by the way, was popular for its nightclubs, which used to attract people from different regions of Florida.

However, in 2008, the Disney chose to close all of them in order to keep the place more familiar.

An ideal establishment for those who collect Disney items

When walking through the old Downtown, one store in particular stands out among the others, the The Art of Disney. 

There are several products with the famous and beloved Disney characters, including many of them collectible items to buy such as:

  • Ceramic doll;
  • Frames from the most classic animated films and in limited editions;
  • Miniature buildings;
  • Character sketches and more

The Disney Springs Marketplace

This area is a favorite with shoppers, and this part of the Disney complex certainly doesn't disappoint.

Therefore, it is the perfect place to find branded products.

You can see everything there and a little more: kitchen items, stuffed animals inspired by characters, costumes and clothes from Disney World.

In addition, there are toys at Once Upon a Toy and beautiful decorations from Christmas on the Days of Christmas. 

And of course, the biggest disney store in the WORLD, the World of disney!

The Disney Springs Store That Looks Like a Museum

To further enhance the location, there is the The Art of Disney, where it is possible to acquire and admire works of art.

In this store you can see various types of artistic objects, which is also very varied are the prices.

In fact, everything for sale is signed by professional painters and sculptors. 

Even if you leave there empty-handed, if you manage to resist, of course, it's worth taking a closer look, even if it's just for a walk, after all, the The Art of Disney It looks like a Disney museum.

Learn more about The Art of Disney

The space is very interesting and is a paradise for true fans of the Mickey Mouse and company. 

It's almost like a Disney museum, even more so because it has many different types of art for sale.

For example, paintings, models, sculptures and much more. By the way, all with reference to the animated characters.

Speaking of Mickey, there are many paintings of him and in various styles, some with a more surrealist profile.

On the other hand, there are also sculptures of Disney princesses

In short, the The Art of Disney in Orlando is a very nice experience that only a company like this can offer.

It is certainly the perfect place to enjoy an afternoon stroll, go shopping and take home unique pieces of your favorite characters as souvenirs. 

What to see at this store in Disney Springs

It is known that the store The Art of Disney it's like an art gallery, so be prepared to want to buy a little bit of everything. 

The most interesting thing is that the items are not produced on a large scale, that is, in general, they are unique works, without replicas.

So, expect to see many engravings, lithographs and beautiful sculptures inspired by Disney's most classic animations. 

The number of items does not disappoint either, since there is a lot of merchandise there, without a doubt, you will have a hard time choosing what to take among so many options. 

One suggestion is before going to the store, check out the website The Art of Disney.

That way, you have a better idea of what awaits you there and can choose more calmly what to take. 

Especially because there is no shortage of cool stores at the Disney Springs Marketplace, which is a shopper's paradise. 

opening hours

In general, the space is open from 10 am to 11:30 pm. So, you can make the most of your day there. 

Discover some of the most prominent items at The Art of Disney

There are products for all tastes and styles at The Art of Disney, therefore, check out some of the ones that most call the public's attention below. 

1 – Hand-drawn engravings

It is almost impossible not to find the drawings of the characters made in pencil or charcoal interesting. By the way, this engraving style is cool, because it reminds us of animations from before, which were created frame by frame.

2 – The sculptures

This is one of the product categories that also draws attention and is still well diversified. Well, you can find them in all sizes and types. Without a doubt, anyone who is a fan of the brand will want to take one of The Art of Disney to leave it on the shelf at home.

3 – Porcelain and crystal

As has been said, there is no shortage of options to fill the eyes of different types of people. 

In this type of art you can find dolls made of porcelain and crystal, including some by Romero Britto.

There are also those little dolls to put on top of wedding cakes. In addition, there are other decorations and much more. 

Product prices at The Art of Disney

The diversity of goods is great, the quality indisputable. So, what remains to be seen is what the prices are like, some not so affordable as I say.

In fact, liking art is an often expensive hobby.

Many of the artists who signed the works present at The art of disney they are not well known to the public or the media, but they had work to create them and then to execute them. 

That said, some merchandise is in the $80 to $150 range.

However, there are cheaper products, such as engravings, as well as smaller paintings.

So they come out to around 20 dollars.

Of course, there are also products well above all these values.

Anyway, buying or not, check out the place, it's nice to at least admire the work of the artists and the creativity of each one.

Tips for getting the most out of The Art of Disney

Disney Springs is almost a world it's so big. So, before going there and checking out the The Art of Disney, It is important to see the following tips. 

First, set aside a free afternoon and evening for your visit. That way, you can see everything calmly and without rushing.

After all, it's not every day you go to Disney, you have to make the most of every experience. 

Second and most important, including: wear comfortable shoes.

Even though it's not a park, it's a pretty big area and you'll be walking a lot, so don't forget this golden tip.

Another suggestion is: prepare your pockets, because it is impossible to leave The Art of Disney empty-handed. Especially if you're a big fan and have a lot of favorite characters. 

Tips for if you hit that hunger while shopping

The most interesting restaurants to go there with children are T-Rex and rainforest. However, if you are alone or as a couple, there are other options such as Morimoto, with Japanese cuisine and Boathouse, which serves seafood and has an incredible view of the lake.

Finally, go with a ready-made itinerary, highlighting the stores you are most interested in visiting. That way, you optimize your precious time at Disney. 

Is it worth visiting The Art of Disney?

The store is beautiful and full of collector's items, in other words, perfect for a die-hard fan of the Disney.

So when you're in Walt Disney World in Orlando be sure to take a closer look in order to draw your own conclusions. 

It is located at Disney Springs Marketplace. Thus, it functions as a store and art gallery, since most of the products for sale are ceramics, paintings, dolls, character sketches and much more. 

How are the values of the merchandise in this store?

Prices vary greatly, there are more affordable items and others with a slightly higher value. So, it will depend a lot on what will catch your attention the most. 

In a nutshell, the The Art of Disney it is one of the most interesting places within the complex to visit.

Set aside a day to make your visit, you will undoubtedly enjoy strolling around the place, shopping, eating at a nice restaurant and slowing down the hectic pace of the city's parks. Disney

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