Which Disney Princesses you can Find in the Parks

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Meeting the Disney princesses it is one of the great experiences for children in the parks. In fact, it is the dream of many children. to know the stars of Frozen, Brave, Tangled or Aladdin.

Being able to do this while eating or strolling around the region makes it even more natural. So, check out below a little about each princess and the places where you can find them.

Disney princesses you can find

Little ones will undoubtedly love meeting these princesses during their visit to Disney. In this way, they can be seen in several of the parks in Orlando.

These, for example, are some of the princesses you can meet along the tour:

Princess Anna - Character for photo at Epcot
Princess Anna – Character for a photo at Epcot

Princess Anna: one of the Disney princesses from the kingdom of Arendelle

This is one of Disney princesses which appears in the animation Frozen, released in 2013. She was created by Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck for the production.

Its characteristics are based on Gerda, coming from a Danish fairy tale created by Hans Christian Andersen.

Furthermore, she is the younger sister of Elsa, another princess from the fictional kingdom of Arendelle.

where to find her

Anna can be found at Fairytale Hall, located in the Fantasyland from Magic Kingdom. At first, the lines are very long, which makes the meeting very disputed.

The ideal thing to do is to plan well to arrive early and avoid major problems.

Princess Elsa

Elsa is one of the Disney princesses which comes from the Frozen animation. Now it is the rightful heir to the kingdom of Arendelle, known as the Snow Queen.

Much of this is due to his powers, which manipulate snow and also ice.

Royal Sommerhus Anna Elsa
Royal Sommerhus Anna Elsa

Finally, her success was so great that she was considered the most influential fictional character in the world in 2014 by Time.

where to find her

Elsa, like Anna, can be found on the Magic Kingdom. So the strategy is the same: make your plans well in advance so you can see her.

Another option, in addition, is to use Disney FastPass+ to ?skip the line?. This way, you will have priority and will save time during your visit to the park.

Princess Ariel: the only Disney princess with an underwater kingdom

The protagonist of ?The Little Mermaid? is also present in Orlando's parks. That way, kids will love meeting King Triton's youngest daughter.

A difference is that this is one of the Disney princesses with more than one way. That is, visitors can see her in human or mermaid form.

Ariel - Little Mermaid at Magic Kingdom
Ariel – Little Mermaid at Magic Kingdom

where to find her

In general, you can find Princess Ariel in two of the Disney parks:

  • Magic Kingdom;
  • And, in addition, the Epcot park .

Ariel's Grotto – Fantasyland, Magic Kingdom

This place, which is located in the Fantasyland area, is the most classic place to see it. Not only that, but here she is in her mermaid form.

Cinderella's Royal Table – Fantasyland, Magic Kingdom

Also located in Fantasyland, here you can find Ariel and others Disney princesses. Also, you can buy a good meal inside Cinderella's castle to enjoy.

Akershus Royal Banquet Hall – Epcot

Epcot's Norway pavilion also features the princesses at mealtimes. However, you can check the Disney app to find out which princess you will find.

Princess Aurora: the third in the Disney Princess franchise

In historical terms, Aurora was the third of the Disney princesses to debut.

At first, its story became animation in 1959 with inspirations in a French one, from 1634.

Anyone who likes Sleeping Beauty will definitely want to meet the character. In this way, she appears at various parks, always wide awake to meet her fans.

where to find her

To find this princess, just go to one of the two parks below:

  • Magic Kingdom (Cinderella's Royal Table);
  • Epcot (French or Norway Pavilion).

Cinderella's Royal Table

This environment is not just restricted to meetings with Ariel. That is, you can also see Princess Aurora in this establishment and take some pictures.

Cinderella Royal Table
Cinderella Royal Table

The positive point here is that they and the other characters pass through the tables. Therefore, all visitors have a chance to interact with them.

France pavilion

This pavilion, located in the World showcase of Epcot, has a small, well-organized building. That way, you can go there to find and interact with her.

norway pavilion

The restaurant in which Ariel appears (Akershus) also has other Disney princesses. So, when you go to have your meal on site, you can meet Aurora.

Princess Belle

The protagonist of the 1991 animation can also be seen by Orlando parks.

By the way, Belle is the 5th princess, with a story also based on a French tale.

Enchated Tales with Belle - Interactive Attraction at Magic Kingdom
Enchated Tales with Belle – Interactive Attraction at Magic Kingdom

With intelligence being her strong point, she has won many fans around the world. Thus, the lovers of ?Beauty and the Beast? won't resist interacting upon seeing her.

where to find her

Generally speaking, she can be seen in three locations, one being in the Magic Kingdom.

Finally, the other two are at Epcot and she's in different clothes.

Enchanted Tales with Belle (Magic Kingdom)

Located in Fantasyland, what happens here is a show for the visitor to attend. However, you can take pictures with her wearing her yellow ball gown and win a bookmark of the character.

France Pavilion (Epcot)

In addition to Aurora, Bela can also be seen in this pavilion overlooking the lake. Now, she appears wearing her peasant outfit, colored blue.

Norway Pavilion (Akershus Restaurant at Epcot)

The same restaurant, but with the difference of being the official hostess of the place. In the same way, she appears wearing the ball gown, which is yellow in color. However, she wears a red dress at Christmas time.

Snow White: the first of Disney's princesses to emerge

the first of Disney princesses, protagonist of Walt's first film, released in 1937.

So, it's obvious that Snow White would be in Orlando parks, making a presence.

The sweet and smooth way of the character in the animation helped to conquer countless fans. In addition, she has always appeared in animations besides the classic ?Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs?.

where to find her

In total, visitors can see Snow White in four places, namely:

Germany Pavilion (Epcot)

It is not difficult to find her in this pavilion, as it is in an easy to see location. As a reference, the place is close to the store that sells caramels.

Akershus Royal Banquet Hall (Epcot)

She is one of the Disney princesses which is present at the Akershus restaurant. So, don't forget to interact and even ask for some autographs or photos.

Akershus Royal Banquet Hall - Found Princesses
Akershus Royal Banquet Hall – Found Princesses

Town Square (Magic Kingdom)

At Magic Kingdom, she can be seen at City Hall or near the Town Square Theater. As for the times, try in the morning or early afternoon.

Cinderella's Royal Table (Magic Kingdom)

Cinderella's castle restaurant is another place she often appears. So, if you are in the Fantasyland area, be sure to stop by.


This one, as well as the previous one, could not be missed, since it is the second one. After all, she is the second of the Disney princesses, this being from the 1950's animation.

In addition to the original story, Cinderella still has two more direct sequels to the first film. As well as a live-action, shown in 2015 with real actors and the protagonist played by Lily James.

Cinderella - Character in Disney Parks
Cinderella – Character in Disney Parks

where to find her

In general, there are three locations where this character can be seen, namely:

  • Magic Kingdom (Princess Fairytale Hall and Cinderella's Royal Table);
  • Epcot (Akershus Royal Banquet Hall).

Princess Fairytale Hall

In this location in Fantasyland, it is possible to find not only Cinderella, but also Rapunzel throughout the rooms.

Cinderella's Royal Table

This restaurant, also inside Fantasyland, has the character as its official hostess. Therefore, when purchasing a meal, the customer gains the chance to take pictures with it.

Akershus Royal Banquet Hall

The restaurant where the princesses appear also has Cinderella passing through the tables. So tourists can ask for autographs and take pictures with the girl.

1900 Park Fare

Another place you can find it is beyond parks. In this sense, she is present at the dinner hour of the Grand floridian, one of several Disney hotels.

Merida, the 11th of the Disney Princesses

From the second to the 11th, she is the protagonist of the movie Valente, released in 2012. Above all, with her strength, she continues to inspire children to this day.

The indomitable princess is a strong presence in Disney games, movies and parks.

For example, she often appears on the attraction ?Disney on Ice? with Belle, Ariel and Rapunzel.

where to find her

following by Tomorrowland from the Magic Kingdom, you come across the Fairytale Garden, where Merida is. At first, this is the only place where it is found today.

In fact, it's a location very close to Cinderella's Castle. So, with a good plan, you can meet them and several others in the same day.

Princess Rapunzel

Rapunzel's beautiful long blonde hair deserves attention and attention from visitors. After all, her powers have been enchanting children since her appearance in the 2010 movie Tangled.

For starters, the story of this character is inspired by the Italian tale of the same name. Now, in personality, she differs from the others, being quite adventurous, smart and playful.

where to find her

Rapunzel, like Cinderella, can be seen in the Magic Kingdom, in the Fantasyland area. From there, visitors find her at Princess Fairytale Hall.

As for the timetable, it has been there since the park opened. So, you don't have to worry about that aspect.

Princess Tiana

The protagonist of the animation ?The Princess and the Frog?, from 2009, also appears in the park.

In this way, tourists can get to know the ninth of the Disney princesses no big problems.

One of the producers considers her one of the strongest among the characters in the franchise. After all, she doesn't wait for some kind of miracle to happen in her life.

where to find her

Disney's first black princess can be seen in the Liberty Square area (Magic Kingdom). In addition, it is possible to interact with her in periods alone or with Prince Naveen.

For the first option, it is located at Liberty Square Glade in the morning. Now, accompanied, she appears in the same place, in the afternoon.

Princess Jasmine

Jasmine's first appearance was in the 1992 Disney animation Aladdin. In addition, she was also part of the sequels and the animated TV series.

Princess Jasmine at Walt Disney World
Princess Jasmine at Walt Disney World

Another film in which she was present was in the live action of the year 2019. Despite some contrary opinions, her free personality is a great inspiration for children.

where to find it

This princess can be seen in any of the following locations:

  • Morocco Pavilion (Epcot);
  • Akershus Royal Banquet Hall (Epcot);
  • Adventureland (Magic Kingdom);
  • Cinderella's Royal Table (Magic Kingdom).

Morocco Pavilion (Epcot)

In this place, the character stays next to Aladdin in a themed room every day.

Akershus Royal Banquet Hall (Epcot)

In her most classic look, Jasmine appears in this restaurant along with other Disney princesses.

Adventureland (Magic Kingdom)

This area of the Magic Kingdom has a magic carpet attraction related to the Aladdin universe. Therefore, you can find her near this place, also next to the protagonist of the story.

With luck, you can still see other characters like the Genie or the monkey Abu.

Cinderella's Royal Table (Magic Kingdom)

Inside Fantasyland, Jasmine is also present with the other characters. Likewise, she wanders around the tables to interact with everyone.

Fa Mulan: The first of Disney's princesses with an oriental look

Fa Mulan first appeared in the movie ?Mulan?, which was released in 1998. In addition, she also appears in the sequel, which first aired in 2004.

This princess is inspired by a legend called Hua Mulan, which came from a Chinese poem. Finally, among Disney princesses, it is considered the eighth in the franchise.

where to find her

Epcot is the only Orlando park where visitors can experience it. However, it shows up in at least two places for everyone to interact, namely:

China Pavilion (World Showcase)

Even though it is always in that location, it is not in the same exact place.

Mulan at the China Pavilion at Epcot – Princesses at Walt Disney World Parks

That is, Mulan can be either at the front of the pavilion or at the back of the temple.

Akershus Royal Banquet Hall (Norway Pavilion – World Showcase)

In this restaurant, she also with the other Disney princesses, but not every day. So, to be sure, check the official app when making your reservation.

Pocahontas: The First American Among Disney Princesses

This, finally, is considered an official princess for being the daughter of a native-indigenous chief. Above all, its history is based on the Matoaka Indian, popularly known by the same name.

His appearance takes place as the protagonist in both films, released in 1995 and 1998. In addition, the style of his animations is different from that of the other characters.

where to find her

Animal Kingdom is the park where you can find this princess, in Discovery island. Therefore, if you want to see her, she is in this same place every day.


The problem, however, is that it's not a very obvious location like the others. So, look at the map carefully to find the right spot and interact with it.

Disney Princess Experiences and Attractions

Meetings and meals are not the only ways to get to know the Disney princesses. For example, tourists can go to attractions, stores and events where they are present.

Cinderella, Belle, Ariel, Anna and Elsa have their own kingdoms to visit and have fun. Not only that, but there are other experiences like:

Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique

Your daughter can feel like a real princess in this beauty salon. So, those between 3 and 12 years old will love this enchanted transformation.

Disney princess themed rooms

Through Disney it is possible to see these themed rooms, with gifts and many celebrations.

Disney Princess Shops

The stores in the region are full of products that make reference to the princesses, as well as:

  • toys and souvenirs;
  • Clothing and stuffed animals.

PhotoPass® – Memory Maker

Disney photographers are always on hand to take unforgettable photos of your ride. Then you can get the records you want in print or digital form.

If you choose the second option, you will be able to view the photographs in the My Disney Experience app.

To have access to the photos without the watermark, you can subscribe to the Memory maker.

In this way, the meeting with the princesses can be a memory to keep at home or on your cell phone.

Which Disney Princesses to Meet During Your Visit

Throughout the article, you've seen a little bit about each of the princesses and where to find them. However, exactly which ones to know is something that depends only on your will.

The path for some characters is more difficult than for others, don't forget that. However, there are several ways to bypass the queues, such as Genie+ and Lightning Lane and good planning.

On the other hand, it is possible to see more than one princess in the same place. As well as nearby locations, which reduces the need to travel long distances.

So the final tip is to plan well to do everything you and your kids want on the tour.

We hope again that this post has helped you in your research for your trip to Disney or Orlando.

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