China Pavilion at Epcot in Orlando

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visit the China pavilion, at the Epcot, is a unique experience. You can get in touch with the Chinese essence without leaving the park. So, get to know everything that is possible to do in this place.

What is the China Pavilion

One of the most famous Disney parks in Orlando is Epcot.

Within it, there are 11 different spaces for visitors to discover and one of them is the pavilion of china.

The Chinese part has been in the park since its opening. In addition, it always attracts many visitors who want to know a little about the country without having to travel that far.

The entire pavilion was designed to bring China into Epcot.

That is, there are several products, attractions and foods inspired by the country. So you can find:

  • Buddha Sculptures;
  • Chinese foods;
  • Temple of Heaven;
  • Typical Chinese architecture.

It is Epcot's third pavilion clockwise. To go through it, you have to go through the Mexico and Norway.

Afterwards, just have fun and enjoy the attractions.

Features of the China Pavilion

Each country has its own attractions linked to the local culture. So of course the best displays were made to connect the visitor to China.


So, inside the pavilion, there are several attractions nowadays.

Reflections of China

The main attraction of the place is a 14-minute film about the country. Also, it is displayed all the time. That is, you can arrive and watch at any time.

Worth seeing if it's your first time at the pavilion of china.

After all, it shows what the country is like, its culture, places and landscapes. By the way, it is a 360º video, leaving the visitor even more immersed.

The display shows several different locations. So, when entering the place of attraction, you can see landscapes of China, such as:

  • Huangpu River;
  • Huangshan Mountains;
  • Nanjing Street;
  • Sea of Clouds.

It's not just the beautiful Chinese landscape that is present. In addition, it is possible to see some Tai Chi, a type of martial art with benefits for the body. 

Reflections of China is an incredible experience.

In the end, you feel like you've just visited the country.

House of the Whispering Willows

Visiting China to experience Shanghai Disneyland, another theme park, can be difficult. But, there is the House of the Whispering Willows.

In it, the visitor has a little contact with Disney in Shanghai.

This attraction is a gallery located in the China pavilion. Some of the works present show a little of the attractions of Shanghai. In addition, others reveal how Chinese elements were placed in the park.

Imagineers (who build Disney parks) visited China to make Shanghai Disneyland. This was important for them to be inspired and make the best experience possible. So, some of that experience can be found in the attraction.

Kidcot Fun Stops

This attraction was designed for children. After all, many times Epcot may not be so cool and fun for them. Therefore, Kidcot Fun Stops seeks to attract the attention of this public.

All pavilions have this attraction, but each one is based on its country. The Chinese is near the exit of Reflections of China. 

Children can color drawings and receive stickers linked to the country of the pavilion.

In addition, they can also collect cards for free.

Jeweled Dragon Acrobats

The China pavilion there is also a group of acrobats who perform. The attraction can happen at any time of the day and lasts 20 minutes. 

The presentation takes place in the middle of the pavilion.

That is, it may happen that you are passing by the place and then the show starts.

China Pavilion at Epcot in Orlando
China Pavilion at Epcot in Orlando

The professionals are extremely skilled and show incredible talents.

All acrobats work in perfect harmony and synchrony. Even more, it catches the attention of both children and adults.

It's worth waiting to see them if it's your first time at the pavilion. So, don't forget to look for the Jeweled Dragon Acrobats before you leave.

Wondrous China

This attraction has not yet reached the pavilion. It was supposed to open in early 2020, but had to be postponed due to Covid-19.

It can be compared with Reflections of China. Both are 14-minute 360-degree views that show a bit of China. However, this one reveals a more modern country, while the other focuses on ancient times.

The footage is in Circle-Vision 360° format. That is, there are nine screens in a circle in the place and the visitor sees the whole environment. So, the feeling is that you are in China for real.

It debuts in December 2021.

So, don't forget to put it on the list of attractions to visit at Epcot.

temple of heaven

Disney has thought of everything to make visitors feel like they are in the countries of World showcase. So, just as in the French pavilion there is a reproduction of the Eiffel Tower, the Chinese also has a replica from China. However, from the Temple of Heaven.

He's not really an attraction. In fact, this is where Reflections of China plays.

In addition, it will also be the location of Wondrous China.

The Temple of Heaven is located in Beijing and is one of the greatest examples of Chinese architecture. Even more, at Disney, there is a small museum with ancient artifacts from the country.

He is the center of the pavilion, the first structure that appears as you approach.


It's an incredible cultural experience, so be sure to drop by to see more. Sometimes, Jeweled Dragon Acrobats perform there.

Characters in the China Pavilion

One of the most anticipated situations at Disney is meeting characters. Thus, many already go to the parks and research where to find their favorites.

There are two ways to know where and when to find characters.

The first is in the Times Guide, a leaflet with the schedules of everything that happens in the place. Plus, you can also check it out through the My Disney Experience app.

Character schedules often change. Therefore, there is no way to say the exact time to find them. But, find out who you can meet in the Chinese pavilion.

Meet Mulan at the China Pavilion

there are many princesses that stay at the World Showcase. However, the only one that appears in the China pavilion it's Mulan. After all, it is the only film that takes place in the Asian country.

Many people love Mulan for her strong personality.

Also, she is a warrior who saves an entire country. So, it is clear that she is the favorite of many children and even adults.

You can often find her around the pavilion because she appears quite often. You can also take pictures and get autographs. What's more, sometimes you can chat for a while if there's no queue.


Mushu is one of Disney's greatest characters. He is a very present figure in the film Mulan and it becomes iconic.

He is a dragon that helps the main character in her adventure. Therefore, you can find him with Mulan in the Chinese pavilion.

Turns out he doesn't show up that often.

That is, it is much easier to find the main character alone.

Is it possible to find Ping in the China Pavilion?

In the film, Mulan dresses as a man so her father won't go to war. Thus, it is called by a male name, Ping.

It is sometimes possible to find the character in men's clothing in the park. However, it is something very rare that does not happen often. So, it's really hard to get a picture of Mulan dressed like that.

Cuisine at the China Pavilion

Food is important to learn more about the culture of a country. Thus, restaurants were placed in the pavilion with the cooking typical chinese. In this way, visitors get even closer to the essence of China.

There are three different places for you to enjoy meals. So, get to know a little about each of them.

1 – Nine Dragons Restaurant

this is the biggest restaurant among those available in the pavilion. Its architecture and decoration bring many Chinese elements. For example, traditional lamps, glass pieces and carved wood.

The restaurant opens for lunch or dinner. However, the menu is almost the same at these two times. In addition, when sitting at a table near the window, it is possible to have a view of the World Showcase lake.

Food is the specialty of some places in China. So, you can try dishes with:

  • Chicken with sesame and honey;
  • Spicy shrimp;
  • Fried rice;
  • Iced tea or fruit slushie.

There is a little more noise in the place. After all, it is one of the most famous restaurants in the world. China pavilion. Also, its price is cheaper compared to other places in Epcot.

2 – Lotus Blossom Café

Unlike the previous one, this restaurant is quick service. That is, fast service, where you can pick up the food and walk through the park. To understand better, it's like a fast food.

It is also open for both lunch and dinner. By the way, the price of food is a little lower. Thus, it is a good option for those who do not want to spend so much in the park.

You can even find the dishes in Chinese restaurants in Brazil. For example, some of the food served in the Lotus Blossom Coffee are:

  • Spring roll and gyoza;
  • Chicken In Orange Sauce;
  • Fried rice with chicken;
  • plum wine;
  • Ginger ice cream.

As it is not one of Disney's most famous locations, it is not usually full. But, it can happen to have more customers on holidays or in high season. In the end, it can be a nice place to sit and eat calmly.

China Pavilion at Epcot in Orlando
China Pavilion at Epcot in Orlando

3 – Joy of Tea

China is well known for its teas. They are common drinks that appear in many movies or series. Also, they are great for health.

To bring even more the essence of the country, of course there had to be teas. So there is a kiosk in the China pavilion called Joy of Tea. 

The only snack they sell are pork spring rolls. The rest of the menu is all drinks. So you can order:

  • Hibiscus and honey iced tea;
  • Bubble tea with milk;
  • Jasmine or oolong tea, traditional in China;
  • Dragon Blossom or a Tsingtao beer;
  • Kung Fu Punch.

Remember: some of the drinks use alcohol, like the Dragon Blossom. So be careful if you have children. But, it's worth trying for those who are already of age.

Book your table at the China Pavilion in advance

Plan your trip before arriving at the Disney parks. Then, make your reservations at the restaurants. Otherwise, chances are you'll arrive at the venue and there won't be tables available.

There are three different ways to book. The Disney website and the My Disney Experience app are faster. However, there is also the call center, over the phone. 

The center is more recommended for those who cannot do it through the website or application. Or, even, for those who are going to celebrate and want to make a reservation. Don't worry, there's a way to get help at Portuguese.

The only restaurant that needs a reservation in the pavilion is Nine Dragons. But for all three it's important to have valid admission and make a reservation for Epcot. In addition, Disney also points out that booking restaurants does not give access to the parks.

Shops in the China Pavilion

The souvenir shops in the Chinese pavilion are the most unique in the whole place. They are inspired by Chinese products and, therefore, the style is different from what is in the West.

There are only two places to buy gifts or souvenirs. So, get to know the two stores in the China pavilion.

1 – House of Good Fortune

This shop is next to the Lotus Blossom Café. In addition, its decoration and structure are inspired by ancient Chinese buildings.

There are from stationery materials to hoodies and t-shirts. Everything that can remind the essence of China. Even more, most of the objects have a cuter design, like for example:

  • stuffed animals;
  • panda stickers;
  • unicorn bracelets;
  • Animal notebooks.

The panda is very present in the objects. After all, it is one of the best known animals when talking about China.

The store is so big that they don't just sell small items to take home. You can also find Chinese food and drinks. Like snacks, soft drinks or flavored water.

The coolest thing is that all these foods come in packages with the Chinese alphabet. Even when they are from brands that exist in the west.

2 – Good Fortune Gifts

Despite the similar name, some objects in Good Fortune Gifts are different. In addition, this store is great for those who want to take souvenirs to friends and family.

The environment is smaller and some products are outside the store. Here you can find smaller objects, such as:

  • Umbrella;
  • Conical hats, the traditional ones from Asia;
  • stuffed animals;
  • Statuettes, including Buddha;
  • puppets.

Several products also have pandas: stuffed animals, umbrellas or T-shirts. Furthermore, there are many keychains to take home as a souvenir.

The store also has classic Disney characters in Chinese costumes. So, you can find plushies of Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Daisy with traditional clothes.

Celebrate Chinese New Year at the China Pavilion

The best known commemorative date in China is the Chinese New Year. Therefore, many visitors like to walk around the pavilion, even without big parties.

Since the Chinese use the lunar calendar, the date of the Chinese New Year changes every time. That is, it is based on the cycles of the moon, which do not happen on the same days. For example, in 2021 it fell on the 12th of February, while in 2020 it fell on the 25th of January.

Even without special performances, the place fills up. In addition, products related to the new year are sold.

There is an animal for each year according to the Chinese calendar. In 2021, for example, is the year of the Metal Bull. Thus, Disney prepares several objects that can be purchased at China pavilion.

It's not just Epcot that gets more visitors during Chinese New Year. In addition, the parks in California, Shanghai and Hong Kong also have a party.

China Pavilion at Epcot in Orlando
China Pavilion at Epcot in Orlando

Take photos at the China Pavilion

Visitors passing through the parks love to take Photos. After all, it serves as a reminder of the day. So, knowing this, Disney itself indicates the best places to take pictures.

Inside Epcot, the China pavilion it is one of the recommended places for photos. Their beautiful traditional Asian structures are great. It's almost like you're in the country for real.

In one area there are several gardens, trees and also a fountain, like a paradise. Some visitors even like to wear traditional Chinese attire to get more in the mood. So, be sure to enjoy a lot of landscapes like the lake or the Temple of Heaven.

China Pavilion: discover the country of Asia

The World Showcase is a perfect experience to get to know a little bit about 11 different countries. Therefore, the China pavilion brings the best of Chinese essence to Epcot.

There are several different possible activities that were based on the Asian country. Even more, the whole structure resembles the traditional architecture of China. That is, a great place to take several pictures.

It is perhaps one of the most different pavilions among the 11 at Epcot. After all, he is from a country with a different, oriental culture. And these differences are present in the cuisine, architecture and also in the objects present.

Don't forget to make a reservation for the park.

Afterwards, visit the Chinese pavilion and learn more about this country. It will definitely be an amazing tour.

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