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It is known that Epcot is one of the most complete parks in Orlando, and this is a fact.

By honoring the most different cultures from around the world, he highlights diversity and what is most incredible about it, in this way.

And cuisines wouldn't be left out, would they?

Therefore, we have the Lotus Blossom Coffee, for example, which is a restaurant properly linked to dishes that are popular and popular in China.

Much more than just going to the attractions, the most interesting thing to discover when discovering another country, without a doubt, is to try the delicious food.

Therefore, it is important to evaluate the place well and determine how much you are willing to spend to satisfy yourself.

And nothing better than finding cheap options, but worth the cost-benefit, right?


After all, finding a place within the park that is not expensive and disputed can be a very complicated task.

So, if you want to “take a break” from fast food – if that’s possible, since we are talking about the country of “greasy” foods, lol -, the Lotus Blossom Café, then, is enough to be a good option, since it offers something closer to what we are used to eating in Brazil for example, like rice and vegetables.

How about getting to know a little more about the restaurant? Let's go there?

What does Lotus Blossom Café offer?

As mentioned above, the Lotus Blossom Café is definitely characteristic of a Chinese restaurant.

That is, it gives visitors options for foods such as rice, spring rolls and grilled chicken.

Furthermore, he is in the category of quick service (counter service). Eventually, you might even ask yourself: but what is the quick service?


Well, unlike the table service – in which you call the waiter to the table and wait for the dish to be served -, the quick service it's that method where you place your order, pick it up at the counter itself and look for a suitable place to sit. Sometimes, you may not even settle for it, though.

In that way, it somewhat resembles fast-food restaurants such as McDonald's.

The Lotus Blossom Café, however, falls into this “category”, as you do whatever you want.

Usually, it's not a very popular restaurant, like others in the park, where you even have to book well in advance because of the huge demand (here, those that offer table service).

Of course, in due seasons, it is more “requested” and, therefore, you can find some queues, but nothing so compared to others.

Menu, prices and opening hours

Both for lunch and dinner, the restaurant has appetizers, main dishes, children's meals, desserts and drinks (regular and alcoholic).

With the main dishes costing 13.50 dollars (in the real exchange rate in 2021, something around 70 reais).

In reality, there isn't much variety. Of these dishes, there are three options (according to the Disney website): the Chicken combo with orange sauce, O Chicken fried rice combo it's the Mongolian beef combo.

Since the three cost the same thing, those almost 14 dollars.


The snacks, in turn, are divided into spring rolls and guiozas.

The first costs $3.99 while the second costs $5.50.

For the kids, the entrees are: Sweet and Sour Chicken and Gyoza and Spring Rolls, for $7.95 each.

Regarding the sauces, such as mustard and ketchup, they are on a “countertop” and you don't have to pay anything to taste them.

To find out more, you can check it out on the Disney.


As for how the restaurant works, it is open every day from 12:00 to 20:00 (12 pm – 8 pm).

Where is it in the park and what is the environment like?

At Epcot, the Lotus Blossom Café is on China region, that is, in the pavilion destined for the country within the World showcase.

It then lies between Norway and Germany, indicated by the number 29 on the map below.

So, always have the information at hand, as it will help you when locating yourself in the park.

Check out:


Being and being inside “China”, the restaurant presents an environment focused on the country.

The architecture of the space is pretty cool and, if you've already been there or seen a picture of the place, it's true.

That's a real plus point, because the magic of Epcot is to bring a little bit of each nation together in one place.

With that, it would not be different when talking about a service that aims to relate to Chinese culture.

Inside, the queues are separated by “aisles” and machines, in addition to televisions hanging above so you can be aware of the menu, without having to pick it up to have a look.

The tables, however, are very simple, they are next to each other, and it gives that feeling of a “dining room”, you know? Nothing too elaborate, but manages to give an impression of cleanliness and organization nonetheless.

Is Lotus Blossom Café worth a try?

When looking for a cheap and easily accessible place, yes, Lotus turns out to be perfect for that moment when you need to eat, but don't want anything too “heavy” or greasy, for example.

And, as we said above, if you want a place different from the others, which offer fast food, like fries and hamburgers, the restaurant fits well in your budget and request.

However, there are some points to take into account. First, the menu.

There are few “suggestions”, which can be a problem for some.

In addition, the atmosphere, although simple and clean, can be an impasse, since, depending on the season, it can become a little hot and cramped (the restaurant is not very big, like the others).

Thinking about the “Disney standard”, that is, taking into account the other places to eat inside the park, it may be a little behind due to these factors.

Even so, if what you want is simply to diversify, to be well and quickly served, you will not regret it, largely because the foods are more traditional than what we are, routinely, used to eating in Brazilian meals.

From there, then, everything must come into play. After all, it is necessary to take into account both sides of the coin, LOL.

So, be sure to check out this and the other posts we have here on the site about the best places to eat in Epcot and other Orlando parks.

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