Knotts Berry Farms: Complete Guide

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The Knotts Berry Farms It is one of parks most famous themes from all over the state of California. Thus, it receives a number of visitors and tourists all the time. Check out a complete guide about this place and make your trip even more amazing.

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The theme of Knotts Berry Farms

This place is all inspired by Snoopy and the other characters from the Peanuts cartoon. This way, you can be sure that you will encounter these pets at all times as you walk through the park.

Understand what the park is like

A space entirely inspired by the cities of the old west and ghost places.

Knotts Berry Farm
Knotts Berry Farm

Also, what many people don't know is that this park emerged from a small farm back in 1940.

Location and opening hours

In general, the park opens at 10:00 am and its closing time varies greatly. In this way, the best alternative is to access the official website of the place and check its calendar to avoid unforeseen events.

How to get to the park?

It is located at 8039 Beach Blvd in Buena Park.

So, the best way to get there is by car. So what many tourists do is rent a vehicle for the time they will be in place.

How to buy tickets to Knotts Berry Farms

To secure your ticket, just access the park's website.

There, you choose the type of ticket you want and also select if you are part of a group. In fact, this last option usually makes things a little more into account.

Knotts Berry Farms Attractions 

Check out the main attractions and rides of this park below.

So, see how you have options for all ages and analyze which one is most interesting to you.

So, you can start programming right now.

1- Ghost Rider

This is a roller coaster ride Knotts Berry Farms all wood, being the longest, tallest and fastest of the entire west coast of America.

Knotts Berry Farms - GhostRider
Knotts Berry Farms – GhostRider

Despite attracting the attention of many people, only those over 1.21 meters can enjoy this toy.

2- Silver Bullet

It is considered the most extreme roller coaster in the entire park. After all, the Silver Bullet has a number of impressive features such as a suspended rail, 45 meters of height, loops and inversions.

roller coaster-silver-bullet-knotts-farm
roller coaster-silver-bullet-knotts-farm

Finally, 1.37 meters is the minimum height to enter it.

3- Pony Express at Knotts Berry Farms

It's in Ghost Town and it's not such a radical roller coaster. In this way, the chairs are in the shape of horses and the minimum height is only 1.21 meters. Even so, those who go on this toy usually have a lot of fun.

Photo: La Revolucion at Knotts Berry Farms is a very radical attraction

4- La Revolution

Considered a kind of pendulum that swings from side to side. So, when it's time to go up, it gets a lot of momentum, which gives a good butterflies in the belly. It's quite radical and to enter La Revolucion you need to be at least 1.21 meters tall.

5- Jaguar at Knotts Berry Farms

Despite being a long roller coaster, it is not surprising when it comes to radicality. Also, it has no loopings and no big drops. Finally, Jaguar is located in Fiesta Village and requires a minimum height of 1.21 meters.

6- Montezooma's Revenge

This is a more radical option than the previous one in Knotts Berry Farms, as it has some loopings.

Montezooma's Revenge - Knotts Berry Farms
Montezooma's Revenge – Knotts Berry Farms

Still, it is 90º at the ends of the tracks, leaving anyone with a very high adrenaline.

Montezooma's is also located in Fiesta Village.

7- Sol Spin at Knotts Berry Farms

Anyone looking for a more extreme pendulum-type attraction will love the Sol Spin. Thus, those who do not enjoy the feeling of butterflies in their stomach will not like this toy. In any case, it requires a minimum height of 1.37 meters.

8- Sierra Sidewinder

This is an amazing roller coaster for those who like adventures, as your cart rotates 360º on the way.


However, those who suffer from labyrinthitis or something like that may not enjoy this attraction very much.

Also, Sierra is located at Camp Snoopy.

9- Xcelerator The Ride at Knotts Berry Farms

Capable of reaching a speed of 130 km / h, the Xcelerator is a very radical roller coaster, capable of going up and down reaching an angle of 90º.


Thus, whoever wants to play in it needs to be at least 1.32 meters tall, otherwise it will not be possible.

10- Supreme Scream

This name refers to a kind of elevator that is more than 70 meters high.

Supreme Scream - Knotts Berry Farm
Supreme Scream – Knotts Berry Farm

Furthermore, the Supreme Scream of Knotts Berry Farms plummets at a speed of 80 km/h, leaving anyone who likes adventure very excited.

11- Coast Rider at Knotts Berry Farms

The main feature of this roller coaster is that it makes sharper turns.

However, it is not really a radical toy.

Also, the seat lock tends to hurt taller people, so it's not suitable for everyone.

12- Bigfoot Rapids

This is an attraction for those who don't mind getting wet. So, she has a raft that fits 8 people that will go down the rapids of Bigfoot Rapids. Finally, the minimum height to enjoy this toy is 1.17 meters.

13- Timber Mountain Log Ride at Knotts Berry Farms

It consists of a medium boat that holds a maximum of 5 people. In addition, he goes through a kind of camp of miners until he finally crashes into the water. Anyway, it doesn't get as wet as the Bigfoot Rapids.

Attractions aimed at children

It's not just adults who have fun at the Knotts Berry Farms, on the contrary. Thus, children also have attractions designed just for them. So, check out some examples below.

Photo: The Ballon Race at Knotts Berry Farms is great for kids

1- Balloon Race at Knotts Berry Farms

This is a very simple toy that consists of balloons that are rotating on a more central axis. So, it's a really cool alternative to go with the little ones, who usually have a lot of fun. Even the Balloon Race is at Camp Snoopy.

2- Charlie Brown's Kite Flyer

A very colorful attraction that immediately catches the attention of children.

Thus, Charlie Brown's Kite Flyer is also at Camp Snoopy and is considered a mini Mexican hat toy.

Charlie Brown's Kite Flyer
Charlie Brown's Kite Flyer

Finally, it is a calm toy, but that pleases children.

3- Camp Bus at Knotts Berry Farms

He is nothing less than the school of characters from the Peanuts cartoon.

That way, he goes up and down while entertaining the kids with the whole personalized theme.

Without a doubt, those who know animation will enjoy it even more.

4- Flying Ace

Considered a true classic of Knotts Berry Farms, this attraction is part of a set of toys that rotate around a central axis.

Flying Ace - Knotts Berry Farm
Flying Ace – Knotts Berry Farm

However, unlike the Balloon Race, here the chairs are not balloons but planes.

5- Grand Sierra Railroad at Knotts Berry Farms

One of the favorite attractions of many children, the Grand Sierra is a kind of train.

So he makes a complete circuit of an area of Camp Snoopy.

Grand Sierra Railroad - Knotts Berry Farm
Grand Sierra Railroad – Knotts Berry Farm

Including, it's a great opportunity to learn more about space and other toys.

6- Huff and Puff 

The attraction has minecarts that walk on rails. So, these carts are not the most comfortable, but they attract the attention of children. Finally, the Huff and Puff is suitable for children under 1.32 meters.

7- Linus Laucher at Knotts Berry Farms

At first glance, this toy looks a lot like Flying Ace.

Linus Laucher at Knotts Berry Farms
Linus Laucher at Knotts Berry Farms

However, here the children do not go sitting on the plane, but lying on their stomachs.

The attraction is located at Camp Snoopy and is aimed at people over 1.02 meters.

8- Pig Pens Mud Buggies

The toy has several yellow cars that catch the attention of the little ones right away. Thus, Pig Pen's have a central axis that goes up and down at a low speed.

It used to be one of the most famous attractions at Camp Snoopy in the Knotts Berry Farms.

9- Rapid River Run at Knotts Berry Farms

It's a very well-crafted Viking ship, but it doesn't pick up that much speed. After all, this toy is specifically aimed at little ones.

Anyway, even adults can have fun with this attraction.

10- Rocky Mountain Trucking Company

As the name suggests, this toy consists of small trucks that are connected and run on the rails. In addition, this is an attraction aimed especially at very young children.

11- Timberline Twister at Knotts Berry Farms

This is a mini coaster designed for children under 91 cm.

In this way, it is a simple toy, but it is a lot of fun for those who decide to give the attraction a chance.

The Timberline Twister is also at Camp Snoopy.

Photo: Woodstock's Airmail at Knotts Berry Farms is a very interesting ride

12- Woodstock's Airmail

A mini elevator Knotts Berry Farms, not as radical as other toys with the same characteristic. In light of this, Woodstock 's climbs and descends at a low speed, ideal for younger children.

13- Hat Dance at Knotts Berry Farms

This is a toy that is reminiscent of revolving cups. So, he usually entertains the children and even the adults who accompany him a lot. Thus, the Hat Dance is one of the most famous attractions at Camp Snoopy.

Attractions for the whole family to enjoy

The little ones have plenty of options inside the park. However, there are also toys that are meant for the whole family. So, check out some examples below.

1- Butterfield Stagecoach at Knotts Berry Farms

It consists of a carriage ride around the entire park. Therefore, the experience is very reminiscent of the times of the wild west and is excellent for checking out the beauty of the place while resting. Finally, the attraction is in Ghost Town.

2- Calico Mine Ride

One of the oldest attractions in the entire park and is located in Ghost Town. It is all inspired by the mine in the city of Calico.


The latter is located in the state of California and is considered a ghost place.

The visitors of Knotts Berry Farms go sitting on a train while visiting the gold mine replica. In addition, this is not a very technological attraction, but it is very fun and carefully crafted.

3- Calico Railroad at Knotts Berry Farms

This is a train ride that takes you around the park.

However, along the way ?thieves? who will try to rob the transport.

The characters even take pictures with the visitors at the end of the tour.

4- High Sierra Ferris Wheel 

A ferris wheel located at Camp Scooby. So, it is an attraction for those who enjoy something quieter that allows you to appreciate the whole space. Even so, this is not the first choice for most visitors.

5- Pacific Scrambler at Knotts Berry Farms

They consist of small chairs that rotate around their own axis.

Thus, it is worth mentioning that this type of toy is not very attractive for those who are sick or suffer from labyrinthitis.

In the end, only those over 91 cm can enter the Pacific Scrambler.

6- Surfside Gliders

Who already knows well the attraction of the Mexican hat of the Knotts Berry Farms you won't be surprised by Surfside.

After all, it is similar to the first toy, with the difference being located on the Boardwalk. Lastly, people shorter than 91 cm cannot play.

7- Voyage to the Iron Ree at Knotts Berry Farms

It is located on the Boardwalk and is a 4D attraction. In it, people go for a ride in a stroller while encountering marine animals. In addition, visitors must hit the critters with laser weapons.

8- Wave Swinger

Another attraction that imitates a Mexican hat, but this time it is located in Fiesta Village. So this spinning toy remains a favorite for some kids.

Even so, in Wave Swinger, only those who are over 1.21 meters enter.

Photo: The Wave Swinger is a really cool attraction at Knotts Berry Farms

9- Wheeler Dealer Bumper Cars at Knotts Berry Farms

Fun is guaranteed in this toy that imitates bumper cars. Thus, it is located on the Boardwalk and attracts the attention of many visitors.

However, the minimum playing height standard for Wheeler Dealer Bumper Cars is 1.07 meters.

10- Dragon Swing

Another attraction that imitates a Viking ship, located in Fiesta Village in the Knotts Berry Farms. However, the Dragon Swing is only intended for guests over 1.07 meters tall.

Otherwise, it will not be possible to enjoy this toy.

How not to face queues?

Fast Lane is best known for being a kind of queue jump for park visitors.

In this way, it is a bracelet where the individual has access to toys more quickly.

In general, he doesn't usually get in line, but when it does, it's much smaller than in the traditional method. So, if you had to wait 1:30 hours before, with the bracelet the time drops to less than 15 minutes.

The service costs around US$ 60 and attracts the attention of tourists looking to optimize their time there.

See some of the attractions that work with Fast Lane.

  • Supreme Scream;
  • Pony Express;
  • Timber Mountain Log Ride;
  • Bigfoot Rapids;
  • Jaguar!;
  • Voyage to the Iron Reef;
  • Montezooma?s Revenge;
  • Calico Mine Ride.

Restaurants at Knotts Berry Farms 

Not only do attractions live in this park, so those who want to have a gastronomic experience also enjoy it a lot.

So, here are some of the best restaurants that deserve your attention.

Amber Waves

It has a very traditional American decor.


So, at Amber Waves you can find sandwiches, pizza, pasta, among other options on its main menu.

It is one of the favorite spots for many tourists.

Ghost Town Grill at Knotts Berry Farms

A very traditional restaurant with the most diverse dishes. So are amazing meats, sandwiches, salads and desserts. Also, the place has wines and beers for those over 21 years old.

Boardwalk BBQ

An option of Knotts Berry Farms for those who love to eat meat and various snacks. Thus, the BBQ menu is very interesting and has options for vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free diets. So, it's really worth getting to know up close.

Cable Car Kitchen at Knotts Berry Farms

Those who love sweets can't miss this place. Cable Car Kitchen offers cakes of all kinds. In addition, vegetarians will love this space, as they have options for this type of diet.

Photo: Cable Car Kitchen is one of the best restaurants at Knotts Berry Farms

Calico Saloon

One of the coolest options on this list, as it is a real spectacle. In this way, this place has several drinks for its consumers.

Still, the place has several presentations to entertain its audience.

Calico Tater Bites at Knotts Berry Farms

The ideal place for those who want to eat the famous tater tots. So, Calico has several flavor options for its customers to choose from.

Plus, it has amazing sides like cheese and jalapeno peppers.


Lovers of Mexican cuisine need to stop for a while to visit the Cantina at Knotts Berry Farms. In this way, the menu of this place is incredible and super varied.

Among the main delicacies there are tacos, nachos and burritos.

Fireman's BBQ at Knotts Berry Farms

Another wonderful place for meat lovers. Chicken, ribs, wings, among several other alternatives make up the menu at this restaurant.

Fireman's BBQ - Knotts Berry Farms
Fireman's BBQ – Knotts Berry Farms

Therefore, it is a paradise for those who love this type of food.

Cave Inn Snacks

Ice cream, churros and pretzels are just some of the snack options you can find at this restaurant.

So, it's perfect for those who played a lot in the park and need to eat something quick.

Charleston Circle Coffee at Knotts Berry Farms

There are several types of coffee available, including Starbucks. So, anyone who wants a hot drink or something to refresh needs to know this space. Not to mention the environment itself is very nice.

Ghost Town Bakery

A bakery with several options of pies, cakes, cookies and many other sweets for you to try. However, the place also offers savory options like sandwiches and croissants.

Without a doubt it is a paradise for those who enjoy this type of food.

Chicken-To-Go at Knotts Berry Farms

A restaurant focused on selling fried chicken.

Chicken-To-Go Knotts Berry Farm
Chicken-To-Go Knotts Berry Farm

Even so, Chicken-To-Go has several options for its customers.

The customer can order individual or family-sized portions, as they see fit.

La Papa Loca at Knotts Berry Farms

Anyone who likes French fries will be delighted with this place. So, La Papa Loca is a restaurant that offers several types of potatoes and numerous side dishes.

This place is very popular with visitors.

Mrs. Knott's Chicken Dinner Restaurant

A very traditional restaurant focused on American cuisine. So, at Mrs. Knott's you can find a very classic menu, but diverse at the same time.

Thus, it is an alternative for those who want something more elaborate to eat.

These were some of the restaurant options for you to check out. However, there are still other places in the Knotts Berry Farms which also offer delicious food. Check out some examples below.

  • Log Ride Funnel Cake;
  • Grizzly Creek Lodge;
  • Dippin' Dots;
  • Diner Coasters;
  • Ghost Town Grub;
  • Gourmet Churro Factory;
  • Fiesta Dogs;
  • Farm Bakery;
  • Wilderness Broiler;
  • Wagon Wheel Pizza;
  • Sutter's Funnel Cake;
  • Strictly-On-A-Stick;
  • Starbucks.
Photo: Knotts Berry Farms is also a great place to shop

Shops at Knotts Berry Farms 

The park also has several stores where you can buy souvenirs, clothes, toys and other objects. However, it is worth mentioning that not all have such affordable products. So, it will depend on each person and how much they are willing to spend.

How to stay?

Knott's Berry Hotel is the option chosen by many tourists when it comes to guaranteeing a accommodation. Thus, all rooms are very comfortable and themed. Even, contrary to what many think, this option is cheaper.

That's when compared to most other hotels in Los Angeles. So, those who want to save money to spend more on the trip and in the parks will really enjoy this alternative.

Tips for enjoying the day at Knotts Berry Farms

The most important tip is always to plan in advance. This will help you to list the attractions you want to go to first, so that you don't run the risk of leaving any out.

Another cool thing is that for tourists, it's really worth going to the park by car. However, it's important to point out that parking costs around US$ 18. Even so, this can make up for it quite a bit as things aren't all that close to each other.

Okay, now you have the complete guide about this place in mind. That way, start planning your trip and be sure to know the indications given above. Finally, that your tour in the Knotts Berry Farms be the most profitable possible.

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