Covid Test in Orlando 2022 – Tips and Information

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Since it was announced that a negative COVID-19 test would be mandatory to enter Brazil from Orlando, many people have wondered where this test can be done in Orlando.

It is undoubtedly one of the questions we receive the most today on our social networks and we understand it because it really is something that should be included in your trip planning.

US Borders are reopened for travelers arriving from Brazil as of November 8, 2021.

In addition to sending proof of vaccination and PCR or antigen test to enter the United States, today a test is also required to return to Brazil.

Therefore, let's check out the best alternatives for you to take your COVID test in Orlando to return to Brazil with peace of mind.

Which COVID test is Required to enter and leave the United States?

Before we talk about where you can take the test, let's take a quick look at what type of test you need to take to be guaranteed both when entering and leaving the United States.

Brazil has accepted both the laboratory PCR test and the antigen test since October 5, 2021. This was a great change since the Antigen Test has faster results.

If you still choose to do the PCR, it must be done up to 72 hours before boarding.

The “problem” here is that depending on the scarcity of inputs, the results can take between 2 and 3 days to be ready.

However, the antigen test must be done up to 24 hours before departure, and the results are available in a few hours.

Free Covid Test in Orlando

Well, let's go straight to the places where you can get your covid tests done.

We'll start our list by showing you where to get Free Covid Testing in Orlando because it's the most popular (and cost-effective) option for travelers.

curative – Free Covid Test in Orlando

Curative is currently the most trending company for free COVID-19 PCR tests in Orlando.

In it, you receive the guidelines and do the test yourself on the spot being very practical and usually fast.

For PCR tests, the results come out in 1 or 2 days, but it is always worth confirming the current deadline on the website, as it can vary and delays may occur or due to a possible lack of supplies (as happened in January 2022).


At the Curative's official website, you can check all available addresses and see which one is closest to you.

It is worth noting that it is important to note that opening hours and test types may vary depending on the desired location.

Some places even allow you to be booked in advance without an appointment on the site, but we don't recommend it, it's always good to guarantee your appointment and avoid headaches.

Scheduling can be done very easily through the website.

In general, the site allows reservations for the same day and for the next 5 days, depending on availability.

Just select a day, choose the time and enter some personal data to make the appointment, and this whole process is very simple and intuitive.

VERY IMPORTANT! Pay close attention to the email included in your appointment as that is where you will receive your results!


BeeperMD is another company that offers free trials.

This one has an advantage over the Curative mentioned above. At BeeperMD you can schedule your pickup to be made at home or at your hotel.

just enter the BeeperMD official website, fill in the address data and available hours and that's it.

It is worth mentioning that the PCR test is free for consultations the next day and the result comes out in 36 hours.

For same-day scheduling, there is a fee of approximately USD $35 (this amount may change), which is waived if 2 or more people are taking the test.

It is worth remembering that to return to Brazil it is necessary that the PCR test has been carried out up to 72 hours before your departure date, so it is important to plan ahead and select the correct time.


Antigen tests are also free at BeeperMD, but in this case must be done within 24 hours of departure. The result comes out very quickly and within 20 minutes.

Observation: There are other test options here, but paid and with faster results.

When completing the online form, it is worth mentioning that there is a window of 4 hours in the selected time, that is, when selecting 7 am, the doctor can come between 7 am and 11 am. If you want a smaller time window, there is the possibility of doing so by paying an additional fee.

It is important to keep this information in mind both when scheduling the trip and the time needed to receive the results and boarding.

After booking, it is necessary to upload an identification document on the website. It also asks for information about insurance, but only US insurance is accepted, which does not apply to most tourists.

In that case, simply sign the form available on the same page stating that you do not have health insurance in the US.

Again, it is important to pay attention to the registered e-mail address, as an e-mail will be sent before the date of the appointment requesting confirmation or cancellation of the appointment. Remember to check your spam folder if you do not receive the e-mail.

Although many people have successfully used BeeperMD, it is currently less available due to high demand, so we recommend that you secure your exams from the first option on this list if possible.

Camping World Stadium – Free Covid Test in Orlando

With the growing demand for COVID-19 testing, a new center opened at Camping World Stadium in early January 2022.

It's a free drive-thru that offers PCR and antigen tests, which could end up being a good option for your trip.

To take the test, remember to create an account on sofficial website here and to register with your data.

So, just present the barcode that appears in My Barcodes when taking the test.

One important detail is that Camping World Stadium may close earlier than expected, depending on demand for the day.

Camping World Stadium Covid Test Drive Thru
Camping World Stadium Covid Test Drive Thru

If you would like to take your free Covid test at Camping World Stadium, here is some very important information:

  • Address: Camping World Stadium, 1 Citrus Bowl Place
  • Hours of Operation: Monday to Sunday, from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
  • scheduling: not mandatory, but it is necessary to register in advance official site.
  • Price: Free, even for non-residents and visitors.

Barnett Park

The test center at Barnett Park works similarly to the Camping World Stadium mentioned above.

It is a drive-thru by car and also has both the PCR test and the antigen test.

If you would like to take your free Covid test at Barnett Park, here is some very important information:

  • Address: 4801 W Colonial Dr., Orlando, FL 32808
  • opening hours: Monday to Sunday, from 9am to 4pm (don't arrive later in the day as it can also close earlier)
  • scheduling: not necessary, but you need to register in the their official website!
  • Price: Free, even for non-residents and visitors.
Barnett-Park- Free Covid Test in Orlando
Barnett-Park- Free Covid Test in Orlando

The deadlines for delivering results may vary and it is worth asking at the time of the test what the current deadline is.

However, in general, antigen tests are ready in less than an hour, while PCR tests usually take 2 to 3 days.

To be tested, it is necessary to create an account on the site and register with your data.

Then, just click on “Get Tested”, select the Barnett Park option and that's it.

You will be emailed a barcode to present upon arrival, and you do not need to select any specific test times.

Where to Take a Paid COVID-19 Test in Orlando


AdventHealth is a network of hospitals, clinics and general health care.

Several clinic units, called Centra Care, offer testing for COVID-19.

This can be a good alternative if it is not possible to do any of the free tests mentioned above.

Orlando Airport - AdventHealth Covid Exam
Orlando Airport – AdventHealth Covid Examination

There is even an Advent Health testing clinic inside the Orlando airport, so you can take your test there, which costs $65 for antigen and $175 for PCR.

Some important information about AdventHealth:

  • Address: Terminal Atrium A, before security
  • opening hours: 7:30 am to 5:00 pm Monday to Friday, 7:30 am to 7:00 pm Saturday and Sunday.
  • scheduling: It is not mandatory (but we recommend it) it can be done by official website by clicking here
  • Price: PCR test costs US$ 175 and antigen test costs US$ 65 at the airport

In addition, some locations in Orlando continue to offer the test and you can check it out on here.

The site doesn't work very well in Brazil, but scheduling (when necessary) is done a few days in advance, so you can do it as soon as you arrive in the US.

At AdventHealth Centra Care clinics, the cost of the test is higher, with R$ 199.25 for PCR and R$ 179 for antigen.

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