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The Marketplace Co-Op Centerpiece is an ideal place to decorate your home and is located in Disney Springs. 

We just love the Marketplace Co-op, it's like a gallery full of connected stores with lots of exclusive products.

Marketplace Co-Op at Disney Springs
Marketplace Co-Op at Disney Springs

Almost every time we go to Disney Springs, we stop by and buy some things that we always carry in our trips to disney!

Let's check out a little more about what you'll find there!

About Disney Springs, near Marketplace Co-Op

The closest definition of Disney Springs is "city center". First of all, the reason for this is the size and structure of the complex.

In general, it is an environment that has everything, such as:

  • Quality entertainment;
  • Varied food options;
  • Places to shop.

Even if the park of Disney is the highlight, this complex is not far behind. In addition, it is ideal to spend an afternoon or evening to enjoy a lot without worries.

main attractions

The environment close to Marketplace Co-Op it is full of attractions for all tastes. For example, the following environments are worth mentioning:

  • House of Blues;
  • Splitsville Luxury Lanes (Bowling);
  • The VOID (Augmented reality experience in the world of Star Wars);
  • Boathouse Amphicars (ride in amphibious cars);
  • Cinema AMC;
  • Aerophile (the place's iconic balloon);
  • Waterside Stage (stage for shows);
  • Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique (themed shop).

What is Marketplace Co-op

Close to the Disney Springs complex, you will find the Marketplace Co-Op with stores of various segments.

Marketplace Co-Op at Disney Springs
Marketplace Co-Op at Disney Springs

So this is a shopping center with products from different themes.

Try to imagine a smaller mall inside another, that's the idea of this structure.

That way, you can visit her if you want to buy items for the family or home. For example, you can find parts to purchase such as:

  • Candles and diffusers;
  • Cell phone caps and headphones;
  • Objects to leave your home decorated;
  • Accessories for your pets;
  • Dresses with prints that make reference to the attractions and characters;
  • Period clothes, etc.

This was just to give you a slight idea of what the Marketplace Co-Op. So there's still a lot to see inside this mall at Disney.

D-Tech on Demand Phone Covers
D-Tech on Demand Phone Covers

The Marketplace Co-Op Stores

Among the shops you will find inside the Marketplace Co-Op there are some like:

  • D-Tech on Demand;
  • Twenty Eight & Main Boutique;
  • WonderGround Gallery;
  • Cherry Tree Lane;
  • Disney Centerpiece;
  • Bowes Signature Soy Candles;
  • Disney TAG;
  • Love Pop;
  • Disney Tails.

D-Tech on Demand

In this store of the Marketplace Co-Op, Visitors will find tech items to purchase such as:

  • Mouse and keyboard, cell phone charger, headphones;
  • Covers for smartphones;
  • Custom Magicbands.

Twenty Eight & Main Boutique

For guys who are fans of Disney and its characters, you can visit this fashion store.

WonderGround Gallery

Here is an art shop where you will be able to find several paintings to buy.

Cherry Tree Lane

This trade, incidentally, located in the Marketplace Co-Op It has several accessories, some of which are:

  • Costume jewelry and handbags;
  • Hats and scarves.

Disney Centerpiece

For your home, in this sense, the Centerpiece store is full of decoration items.

Marketplace Co-Op at Disney Springs
Marketplace Co-Op at Disney Springs

Bowes Signature Soy Candles

People who enjoy sustainable candles will enjoy stopping by this specialty store. After all, there are several options made from soy and cotton.

Disney TAG

Those planning to take trips will be in the ideal environment with Disney-themed pieces, such as:

  • suitcases and luggage tags;
  • Bags and more.


This establishment focuses on selling 3D greeting cards.

Disney Tails

If you want to leave your pet with Disney-themed accessories, this is the place. In this way, you will find products like:

  • Dog clothes;
  • Bedding for the animals;
  • Feed pots.

Marketplace Co-Op – Disney Centerpiece

The store that is highlighted in this text is the Disney Centerpiece of Marketplace Co-Op. As stated above, its focus is on home decor items, more specifically in the kitchen.

The furniture and other accessories you can buy are all Disney themed.

Therefore, this includes parks, characters, movies, for example:

Marketplace Co-Op at Disney Springs
Marketplace Co-Op at Disney Springs

What types of products does the store sell

You already know the themes of the products, now you need to know which pieces are sold. Therefore, below you can see a list of some of the items in this store. Marketplace Co-Op:

  • bar articles;
  • coasters and plates;
  • Tables and lamps;
  • Glassware;
  • bed linen;
  • Pillows and towels;
  • Salt and pepper shakers;
  • Serving pieces.

You can still find kitchen aprons and a variety of cups and mugs. In this sense, there is even a model of Mickey with a key-shaped spoon.

Marketplace Co-Op at Disney Springs
Marketplace Co-Op at Disney Springs

Another highlight goes to the kitchen towels, suitable for decorating your tea party. Finally, there are several bags for carrying snacks and pots for storing lunchboxes.

How to get to Disney Springs

When you're in the area and want to visit the Marketplace Co-Op, it is possible to go in several ways. Now, you will see instructions on how to get to the location:

By car

Find out how to get to this car shopping complex:

  • After I-4, take Exit 67 towards Epcot/Disney Springs;
  • Pay attention to the signposts;
  • With them, look for the entrance to East Buena Vista Drive.

By bus

The ideal, in this case, is to use Walt Disney World transportation, which is free. In this way, the service:

  • Starts 30 minutes before Disney Resort hotels open;
  • It ends an hour and 30 minutes after they close.

Shared transport

An option for guests visiting the Marketplace Co-Op is to use the bus circuit. For those interested, the location is east of the environment.

walking route

Select resort hotels are close enough for guests to walk to, using the pedestrian bridges between Hotel Plaza Boulevard and Marketplace.

How is the parking on site?

An important reminder for those who are going to park is to always arrive in advance, that is, at least 60 minutes before the event or show you want to attend. In fact, this happens because the capacity is limited, even pausing parking.

Best times to park

The tip here is to look for the place at the beginning of the day, when it is less crowded. Also, the days of the week that are best are Monday and Thursday.

Free but self-parking

When visiting the Marketplace Co-Op at Disney Springs, you can park for free. However, this option is only valid if you use self-parking. The advantage, however, is being able to access the complex directly.

For visitors with special needs

There are exclusive spaces for the disabled in all garages and parking lots, all you need is a valid permit. In addition, the Miscellaneous Items sector has several items for rent such as:

  • baby carriages;
  • ECV Electric Vehicles;
  • Wheelchair.

Where to eat close to the Marketplace Co-Op

Food is always an important part of a visit, even more Marketplace Co-Op. So, check out a list of six dining options close to this area of Disney Springs below:

  1. Lava Lounge at Rainforest Café®;
  2. Starbucks® at Disney Springs Marketplace;
  3. Dockside Margaritas;
  4. BB Wolf's Sausage Co;
  5. AristoCrêpes;
  6. Sunshine Churros at Disney Springs Marketplace.

1 – Lava Lounge at Rainforest Café®

At this establishment you can sample various appetizers and specialty cocktails under a covered patio.

Above all, the environment is by the water, bringing a cooler climate.

Per adult, the price range is around 15 dollars. Also, people with special needs can stay in the wheelchair.

Another highlight is a mountain that squirts fire and smoke every 30 minutes.

Its name is The Erupting Volcano and it's great for making souvenir photos.


The highlights between snacks and cocktails, you see below.


  • Chicken Quesadillas;
  • Cheese and chicken sticks;
  • Pepperoni flatbread.


  • Moscow Mule;
  • Amazon Journey;
  • Strawberry Mule;
  • Fireball Smash;
  • Sunken Apple;
  • Beso Del Sol Red Sangria;
  • Island Punch.

2 – Starbucks® at Disney Springs, next to Marketplace Co-Op

All the quality you already know from Starbucks near the Marketplace Co-Op.

Thus, it is possible to enjoy your favorite drinks and snacks at the Disney springs.

Starbucks in Disney Springs
Starbucks in Disney Springs

Prices per adult are also around $15 and can be even less.

In advance, it is worth mentioning that it is possible to go to the place at any time of the day. After all, the opening hours are from 9 am to 10 pm at night.

You can also enjoy drinks with various themes, including:

  • Seasons;
  • Top-grossing films;
  • Disney Events.


The snacks that make up the menu at this Starbucks involve coffee, tea, soft drinks and espresso. In addition, there are alternatives for hot breakfasts and even lunch.

3 – Dockside Margaritas

For those who want a cold margarita near the Marketplace Co-Op, you can visit this place.

Along with the Lava Lounge, it is located on the water's edge and has its own decor.

Inspiration comes from a 1960's Florida trade stand. Finally, prices are in the $15 range as well.

It runs from 12:00 to 22:30, with live performances every day. By the way, the programming is made up of indie bands and local singers.


If you want, you can drink other drinks from the menu, which has the following options:

  • Margaritas (Patrón Añejo, Habanero Lime and Sunset Margarita, etc.);
  • Non-alcoholic (Piña Colada Virgin, Strawberry Freeze);
  • Beers;
  • Wines (J. & H. Selbach Riesling, J. Lohr Riverstone Chardonnay, etc.);
  • Frozen themed margarita (Colada and Daiquiri Dockside);
  • Frozen Margaritas (Strawberry and Lime Margarita).

4 – BB Wolf's Sausage Co. (near Marketplace Co-Op)

This gourmet kiosk near the Marketplace Co-Op promises to serve delicious dishes to visitors to the site.

Thus, the menu is typical American cuisine in a pleasant environment.

Diners can sample artisanal sausage, hot dogs with fries, and more.

Finally, it is still possible to combine with lunch, dinner or snack, in addition to various drinks.

Its working hours are from 12:00 to 23:00 and people with special needs can also take advantage of it.


In general, visitors can enjoy a menu with several options for starters, desserts, as well as drinks with and without alcohol.

5 – AristoCrêpes

Every day this kiosk, also around the Marketplace Co-Op, opens for customers.

So, you can fearlessly try a variety of sweet and savory crepes.

The establishment is open-air and is open from 12:00 until 22:00. In addition, you can also try the ambient bubble waffle cones.

In its origin, in France, the dish is served with cider.

However, it is possible to eat it with a refreshing Disney Springs drink, such as lemonade. So, check out the delicious options below:

  • Bubble Waffle Cones;
  • Alcoholic beverages;
  • savory crepes and candy;
  • Non-alcoholic beverages (lemonade, Lava Colada, Coca-Cola).

6 – Sunshine Churros at the Marketplace, at Disney Springs

This sweet originated in Mexican cuisine is also very popular with people at Disney Springs. In this way, whoever goes to Marketplace Co-Op, you will have the chance to taste this delight.

The establishment offers several flavors of this crunchy and tasty delicacy from 11 am until 10 pm.

First of all, know that you can choose between classic or gourmet versions.

To complete this snack, you can buy soda or very cold water together. As well as cups, available in Nutella or milk chocolate flavors.


The menu can be summarized in churros and accompanying drinks, check out the options now.

Types of Churros

  • Dipped Churro (dipped in Nutella or milk chocolate);
  • Classic (traditional cinnamon, watermelon, apple and cinnamon, salted caramel, etc.);
  • Gourmet (strawberry with cheesecake, Oreo).


The customer can order water or soda.

Other experiences near Marketplace Co-Op

After shopping at Marketplace Co-Op Disney Centerpiece, you can enjoy the location. In this sense, there are some very interesting experiences around the place, some of which are:

  • AdventHealth Waterside Stage;
  • Carousel;
  • Train Express.

AdventHealt Waterside Stage

The first item on that list is the chance to enjoy an outdoor concert.

In this way, it is possible to see a dance performance during the day and live music at night.

Also, there is no age restriction and this attraction is available in place every day.

Marketplace Carousel

For those who enjoy a classic Venetian carousel, this experience may be ideal.

Like the previous one, this one is also available for all ages. Finally, here is some useful information about the tour near the Marketplace Co-Op:

  • Three dollars is the token course per person;
  • Children who are less than 106 centimeters tall must be accompanied by an adult;
  • The companion does not pay in this case;
  • The duration of the tour is on average 3 minutes.

train express

The last option on the list is another tour, only this time on a train.

As a result, parents get a chance to see their children waving along the way. Now, you check other information:

  • Token cost: 3 dollars;
  • Open to people of all ages;
  • Children under 1m tall need a companion;
  • Three minutes is the average duration of the tour.

Disney Springs Welcome Center

For visitors who want to go to Marketplace Co-Op Disney Centerpiece, this place is worth considering. Since the Welcome Center presents several types of general help services, for example:

  • Information regarding accessibility;
  • maps and stamps;
  • Lost visitors;
  • My Disney Experience mobile app.

About lost and found

If you lose an object, you can fill out an online form to help locate it. In fact, this measure serves to:

  • Disney Springs;
  • the parks thematic and water sports at the Walt Disney World Resort;
  • ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex;
  • Bus, monorail, boats and other resort transport.

To make restaurant reservations

The plans beyond Marketplace Co-Op that involve eating must have a reservation included. After all, this is a recommended attitude to ensure your peaceful stay in the place.

These reservations can therefore be made using the app mentioned above or also online.

Solutions for international visitors

International visitors who are onsite may need the Welcome Center to:

  • Get help with foreign currency exchange;
  • Have access to Disney Springs maps in multiple languages (Portuguese included).

Souvenirs Beyond Marketplace Co-Op: Disney PhotoPass® Studio

After enjoying and enjoying the Marketplace Co-Op and other locations, time of records. So, nothing better than using a variety of scenarios in your favor to photograph.

This space has several points such as virtual sets, visualization stations and innovative products. In other words, it's the chance to get souvenirs and make the visit memorable.

How Disney PhotoPass® Works

It's actually very simple: just go to the studio and find a photographer. Then, this professional will help you choose the ideal scenario for you.

The options are many, ranging from Disney standard to virtual ones generated with a green background. In this way, after taking advantage of the Marketplace Co-Op and take the photos, link them with the app.

One last detail is the possibility to buy, print or view the records. For this, the PhotoPass has one of the viewing stations for this purpose.

Decorating your home with Disney

In the text above you saw everything about the Marketplace Co-Op from Disney Springs. As well as, in a summarized way, checked some attractions that can complete your visit to the place.

The Centerpiece is undoubtedly a place worth seeing for decoration. Since, it's a great opportunity to give your kitchen a different look.

We hope again that this post has helped you in your research for your trip to Disney or Orlando.

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