T-Rex – Themed Restaurant at Disney Springs

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Going to the United States requires an experiment with American cuisine. The T-Rex themed restaurant in Disney springs, therefore, it brings what the country has to offer.

And that's not all: while eating, you can enjoy the environment and all its detailed structure.

The place is themed, that is, all decorated to welcome visitors. As the same name already refers, the T-Rex, in turn, remembers moments of prehistory, with dinosaur sounds and much more.

T-Rex - Themed Restaurant at Disney Springs
T-Rex – Themed Restaurant at Disney Springs

More than just eating, feeling welcomed is one of the factors that makes a restaurant highly or poorly rated. In this way, the T-Rex has a mission to make you have fun and adventure, without worrying about the outside world.

T-REX location

The restaurant is in Disney springs, in Orlando.

located at the Marketplace, is surrounded by Pandora stores, single and The LEGO Store. There's no way to get lost, huh, lol.

Strolling through Disney Springs, it is possible to find the area just by the dinosaur fossils right at the entrance.

On the side, there's a smaller fossil and, next to it, the restaurant's menu is available to the clientele, which you can already take a look at the options and prices – which we'll talk about later.

T-Rex - Themed Restaurant at Disney Springs
T-Rex – Themed Restaurant at Disney Springs

The architecture is quite impressive, as you really feel like an adventurer in search of countless discoveries (you are inside a cave!). There is a truck outside, with some characteristic objects for survival.

In this piece, is where an animatronic dinosaur, the T-Rex, stands 4.5 meters tall. Admiring what is seen, you can now enter the restaurant.

And it's not just any restaurant, okay? It is a true tour of a prehistoric period. You feel in an attraction!

Would you like to see how it goes then?

The environment of the T-Rex Restaurant

The tables, on the left side, are arranged under jellyfish and octopus, which give a marine atmosphere, with shades of blue and purple.

On the right side, the environment is more “dark”, with red colored lights, and moving mammoths and dinosaurs.

T-Rex - Themed Restaurant at Disney Springs
T-Rex – Themed Restaurant at Disney Springs

Further to the center, you will find the “Ice Cave”.

This area is dominated by the blue color, which makes you believe that it is a very cold environment, literally.

On the rocks, you can see a painting of a dinosaur, which is extremely beautiful.

One of the positive aspects of the restaurant, without a doubt, is the decor. It's jaw-dropping. The details are very well designed and thought out, all to create that feeling of belonging, you know?

For kids who LOVE this animal world, the T-Rex is definitely a good fit, as it's inclusive.

That is, it is not that environment just to eat. You will be enchanted by the animals, the plants, the walls, everything.

T-Rex - Themed Restaurant at Disney Springs
T-Rex – Themed Restaurant at Disney Springs

In addition to being very detailed, the place is VERY BIG.

Seriously, no kidding. There are many square meters of space and all the divisions are interconnected, although there is a difference in this matter of theme and colors.

In addition, there is a store inside, the Dino Store, which sells various products related to the theme in question, the Mesozoic period, such as shirts and toys, for example.

The sounds present in T-Rex

What you notice, as soon as you enter, are the sounds. In relation to them, well, it's very high, lol. If you want to chat, this may not be the ideal place, as it is difficult to interpret what the other person is saying.

T-Rex - Themed Restaurant at Disney Springs
T-Rex – Themed Restaurant at Disney Springs

With that, here is a negative point about the T-Rex.

The sound effects last around 20 minutes each.

So there's no time for silence, that's the truth. Be aware of this before setting your stop.

T-Rex's Food

Well, T-Rex's food is very American style so there you'll find basically what you find in any restaurant in this style like outback, TGI Fridays etc…

To name a few you have options for soups, meat dishes, hamburgers, chicken, pasta.. Very eclectic and democratic!

The restaurant is open for lunch and dinner so it can be a good option for any time of the day.

T-Rex Café Burger

The price is not the cheapest and it is far from the economical options that we usually recommend in our custom scripts.

It's not the cheapest or the most expensive. A plate of hamburger there costs around $20.

Food quality is ok, don't expect a super meal here. The main attraction here is undoubtedly the atmosphere and not the food!

Opening hours, reservations and prices

The restaurant currently opens at 11 am (11 am) and closes at 9 pm (9 pm). The operation, however, is divided into two moments: lunch and dinner.

Lunch takes place from its opening at 11 am until 3:55 pm (3:55 pm). On the other hand, dinner starts at 4 pm (4 pm) and lasts until 9 pm (9 pm).

T-Rex - Themed Restaurant at Disney Springs
T-Rex – Themed Restaurant at Disney Springs

Outside of the new coronavirus pandemic, T-Rex Orlando's opening hours were as follows:

  • Sunday to Thursday – 11 am (11 am) to 11 pm (11 pm)
  • Fridays and Saturdays – 11 am (11 am) to 12 pm (12 pm)

To visit the T-Rex, in particular, as it is one of the most popular places for families, it is strongly recommended that you make a reservation in advance. After all, you don't want to be stuck, do you?

T-Rex - Themed Restaurant at Disney Springs
T-Rex – Themed Restaurant at Disney Springs

Of course, you and your family can stay on the “walk in”, that is, the queue. However, that means more time wasted.

However, booking is not a rule either, as other families, couples and the like always give up. But you can't rely on luck.

So, be aware that the best way is to book a few weeks before your trip to Florida. So, there is no risk of being left out of this experience.

Prices vary widely, but the average set by Disney itself is from $15 to $34.99 per adult. Does not include tips.

T-Rex - Themed Restaurant at Disney Springs
T-Rex – Themed Restaurant at Disney Springs

American cuisine is present in this restaurant, that is, it has hamburgers, pretzels, nachos, seasoned fries, among others.

The menu, however, is divided as follows: Appetizers, Soups & Salads, Burgers & Sandwiches, Seafood, Pasta, Carnivores, Sides/Additions, Kids' Main Courses, Kids' Desserts, Kids' Beverages, Desserts, The Watering hole, wines, beers, the big chills.

To find out more information, go to restaurant website in Disney Springs.

Is going to the T-Rex worth it or not?

As stated above, the sound part, for sure, can be a negative and fundamental point for your experience not to be very good.

Therefore, it is imperative that you know where you are stepping.

At some point, the “noise” can cause some discomfort.

More than just enjoying the cuisine, the T-Rex is practically the environment as a whole.

T-Rex - Themed Restaurant at Disney Springs
T-Rex – Themed Restaurant at Disney Springs

There are several better and cheaper options in Orlando, but not as amazing as what the restaurant offers: visiting a very old time, with animatronic animals and unforgettable details.

For those who want to know what it's like to be surrounded by particularities, capture moments and have something to tell, the T-Rex allows it all.

However, if you are not keen on the things listed above, it may not be the ideal option.

We reiterate, therefore, that it depends on each one and what each person seeks to experience. For some people, the high values dictate that the T-Rex does not come in as a priority.

The theme, for others, is not advantageous for adults, being more suitable for those individuals who have children.

T-Rex - Themed Restaurant at Disney Springs
T-Rex – Themed Restaurant at Disney Springs

Ultimately, the decision is entirely yours. Opinions vary, so there is no way to reach a common “denominator” without bumping into other issues. As with any restaurant or attraction, there are positives to be highlighted and negatives to be weighed.

What's more, that's it. For those who choose to go to the T-Rex at Disney Springs, enjoy a lot and have fun like never before!

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