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Even if you've never been to Disney, you've probably heard of Disney's Haunted Mansion, the famous Haunted Mansion!

It is even possible that you have already seen the movie with Eddie Murphy who was inspired by this attraction. Yea? No? Let's check out all about the Mansion here!

“Follow the wolf howls for the special effects and ghosts of the Haunted Mansion, 999 happy ghosts live there, but there's always room for one more, and that could be you! That's what the legend says, ready?

The ride Haunted Mansion can be seen from afar and draws attention for its size and details.

The mansion itself is Gothic in style reminiscent of 18th-century Hudson River Valley structures.

The attraction's fun begins with the interactive queue, which will take you through a cemetery with tombstones and interactive crypts.

Including some honoring the Imagineers involved in the creation of ride.

How is the Haunted Mansion?

Well, first I need to talk. It's one of my favorite Magic Kingdom attractions.

It's not super modern, so don't expect absurdly surprising things there, as you won't see much of it (maybe a little hehehe).

Well, quite bluntly, the Haunted Mansion is a much better crafted ghost train.

You will sit in an armchair and walk inside the mansion!

You will see various things, like ghosts dancing in a huge ballroom as if it were a gala.


Zombies coming out of the tombs, ghosts singing, paintings moving, a head inside a crystal ball..

Anyway, this all sounds pretty scary, right?

Rest assured that the intention of the attraction is not to scare you, but to make you curious about those ghosts!

Disney's Haunted Mansion Interactive Queue

The interactive queue will help pass the time as it can become extremely long during peak seasons.

As you approach the mansion, butlers and maids (quite bizarre) greet you at the door and escort you to the library (or stretching room, does the ceiling go up or the floor down?).

Below we will list some cool things that you will be able to find in the Haunted Mansion queue.

Haunted Mansion - Disney's Haunted Mansion
  • A Musical Crypt
    Tap any of the musical instruments to hear spooky music playing mysteriously.
  • Sea Captain's Grave
    With water leaking and bubbles coming out of this ancient tomb, the Captain, inside, sings an ancient song. Be careful not to get wet with a sneeze!
  • Tomb of a poet
    Words inexplicably appear over the poet's grave, but she needs your help to overcome a deadly dose of writer's block.
  • The Mysterious Library
    Push back the books that mysteriously jump out of this haunted bookcase that includes a cryptogram for you to decipher.

Not to mention the famous legend of the lost engagement ring!

In fact, some legends say that there is a ring attached to the floor along the line. Can you find it?

There's good fun to wait for time to pass while waiting for your turn to enter the Haunted Mansion, look for the ring.

After the queue, you'll head to a “Doom Buggies”.

This is what the chairs you will sit on along the ride  for your journey through disney haunted mansion.

This attraction tells the story of a black widow bride and her many husbands.

The special effects are pretty cool, including the disney lives updating the attractions.

Especially the duelists in the ballroom scene and the staircase scene. Of course as a classic disney attraction, attention is paid to the finest details.

You will notice something different every time you go on this tour.

Photo at Haunted Mansion

This is a very recent update! The Haunted Mansion was never photographed during its tour, perhaps because it is too dark and a flash could kill the magic.

But a recent addition now is that yes, you can take home a photo of this attraction at photopass and Memory Maker from Disney.

The photo is right at the end of the attraction and you can be sure that you will have fun with it, see how ours turned out.


How scary is the Haunted Mansion

Although the disney haunted mansion don't be scary, it's best to think twice before bringing very young children to ride it.

We recommend watching videos of the ride before taking your children, so they know a little bit of what to expect.

We even have a video on our youtube channel where we show the entire tour of the attraction. Check it out below:

Technical Data of Disney's Haunted Mansion

Park: Disney's Magic Kingdom
Area: Liberty Square
FastPass +: Accept
Public: Older children and adults (Toddlers may be scared)
minimum height: There is not
Duration of Attraction: 7 Minutes and 30 Seconds
Opening Date: July 21, 1994
Note Departed Disney Parks:  8.5 ? Highly recommended for youth and adults

Haunted Mansion FAQ

What is the minimum age recommended to take my child to the haunted mansion?

Well, while the attraction isn't scary for adults, it can easily terrify a child. If your child doesn't get scared easily, you can take him.
A nice thing is that the line already has all the style of the Haunted Mansion, if by chance your child gets scared during the line, don't even get in the stroller!

Is the Haunted Mansion one of the Magic Kingdom's must-see attractions?

In my opinion, yes! Next to Space Mountain, Splash Mountain and Pirates of the Caribbean, it is one of the great classics of this park and deserves to be walked on every visit.

What is the average line time for Disney's Haunted Mansion?

Naturally it varies with the season, to make it easier, we put a chart with the averages. The Graph is a reference for capacity (from 1 to 10, with 10 being the maximum capacity of the park) and its queue times.
In short, on very busy days 10, the waiting time is between 90 and 100 minutes and can vary a little both up and down. On low-crowd days, it's usually between 20-45 minutes.

Do you recommend using FastPass for the Haunted Mansion?

It depends, it can be a good fastpass option, but look for the availability of Seven Dwars Mine Train, Space Mountain, Splash mountain and Big Thunder Mountain. The Haunted Mansion comes right after these on our list of preference orders for fastpass+ in this park, along with Pirates of the Caribbean.

Where can I walk in the Haunted Mansion?

It seems like a silly question, as we have already said here that it is located at the Magic Kingdom in Orlando, but what we do not mention is that it also exists in other Disney parks around the world. More specifically, you can find the Haunted Mansion in 5 Disney parks around the world.
Are they:
Disneyland (California)
Magic Kingdom (Florida)
Disneyland Paris
Hong Kong Disneyland (Mystic Manor)
Disneyland Tokyo (Mystic Manor)

Just a few steps outside the Haunted Mansion, even more supernatural things happen.

Look for the Pet Cemetery at the exit of the attraction. There is even a character from an extinct Disney attraction there.

And Be careful, check your seats to make sure no ghosts are coming home with you!

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