Hollywood Drive-In Golf: Universal Studios Minigolf

The Hollywood Drive-In Golf is another leisure option in Orlando, USA. After all, there are not only parks Disney themed over there, there's so much more.

Without a doubt, this activity is for you and your whole family to have a lot of fun together.

This mini golf is at Citywalk, which is Universal's entertainment complex.

So it's worth going there to check it out up close and have a little family competition.

But, before follow this post and learn more about this place.

What is Hollywood Drive-In Golf?

It's a space where people go to have fun playing mini golf.

Thus, the place is divided into two fields with different themes. However, both are inspired by classic movies.

The first is “The Haunting of Ghostly Greens”, there the setting is a haunted house, with a very scary cemetery.

On the other hand, the second is “Invaders from Planet Putt”.

In this one, players find themselves surrounded by aliens, robots and even a space worm. Thus, both spaces have special effects and cool elements.

The game of golf is not very popular in Brazil. But we USA yes, even being a more elite sport, for rich people. 

In Orlando, the options for mini golf courses are diverse and there are several throughout the city.

So, this practice ended up becoming more common and also accessible.

Hollywood Drive-In is Universal's miniature golf 

In 2012, Universal Orlando Resort opened this activity miniature for the audience. Thus, there are two areas with 18 holes and very different themes:

  • One inspired by horror movies;
  • While the second is set in a science fiction classic.

Learn about Hollywood Drive-In courses

“The Haunting of Ghostly Greens” has a darker environment, so it's scarier. Also, what contributes to this are the light and sound effects, both from the animal graveyard and the haunted house.

There you can also listen to some famous soundtracks of this genre such as “Thriller” and “Monster Mash”.

In the “Invasion of Planet Putt”, the scenario is geared towards ETs.

By the way, in this area there are stairs to multilevel holes and it has a very light and fun space. On the other hand, the background music there are:

  • “Intergalactic” by the Beastie Boys;
  • And “It's the End of the World” by the band REM

Opening hours

The Hollywood Drive-In it works every day of the week, from 8am to 2am. Thus, to play in a single field, there is a fee, check the following values:

  • US$ 13.99 for adults;
  • And US$ 11.99 for children aged 3-9.

case you and yours family want to play in both fields, it's possible and there's even a discount, see:

  •  US$ 24.99 for adults;
  •  And US$ 20.99 for children aged 3-9.

You can pay for both and split the time between them.

For example, if you keep your ticket, you can play in the second space on another day, not necessarily the same as the first one.

know when to go there

There is an interesting advantage to going at night, because of the lighting in the fields. On the other hand, there are fewer people during the day.

But getting a good shadow can be difficult. So consult with your family and decide together.

Understand how the game works in Hollywood Drive-In

Basically, it is an 18-hole course. Thus, each of them has its own area and its respective obstacles. 

The goal is to hit the ball into the hole in a few strokes, even the less the better. So, in general, obstacles have:

  • Elevations;
  • Ramps;
  • Objects;
  • Plus tunnels and more.

This is all to make the game more competitive. Therefore, the players they only finish the first part and move on to the second, when everyone has hit the ball in the hole. And so it goes until you complete all 18.

The division of groups 

Several teams play at the same time. Therefore, to pass a round, you must wait for what is in front of you to finish. 

It is common to have 4 participants in the same group.

But, this can vary according to each family. 

the employees of the Hollywood Drive-In leave all family members together. That way they are only stricter when the place is crowded.

On the mini golf courses, they give everyone a handout to mark the numbers of shots in each round.

Finally, they all add up at the end of the game, so whoever made the hits with the fewest throws is the winner.

What You'll Need When You Arrive at Hollywood Drive-In

First of all, it is important to clarify that this game in Orlando is a joke. So if you're used to real golf, with its techniques and rules, forget about them all for a day.

The first step in arriving at the Hollywood Drive-In is choosing a putter.

The tip is to get one according to your height and that is comfortable to handle. In fact, it is common for employees themselves to indicate the best for each visitor. 

Then, you must define which will be your balls, because they have Colors many different.

But, it is noteworthy that they all have the same type of material. 

Another suggestion is that each family member choose a color. So, no one gets confused during the match.

Right after the game ends, you will only deliver the stick, since the balls will be inside the holes. 

Hollywood Drive-In: fun for all ages

The difficulty level of this mini golf in Orlando is not high. So, you can get the whole family together and have fun together.

It's also not a tiring activity, because the fields are close to each other. 

In general, participants take up to two hours to complete the 18-hole course.

However, this varies according to the number of people, as well as the ability of each one.

Be sure to play mini golf when you go to the US

This is one of the options for recreation coolest things from Citywalk Orlando. The two courses, with different themes, are a lot of fun. 

The visual and sound effects excite children and, of course, adults too.

Without a doubt, it is an incredible opportunity to spend quality time with your family. 

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