World Showcase at Epcot – Discover the 11 pavilions

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The World showcase It is one of Disney's theme parks. It is one of the most acclaimed attractions by tourists and is located at the World Celebration in Epcot.

Check here for a complete guide about this tour and what it is capable of offering.

World Showcase: understand more

It is a type of cultural tour that lasts for hours and is done on foot. Thus, in it you will know the history of 11 countries.

The cool thing is that everything is told with a wealth of detail that leaves anyone surprised.

The tour allows you to get in touch with the essence of each country. In this way, it is possible to get a sense of architecture, landscapes and diverse attractions.

In addition, this space also has themed shops and restaurants.

11 World Showcase pavilions at Epcot

The entire tour inside the park is divided into pavilions.

So, you go through 11 different environments and each one will represent one of the countries below, check it out.

  1. Mexico;
  2. Norway;
  3. China;
  4. Germany;
  5. Italy;
  6. U.S;
  7. Japan;
  8. Morocco;
  9. France;
  10. United Kingdom;
  11. Canada.

In the next topics, you will learn more about each pavilion. Thus, it is easier to have an idea of what to expect on this exciting tour.

In fact, this is a rich attraction when it comes to culture.

1 – World Showcase and the wonders of Mexico

In this space, you as a tourist will visit every corner of the history of this impressive country. In addition, the World showcase offers a replica of the Aztec pyramid.

mexican restaurants

Food will never be a problem, that's for sure. So, there you have access to several themed restaurants. It is perfect for those who want to know more about the cuisine of the Mexico.

Among the main environments are La Cantina de San Angel and Choza de Margarita. However, the La Hacienda de San Angel and the San Angel Inn are also great options.

characters and attractions

To improve your day even more, the place has a very famous character. Donald Duck will be welcoming you in Mexican attire, ready to take pictures.

Also, the place has a gallery where you can learn about the Día de los Muertos.


For those who want to buy souvenirs, Plaza de los Amigos is the best place. Thus, it is inside the pyramid and has several locations. So, it's like a fair full of accessories and interesting products of Mexican culture.

2 – World Showcase and Norway

After visiting this pavilion, you will get a complete sense of Norwegian history.


This is a country full of riches that go beyond material goods. So, it's an experience to leave anyone surprised.

In fact, what many do not know is that this space is where the attractions of Frozen.

So, if you are a fan of this story, you will be delighted with the shows that take place there.

Norwegian Restaurants

There is a restaurant that you cannot miss at all. So, the Akershus Royal Banquet Hall It's a place with a variety of food options. He is able to satisfy any taste.

The most interesting thing is that this space is where you can take pictures with various Disney princesses. This way, this place is magical and will drive any enthusiast of this universe crazy.

Shops with Norwegian products

Anyone looking to shop will also be very pleased with this pavilion. There are several stores with products of all kinds. Thus, it is the perfect place to guarantee travel souvenirs.

3 – World Showcase and the attractions of China

The entire decoration of the Chinese pavilion is grandiose and attracts attention from the first contact.

The place has a perfect replica of the Temple of Heaven and has a huge garden, full of natural beauties.


attractions and restaurants

Reflections of China is a kind of movie where you follow the path of China. Thus, the visitor has an idea of what it was like in Antiquity until the present time. However, this is not the only attraction present in the place.

House of the Whispering Willows is a little show. So, it allows you to know a little about Disney in China and its attractions there. In fact, many people already leave the place thinking about traveling to the country and getting to know everything more closely.

Food is also not an issue for anyone who wants to try Chinese cuisine. Therefore, Nine Dragons Restaurant and Lotus Blossom Café are the main restaurants in the pavilion.

Characters and shops to see up close

In this pavilion you will find Mulan and you can take some nice pictures. Also, you can get that autograph to keep as a souvenir. Now, as for stores, there is no shortage of options.

4 – World Showcase and Germany

The German pavilion in the World showcase It's more like a fairy tale it's so perfect. The decor is amazing and draws attention in every way. So, you will not regret visiting this space.

german restaurants

In addition to not having an attraction like in other pavilions, here you only have one restaurant. However, it is a buffet and has the most diverse food options. Thus, it is very difficult not to find something to your liking.

Another interesting point is that this place has a lot of beer tasting. So if you like this drink you can be sure you will have a lot of fun.

Also, best of all is the price.

You pay a fixed amount, but you can help yourself. So, you can enjoy a lot.

Still, the space is cozy so you can interact with people from all over.


Characters and stores

The German pavilion features the famous Snow White and her seven dwarfs. So, it's a great opportunity to take a picture with this fairytale icon.

Finally, the place has several stores with products from the country in question.

5 – World Showcase: getting to know Italy

Here you have the feeling that you are in Venice. There are gondolas and sculptures everywhere, so the portrait of the Italy is shown to perfection.

The scenery is constructed with so much detail, that sometimes it is even possible to forget that you are in America.

In fact, this pavilion does not have any special attraction.


However, this does not even remotely diminish the size of the experience the visitor has. That way, you don't have to be disheartened by this information.

Italian restaurants

Italy is a country well known for its cuisine and restaurants will show you why.

Thus, the diversity of foods is so great that choosing an option is not easy. Discover below some places that deserve your attention.


This pavilion is perfect for anyone interested in shopping. Therefore, a tip is to prepare to know each store calmly. Take a look at the top places worth checking out:

  • La Bottega Italiana;
  • Il Bel Cristallo;
  • La Gemma Elegante.

6 – World Showcase and the United States

Here you don't really find a setting as impressive as the other pavilions.

However, the experience is still sensational and well worth checking out.

The space has a huge theater marked by Georgian architecture.

Other than that, you visit Colonial Williamsburg and Independence Hall. So, it is possible to learn a lot about the history of the country.

Now, check out other interesting attractions that are in this space.

American restaurants

The nice thing about the restaurants in this pavilion is that they all work in quick service mode.

That way, you don't have to wait too long for your food. Still, the options are the most diverse and the chances of you being in doubt about what to eat are huge.


Even so, the tip is to try to visit as many places as possible.

Then Regal Eagle Smokehouse, Funnel Cake, and Craft Drafts & Barbecue need to be on your list.

important attractions 

In this pavilion World showcase you have the freedom to enjoy various cool attractions. Thus, they all provide you with a different experience. Here are some that you need to check out closely.

  • The American Adventure;
  • American Heritage Gallery;
  • Voices of Liberty.

7 – World Showcase and the culture of Japan

The feeling when discovering this space is that you are in a japanese temple. So right away you can find the red gate. Also, the garden is amazing and if you enjoy nature, you will be very impressed.

Among the many attractions that exist, the main one is the Bijutsu-kan Gallery.

World Showcase: Japan
World Showcase: Japan

Thus, there is a gallery with several exhibitions that reflect the history of the country.

Therefore, the level of learning is very high.

Japanese restaurants

In the case of restaurants, they are divided into two groups, table-service and counter-service. So, see some of the most famous establishments that bring Japanese cuisine to tourists.

Although they are all Japanese restaurants, don't think they are the same, on the contrary. Thus, each location has a touch that makes it special and unique. Some are more sophisticated while others are more traditional.

interesting stores

You cannot visit this space and not visit the Mitsukoshi Department Store. After all, this is the only brand store in the entire United States. There you can find a little bit of everything, from clothes and accessories to cosmetics.

8 – World Showcase and the mysteries of Morocco

Fans of Aladdin and Jasmine will love everything this pavilion has to offer.

In it, you find these characters and you can take pictures with them at will.

Right away you can see a replica of the prayer tower in Marrakech.

In addition, the entire space is filled with mosaics, rugs and a very elegant decor.


As in the other pavilions, here it is as if you were traveling to Morocco, the experience is so realistic. Still, the whole scenario construction makes everything more realistic.

Moroccan Restaurants

Morocco has an exotic cuisine that attracts the attention of many people.

That way, you have restaurants that will let you in on the delights of this country. So it is possible to eat lamb, kebab, chicken brochette and much more.


Buying souvenirs is the intention of many people when they travel.

However, you don't have to actually go to Morocco to guarantee a souvenir of the place.

So, just enter the stores and you will find a variety of incredible products.

9 – World Showcase and the culture of France

Without a doubt, this is one of the most famous pavilions of all. The fact that he has a miniature of the Eiffel Tower greatly influences his popularity.

And now home to the park's newest attraction, the Rattatouile attraction!


In addition, the history of France is something that catches everyone's attention.

So get ready to be hooked on the expedition throughout this space of World showcase.

Also, one of the most talked about attractions is the presentation of Belle, Disney princess.

French Restaurants

French cuisine is famous all over the world. So, in this space you have the opportunity to taste amazing dishes.

Thus, the place has several restaurants so choosing just one will be difficult.

Anyway, L?Artisan des Glaces is known for crepes of the most diverse flavors. Still, Les Chefs de France has a more refined atmosphere that is worth knowing.

Stores with amazing products

The France pavilion has a very wide range of shops.

The most interesting thing is that there is no standard and each place sells different products.

That way, you buy accessories, cosmetics, perfumes, among other things.

10 – World Showcase and the UK 

A place marked by British architecture that tells the country's history in many ways.

This space dedicated to the United Kingdom has several interesting attractions. Even the famous group The British Revolution performs at the venue.


British food is also a hit with many visitors. Thus, one of the most famous dishes is fried fish with potatoes.


So be sure to try this classic of the country's cuisine.

There are several restaurants and each one has a special aspect.

The important thing is not to leave without tasting the most famous combinations. After all, your experience needs to be complete.


This is one of the few pavilions where you don't come across just one character.

That way, in this space it is possible to take pictures with Mary Poppins, Alice and even the Mad Hatter.


The British pavilion of World showcase It also has several stores available for you to visit at your leisure.

Therefore, it is worth checking each environment, as they sell the most diverse products.

11 – World Showcase presents everything about Canada

One of the things that draws the most attention in this space are the gardens. Their construction is almost divine it is so impressive.

In addition, the pavilion has a replica of an Indian village.

The history of Canada has many important events.

However, you learn about all of them in the most relaxed way possible. The whole scenario collaborates for this to happen, believe me.



Among the many places, Le Cellier Steakhouse is one that you cannot miss. Thus, there are meats, seafood, among other foods that are part of Canadian cuisine.

Stores to check out

In addition to general products and accessories, several stores sell Maple derivatives. So, you can buy popcorn, lollipops and many other types of food. It's a way to experience the explosion of flavors that this plant provides.

Important details about World Showcase

This is an amazing expedition and you of course want to make the most of it. Therefore, it is essential to pay attention to some important details.

First, your check-in must be done at least 15 minutes before the tour starts.

If you have any questions regarding the tour, you can contact the team without any problems.

In addition, the entire tour lasts around four and a half hours and you have a snack.

While backstage, no cameras or cell phones are allowed. However, do not worry that in the external area this is allowed.

Also, the tour is accessible for wheelchair users and service pets.

Pay attention to reservations and dates

To make your reservation, it is necessary to contact the staff there. Now, a tip is to seek to secure a spot in advance.

That way, it's easier to ensure that everything goes as planned.

There are some conditions that give you 15% off the tour.

Therefore, if you have an annual pass, you can count on this promotion when making your reservation. Also, those who have a Disney Chase Visa card and are a member of the Disney Vacation Club are also eligible.

World Showcase: a tour that can change your life

Now you know everything about the World showcase and it's your turn to take the next step and start planning your trip. This is a rich experience that contributes a lot to your cultural knowledge.

Take the opportunity to share this moment with your children and friends. After all, it's a way to learn more about the world and still have amazing experiences. Don't miss out.

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