Katsura Grill – Japanese Restaurant at Epcot

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Located on a small, picturesque hill in the Japan pavilion at Epcot is a hidden gem, Katsura Grill.

Katsura Grill is a quick service restaurant where you can choose from a variety of oriental cuisine.

As we always say, epcot is the Orlando park with the best offer and diversity of restaurants, so take advantage of this indication that we came to bring you today.

You will be able to enjoy the meal in the middle of a beautiful Japanese garden, with relaxing rivers of koi

Or on the inside under the wooden roof with exposed beams.

Because of this, the Epcot is a highlight of the Walt Disney World parks, you can experience the culture of several countries in one day!

Katsura Grill - Epcot Restaurant - Japan Pavilion
Katsura Grill – Epcot Restaurant – Japan Pavilion

Get organized to make the most of what Epcot has to offer.

The Tranquility of Katsura Grill

One of the main reasons Katsura Grill attracts so many people is the ambiance, inspired by a 17th-century Kyoto imperial village.

The restaurant adds a typical architecture of this region.

Therefore, Katsura Grill has a discreet beauty, with few luxurious or exaggerated elements.

Therefore, it opts for a more minimalist approach with attention to the details of Kyoto's culture.

Katsura Grill - Epcot's Restaurant
Katsura Grill – Epcot Restaurant

The gardens are a big highlight, so they are all thoughtfully designed.

So, when passing by, the tip is to slow down a little, relax and enjoy a great atmosphere with a meal worthy of the place.

Being a quick service restaurant, you just order at the cashier, pick up your meal and look around for a table.

Meals can be eaten outdoors or indoors.

While the interior has a more contemporary feel, the outdoor area is a secret passage to the past.

Also, for the full experience, order your meal to eat at the tables outside, beside the running water and under the lanterns.

What to eat at Katsura Grill

Katsura Grill offers typical Japanese meals to be found in the United States.

You can opt for sushi, miso soup, edamame, teriyaki and the crowd favorite, udon noodles.

The menu is very wide and has options for all tastes!

For being a style restaurant fast food, the values of the plates are great and vary between US$12.00 and US$16.00.

In the beverage area, Katsura Grill offers Sapporo draft beer, plum wine and sake (hot or cold). 

Traditional green tea (hot or cold) is on the menu, as are their typical pop options and some specialty cocktails. 

The values of the drinks vary between US$2.75 and US$8.25.

The children's menu offers combinations of chicken, beef and teriyaki shrimp served with white rice, vegetables, a cracker and a drink. 

Children's menu items are valid for children 9 years old and under and cost between US$8.00 and US$9.00.

It's important to note that you don't have to miss going to Katsura Grill if you don't know how to use chopsticks. They offer forks, knives and spoons as well. 

It is, however, a good opportunity to practice your chopstick skills or learn to use them if you feel up to the challenge! 

It may not be the best Japanese food available.

Food at Katsura Grill
Food at Katsura Grill

The menu is very much an American version of Japanese cuisine. 

Even so, it's a very affordable menu and the food is always delicious.

To see the full menu click here!

A really cool thing and a practice that we love and would love to see in more restaurants inside the Orlando parks is that you can see the Katsura Grill menu even outside.

So you can get a better idea of all the offers and their prices before entering the restaurant.

What to expect when you arrive at Katsura Grill

We have already talked about how the environment is peaceful and that you NEED to have your meal outside.

But, what exactly to expect from Katsura Grill?

If you haven't fully explored the Japan Pavilion, take the time to do so on your next trip to Epcot. There is so much to learn about the culture and fall in love!

As you walk through the Pavilion to the back, the Katsura Grill is on the left. However, you will do a little “climbing” to get to it.

The establishment itself demonstrates a Japanese aesthetic, leaving the Katsura simple and functional, with dark wood accents and a thatched roof.

Inside, the ceilings are vaulted and many of the walls give way to windows, so you have a view of the Lagoa do World showcase, the Pavilion and the Garden on three sides.

Katsura Grill - Japanese Restaurant at Epcot
Katsura Grill – Japanese Restaurant at Epcot

Outside, the patio overlooks an outcrop of rock where a waterfall makes gentle sounds.

And that's why Katsura Grill is a favorite among visitors. It's so relaxing, and I've rarely seen it crowded.

In conclusion, Katsura Grill is a place to have a delicious meal and relax from all the rush of lines, attractions and people during your ride in the parks.

The Japan Pavilion

The Japan Pavilion is one of the most amazing and fun to visit areas at Epcot Orlando.

Many people even consider it their favorite place to visit.

Among its great attractions is a huge red gate, known as Tori, which refers to the Japanese region.

The architecture of the buildings, restaurants and shops are also very reminiscent of Japanese temples.

You can also find an exhibition gallery of Japanese art and culture.

There, you can watch “Kawaii Life”, a small show with themes from Japan.

The most awaited show in this pavilion is, without a doubt, Matsuriza. It is an open air show in the middle of the local square and it takes place every day.

Also don't miss the visit to the koi pond! It's beautiful and well worth it!

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