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The Tutto Italia Ristorante is inside one of the pavilions of Epcot, Disney park. First of all, it is worth mentioning that it is next to four other theme parks, being the second to be opened.

By having a theme focused on innovation and technology, the visit can be memorable. Now, you will understand what makes up this place and what the restaurant's cuisine is like.

Tutto Italia Ristorante: Epcot's Italian Restaurant

The Italian pavilion in the World showcase of Epcot draws attention for several reasons. For example, one of them is the Tutto Italia Ristorante, an on-site themed restaurant.

In addition to the attentive service, the place stands out for its good cuisine. In fact, it has a good variety of traditional dishes of the country.

About Tutto Italia Ristorante and its cuisine

For starters, the establishment offers many good options, with the Italian taste you want.

In this sense, you can choose a good variety of fish, artisanal pasta, chicken, among others.

All dishes from menu were designed by chef Joaquim Splichal, highly awarded in California. Plus, the decor is another highlight, with a patio and an airy lounge with bright chandeliers.

Appetizers, main courses and desserts help to compose the menu of the Tutto Italia Ristorante.

As well as options for children, vegetarians and a wine list for you to taste.

With attentive service, the place can be good to go with the whole family. Finally, the place itself recommends making reservations in advance.

Tutto Italia Ristorante at Epcot

The menu at Tutto Italia Ristorante: antipasti and more

This restaurant has a good range of options with prices ranging from 15 to 35 dollars per adult.

First of all, the dishes start with the antipasti (appetizers) for lunch and dinner, namely:

  • Tagliere (suited for two people);
  • Caesar salad (shrimp can be added);
  • Carpaccio di Manzo;
  • Calamari Fritti;
  • "Fior di Latte" caprese.

secondi (second)

The options in this section of the menu are served for both lunch and dinner:

  • Salmone (grilled salmon fillet);
  • Parmegiana (Breaded chicken breast with cheese, spaghetti and tomato sauce);
  • Bistecca (12 strips of sirloin and, in addition, crispy rosemary potato).

Tutto Italia Ristorante Menu for Pasta

Spaghetti Carbonara at Tutto Italia at Epcot
Spaghetti Carbonara at Tutto Italia at Epcot

These are the pastas available to serve in the Tutto Italia Ristorante for lunch and dinner:

  • Lasagne alla Bolognese;
  • Fettuccine (made with homemade pasta);
  • Spaghetti With Meatballs);
  • Penne alla vodka.

Dolci: Tutto Italia Ristorante's sweets section

Dessert is part of the meal and could not be left out of this menu. So, here are the sweet dishes the restaurant offers its customers:

  • Cannoli;
  • Tartufo al Caffè (Cappuccino truffle);
  • Ice creams and sorbets of various flavors;
  • Pie di Ricotta al Limone;
  • Mocha Tiramisu;
  • Pie della nonna.

Regarding prices, the lowest is 11 dollars and some go up to 14 dollars.

Tutto Italia Ristorante wine menu

For those who appreciate a good wine, the place has several options and several vintages.

As well as choices for those who like something more refreshing, such as:

  • Chianti Terre di Bacco 2018 crop;
  • Tageto Donna Olimpia 2016 crop;
  • Tre Brancaia 2015 crop;
  • Gavi Batasiolo 2018 crop;
  • Dolcetto d'Alba Batasiolo Sagra 2017;
  • Langhe Nebbiolo Terre di Bacco crop 2018;
  • Sauvignon Terre di Bacco vintage 2018;
  • Pecorino I;
  • Feuduccio Sagra 2018;
  • Gavi Batasiolo 2018 crop.

Tutto Italia Ristorante children's menu

The place also has a dedicated section for children aged up to nine years.

That way, you don't have to worry about feeding the little ones. Now, as for the menu, the main dishes are these:

  • Spaghetti (with meatballs and tomato sauce);
  • Breaded chicken (with pods);
  • Mozzarella sticks;
  • Pizza.

Disney Check Meals at Tutto Italia Ristorante

be in the Tutto Italia Ristorante or at another restaurant you visit, pay attention to this detail. After all, Disney Check meals have their own symbol on the printed menus.

This symbol means the dishes follow Disney's nutritional guidelines. Thus, there is a greater guarantee that your children are eating well.

How to prepare to go to Epcot and discover Tutto Italia Ristorante

After getting to know a little about park It's from Tutto Italia Ristorante, time to plan. So, here are some steps for you to prepare your trip and get to know Disney:

  1. Get your passport and US visa;
  2. Choose the dates;
  3. Make the purchase of tickets;
  4. Plan the hosting;
  5. Arrange car rental;
  6. Purchase tickets.

1 – Get your passport and US visa

To be able to travel to the USA and sightsee, these two elements are essential. In this way, the first can be withdrawn from the Federal Police anywhere in the country.

Getting the document is not a problem, you just need the CPF and RG. Now, if you have changed your name, you will also need your birth certificate.

to get the american visa

One of the reasons to get a passport first is because it is necessary to get a visa.

However, other documents must be obtained to take this one, as well as:

  • Form DS-160 completed with confirmation page;
  • Scheduling definition;
  • Your documents used in this same form.

After this step, you will need to go through an interview to finally obtain your visa.

2 – Choose the dates to see the parks and Tutto Italia Ristorante

Dates are a crucial part of your plans and everything that involves calendar. That is, the time you intend to go and how much time you will spend are included.

The ideal is to go during the low season if you prefer a smaller flow of people. In addition, ticket and purchase costs are also reduced.

As for the number of days that will pass, this will depend on several factors. For example, the duration of the vacation and what you intend to do while you are there. As well as events, which occur at certain times of the year, such as Halloween and Christmas.

3 – Buy your tickets

With the documentation and dates ready, it's time to buy the tickets. At first, it's when the value usually weighs in your pocket, but there are ways to soften it.

One of them is to buy in advance so you can pay little by little. So, on the date of the trip, everything will be paid off.

Another tip is to use miles to reduce the cost of tickets or even promotions. However, pay attention to the latter so you don't fall into any prank that makes you spend more.

4 – Plan your accommodation to visit Epcot and Tutto Italia Ristorante

Accommodation, as well as tickets, must be booked well in advance to avoid problems. After all, there are times when hotels are very busy.

Spaceship Earth - Epcot Attraction
Spaceship Earth – Epcot Attraction

The number of options is high and they are available for all budget types. Finally, hotels in Disney and Universal complexes generate good benefits for guests. So, analyze the best rated ones before making your decision.

5 – Rent a car

If you want to get to know the region, a car is more than welcome. Although, nowadays, it is possible to use taxis and apps, the cost can end up being higher than renting a vehicle.

When choosing to do this, the tip is the same as for the tickets: beware of pranks. For example, there are companies that charge mandatory insurance only when picking up the car. So, be careful with each step.

6 – Purchase the tickets

And, last but not least: the purchase of tickets to have fun. Now, the idea is similar to the previous ones: buy in advance, at least 90 days.

Some combos and different types of tickets are available for purchase. In addition, buying in Brazil generates several advantages such as:

  • Being able to pay in Real;
  • The IOF will not be charged;
  • Avoids the variation of the card exchange rate;
  • You can pay in installments;
  • It is possible to schedule attractions.
Tutto Italia - Restaurant at Epcot
Tutto Italia – Restaurant at Epcot

Fun, food at Tutto Italia Ristorante and more

In this article you learned much more than the Tutto Italia Ristorante from the park Epcot. Above all, he saw that the place has several options to have fun with the whole family.

At children, moreover, do not fail to gain prominence. After all, this is Disney, which has attractions to leave little ones impressed.

Costs can be an issue, but with good plans, travel becomes possible. So always remember to do everything in advance to have a great experience.

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