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The Mexico Pavilion at Epcot it is a very interesting area of the Disney park in Orlando. It is designed for those who want to know a little more about the culture of the neighboring country. So, see all the information and know what to do in this place.

Why visit the Mexico Pavilion at Epcot

This is one of the little worlds that exist within the amusement center universe.

The experience is ideal for those who want to learn a little more about the culture of other nations.

Donald Duck at the Mexico Pavilion
Donald Duck at the Mexico Pavilion

Epcot is the second park of Walt Disney World and is divided into two parts, Future World and World Case.

In the second there are 11 divisions and each one represents a different country. Thus, visitors enjoy the environment with:

  • Restaurants with local cuisine;
  • Typical shops;
  • Specific cultural attractions.

The creator's idea for this place was to create a community of the future, in which everyone could live. According to your plans, the environment is always changing, with new attractions and technologies.

Location and how to get there

Those traveling by car need to find parking 200 Epcot Center Drive.

It is located in Lake Buena Vista, Florida, so the highway already has signs indicating its entrance.

Spaceship Earth - Epcot Attraction
Spaceship Earth – Epcot Attraction

People who stay at hotels in the Disney complex have their own transport to reach the place.

So, it is important to know if the place where you are going to stay offers a vehicle.

When to go to the Mexico Pavilion at Epcot 

The Mexico Pavilion at Epcot It works all year, except when it goes through construction works. But, before booking your trip, it is good to know the peak dates. That way, you can choose the ones that give you more time to enjoy the attractions.

January is winter and the first few weeks are busy.


At this time it is common to find Brazilians on vacation. Finally, in the last week the flow usually decreases.

The beginning of February is also quiet, but the holiday in the third week leaves the atmosphere full.

So, the same thing happens in early March, only the lull stops at Spring Break, which works like a week off.

Vacations in the United States

Until the last week of May is a good date for your trip, because that's when several schools start their vacation. So, between June and August the park will be full, and the lines are very long.

The best month to travel

In September the environments are more empty and the temperatures pleasant. Therefore, it is one of the best times to book your trip. At the end of the month the event begins Food And Wine Festival, with many options for food and drinks.

October also has a smooth flow, with the exception of a few holidays and Halloween. So, you need to be aware of the park's schedules during this period.

End of year

Between November and December the movement grows again. Therefore, this season is more complicated to make reservations or walk around Disney without queues.

Things to do at the Mexico Pavilion at Epcot

At the Mexico Pavilion at Epcot you will feel like you are in the country. It has elements of Mexican culture in every corner. Thus, its architecture is characteristic, as are markets, shops, restaurants and squares.

It has a replica of the Aztec pyramids, Chichen Itza, and its elements are all very colorful. In this way, the place tries to pay homage to the country and is one of the most beautiful areas of the park.

Mexico Pavilion at Epcot
Mexico Pavilion at Epcot

The pavilion is the first of the 11 that make up the World ShowCase, so it is very close to the entrance. One of its main attractions is ?Os Tres Caballeros?, a boat ride that lasts about six minutes. Learn more about her below.

Attractions at the Mexico Pavilion at Epcot

In the aforementioned toy, the vehicle passes through a large Aztec pyramid. There you will walk through Latin lands and at the end, you will find: 

The place also has activities from the movie Viva – Vida é um festa. Thus, it yields great photos along with the characters that stay in the area and a fun ride.

The attraction is very popular with adults and children. 

Restaurants in the Mexico Pavilion at Epcot

The region has three typical restaurant options, a fast food and two with table services. In addition to two bars for those who want to drink and have fun. All of them are different, but they offer spicy and delicious food, find out a little more below.

La Hacienda de San Angel

The place has average prices and usually has special dinners throughout the year.

Thus, on these occasions it is possible to eat and enjoy a beautiful show that takes place on the lake.


Your menu contains:

  • Tacos, Pozole and Quesadilla;
  • Fish of the day;
  • Salads and Guacamole;
  • Parrillada del Mar.

San Angel Inn

We just love this restaurant. He was one of the chosen ones on our trip to engagement to eat the day we went to epcot.

the weather is fine romantic and pleasant, we highly recommend it especially for couples who enjoy Mexican food!

With medium and high prices, it has a romantic atmosphere in Mexico Pavilion at Epcot, with a farmhouse architecture. Its menu has typical dishes such as:

  • Pollo to Las Rajas;
  • Camarones a la Diabla;
  • Pollo enchiladas;
  • Tacos and tequila tasting
  • Fished at La Veracruzana.

La Cantina de San Angel

It's the cheapest of the three and doubles as a fast-food canteen for nachos. Among its main foods on the menu are the following:

  • Tacos and Pollo Cascabel;
  • Empanadas and Nachos;
  • Guacamole.


In addition to the restaurants, you can discover options of bars for good drinks. So see what they are.

Margarita Choza

It is a kiosk bar that sells several exclusive margarita drinks, beers and small snacks. It is an ideal stop for those who love the drink and want to try some variations.

La Cava Del Tequila

It's the fanciest bar in the Mexico Pavilion at Epcot and offers a tequila and margarita tasting. In addition, customers receive guacamole and cheese with corn chips.

Mexico Pavilion Stores at Epcot 

Disney parks are famous for the large amount of stores they have. Thus, they are also present in the Mexican region with three main tents that sell various gifts.

Plaza de Los Amigos

It is an open-air market that sells clothing, accessories, food, gifts and drinks. The stalls sell original and very beautiful products, so their prices are quite varied.

The Princess of Crystal

A chic store that has many styles of Arribas Brothers branded glassware. It usually draws the attention of those who like art and collectibles.

Ring Carvers

It is a jewelry store that makes personalized jewelry, its works are beautiful and please all tastes. Their prices are medium and high, but there are some cheaper pieces, you have to look.

Tips for Visiting the Mexico Pavilion at Epcot

The Mexico Pavilion at Epcot is a very famous destination in the park for having interesting attractions and good food. But to make the most of your day, it is important to follow some tips.

arrive early

To make the most of all the attractions it is important to arrive at the park as soon as possible. This will avoid long lines and that way your family will be able to see all the parts offered.

Make advance reservations

If you want to go to a restaurant, make a reservation before the day. This will ensure that you have a place to eat and don't wait for hours to get a table.

The Mexican pavilion is one of the most beautiful and organized in the park. So, take the opportunity to see its attractions, enjoy its food and buy its various products.

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