San Angel Inn – Mexican Cuisine at Epcot

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Eating well is what everyone wants when they discover a new place, isn't it? The San Angel Inn, in Epcot park, then, becomes a more than recommended option, as it is able to serve well and still provide a more wonderful view than anything else.

After all, think about Epcot is to have the synonym of unusual beauty at your fingertips.

And even better: you have a range of variety. You will definitely find what you want.

The restaurant, therefore, living up to what the park has to offer the most incredible, offers a menu full of dishes that bring the culture of Mexico to the USA.

Even if you are in the American country, it is possible to enjoy Mexican cuisine.

In addition to the food to the point, without taking or putting, you also have the possibility to enjoy the climate romantic within an environment designed precisely for that.

San Angel is the name of a neighborhood located in Mexico City.

Thus, in honor of the place, the Epcot park restaurant used the same name.

In it, however, you will have a “old world hospitality in this intimate twilight setting”, ready to make your day – or night – very special.


However, remember: in order to get the experience of going to the San Angel Inn, as it is inside the park, it is necessary to have the ticket dated on the same day of the reservation.

Park location and ambiance of the San Angel Inn

The restaurant is located in the Mexico pavilion, in the area on the World showcase, where, in addition to the country in question, there are several other nations referenced.

To get to the place, however, it is very quiet and easy to find, since, having the map in hand, you will be able to locate yourself without major headache.

The Mexico, by the way, is the first country in the World Showcase, if you start the tour on the left side of the park.

If you choose to start on the other side, then it will be last. On the map below, it is indicated by the number 27, near the Norway pavilion and China.

Epcot map. Photo: Disclosure

Once you locate the pavilion, you will find an immense (it's very big!) and impressive pyramid, which draws attention for its stunning beauty and architecture.

This monument makes reference to the Temple of Kukulkán, built by the Mayans, who inhabited the city of Chichén Itzá, in the state of Yucatan, Mexico.

Although it's just a historical representation, it really looks stunning from the outside and inside.

If you only see it from the outside, you can't even imagine what's inside. beyond the restaurant San Angel Inn, all structured inside the pyramid, there is a fair and everything, with lights and a fountain, giving that cozy feeling, you know?

In this place, you can buy typical products from Mexico, maybe even take a souvenir for your family members, right?

However, speaking specifically of the restaurant itself, it's almost difficult to know where to start.

Well, the atmosphere has a completely romantic air, literally staging a candlelight dinner, since that is the proposal of the San Angel Inn.

Make people feel welcomed and enjoy the service and the time they have to spend on site.

Stunning scenery from the San Angel Inn. Photo: Disclosure/Flickr

The scenery is also breathtaking as it features elements of Mexican culture.

Even a volcano was represented in the place – and, certainly, close to the volcano is one of the coolest angles to enjoy the view.

Menu, prices and opening hours

San Angel Inn's menu is very diverse, with options such as soups, starters, main dishes, desserts, à la carte for children and it is even possible to create selections for the little ones.

In addition, there are drinks, such as margaritas and other exclusive drinks (for those over 21). That is, at the disposal of customers there is a quality selection.

For those who are “backwards” to Mexican food, famous for being very seasoned and spicy, go without fear. Yes, there is spice and pepper, but not in excess.

It's just right to be appetizing. With that, just choose and taste.

But before that, before choosing the main dishes, the restaurant offers a starter with chips and sauces (there are two types) and you don't have to pay anything extra for it.

From then on, you are free to choose a dish on the menu that catches your attention the most.

Soups and entrees at the San Angel Inn are between $11 and $14. As for the main dishes, they are in the range of 18 (caesar salad) to 48 dollars (roast beef).

Desserts, on the other hand, average $10. You can check out the full menu on the Disney website. clicking here.

The restaurant is open from 12:00 to 22:00 (12:00 – 10:00).

It is worth mentioning, however, that reservations must be made in advance, as the San Angel Inn features table service (table service) – the one where you order and are served by the waiter/waitress.

Is the San Angel Inn worth going to?

Thinking about the food, yes, it is really worth knowing and enjoying the experience that San Angel presents.

The landscape also encourages prestige and, certainly, it is something that must be taken into account when deciding to go to the restaurant, since it becomes a must.

However, a negative point in san angel Inn is that it is VERY dark.

The lighting is very low, largely because of this need to create a romantic atmosphere.

So, it becomes very difficult to visualize the options on the menu, for example. That way, a little extra help is valid, like the cell phone flashlight.

Therefore, be aware that it is very likely that you will have to spend a few percent of the battery to help identify the cymbals.

Unlike other restaurants in the park and other Disney complexes such as the Disney springs, the San Angel may not be very attractive for young children, because there really isn't much to catch their attention.

Darkness, therefore, can be uncomfortable for them as well.

So, plan ahead and check other posts here on the blog, which will undoubtedly influence you and help you decide on “stops” inside the parks, such as at Epcot, and in other places around Orlando.

So have fun!

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