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The Cosmic Ray's Starlight Café It is one of the restaurants located in the Magic Kingdom. This, in turn, is part of the Walt Disney World Resort parks.

These, for example, are elements that can generate a good trip for the whole family.

From now on, you can check out the details and how to eat at this Disney establishment.

Cosmic Ray's Starlight Café

Much more than a restaurant located in the area Tomorrowland from Magic Kingdom Park. O Cosmic Ray's Starlight Café it is, above all, the biggest fast food in the park.

Cosmic Rays Starlight Café - Magic Kingdom Restaurant
Cosmic Rays Starlight Café – Magic Kingdom Restaurant

Its gigantic size is something that catches the eye of all visitors.

In addition, the establishment itself promises a galaxy of tempting options for those who go there.

In general, typical American cuisine is present on the menu. Finally, there is also the Sonny Eclipse musical attraction to enjoy while having your meal.

The price of dishes is not that high.

That is, you can go there and taste a cuisine that can cost, at most, 15 dollars.

opening hours

In general, the normal opening hours of the restaurant start at 10:30 am.

After that, he works for the rest of the day, closing at 9 pm.

Cosmic Ray's Starlight Café Menu: Main Courses

This restaurant's menu Quick Service it is very vast, so the ideal is to go by parts. So, see below what it offers for main dishes:

  • 30cm hot dog of 100% beef with chili and cheese;
  • Beef tenderloin 100%, served with a portion of French fries;
  • Spicy Chicken Sandwich;
  • 4 strips of chicken with french fries;
  • Portion of ? pound beef cheeseburger with angus and bacon;
  • Greek salad with chicken strips;
  • ? pound angus beef cheeseburger;
  • Greek salad.
Cosmic Rays Starlight Café - Magic Kingdom Restaurant Menu
Cosmic Rays Starlight Café – Magic Kingdom Restaurant Menu

It is worth mentioning that for vegetarians, there is Impossible? Burger, which is also served with fries.

Thus, ensuring options for all audiences.

Accompaniment at Cosmic Ray's Starlight Café

With regard to follow-ups, the Cosmic Ray's Starlight Café It has some options like:

  • Fried potatoes with spicy cheese;
  • One Cuties® tangerine;
  • French fries served without cheese.

Among the desserts, the highlight is the chocolate bundt cake with purple frosting. Thus, completing the complete menu.

Cosmic Ray's Starlight Café Menu for Kids

Little ones can't be left out when it comes to Disney. So the biggest of the Magic Kingdom restaurants needs to have a section for kids. So, here are some of the dishes made for them:

  • Peanut Butter and Jelly Untrustable (Disney Check Meal);
  • Two chicken strips;
  • Pasta with cheese.

It is worth remembering that these options are for those who are up to nine years old.

Cosmic Ray's Starlight Café - 50th Anniversary Burger
Cosmic Ray's Starlight Café – 50th Anniversary Burger

What is Disney Check

This is a label that appears on some of the dishes on restaurant menus. That way, he indicates that the meal follows Disney's nutritional guidelines. Therefore, if you want the best food for your child, pay attention to this detail.

Drinks on the menu at Cosmic Ray's Starlight Café

the menu of Cosmic Ray's Starlight Café has good drink options for visitors. From now on, you can check out what they all are:

  • Machine with various types of drink;
  • Simply Orange® (an orange juice);
  • Nestlé Nesquik® – a chocolate milk in small and large sizes;
  • Café Joffrey's Coffee? – regular or decaffeinated options;
  • Twinings of London® (a type of hot tea);
  • Semi-skimmed milk;
  • Dasani® water (bottle);
  • Hot chocolate.

Prices for these drinks are not expensive, ranging from $1.99 to $4.99.

Special drinks

There are also two special drinks within the restaurant menu, they are:

  • Minute Maid® Lemonade Slushie, Strawberry Flavor;
  • Minute Maid® premium version lemonade.

Cosmic Ray's Starlight Café and its allergen-free menu

Allergens are the names of substances that cause reactions in some people. So, with that in mind, the fast food has a menu without several of them, such as:

  • Gluten and Wheat;
  • Dishes that do not have eggs among the ingredients;
  • Fish and, in addition, other seafood;
  • Milk and Soybeans;
  • Peanuts and other types of nuts.

With that, if you have any kind of allergy, you can enjoy meals in the same way. After all, the plates are not very different from those already mentioned above.

Which means you can enjoy a Greek salad without worrying. Not only that, hot dogs, brownies, chicken strips and fries are also available.

Best time to visit Magic Kingdom and Cosmic Ray's Starlight Café

To get to know places like this and avoid inconvenience, it is natural to prefer when there are fewer people. In this sense, check below which are the ideal months to visit the parks:

  • January and May;
  • September and October;
  • November and December.

January and May

Despite New Year's Eve, the month of January is a good time to visit the parks. Especially from the second week onwards, which is when most people left.

Another important factor is that only school holidays in Brazil continue during this period. Therefore, the flow of people is greatly reduced. In May, there is not even a recess and the weather is usually very good to enjoy.

september and october

These two months are ideal for those who want a cooler climate and calm. Also, they are low season, so Disney is very empty.

Finally, the costs for the trip are lower since the tickets are cheap. Not only that, but the local stores have reduced prices.


November and December

Here it is worth noting that it is not the whole month that is quiet for visits. So, if you want to travel, think about doing it early on, as vacations happen. That is, the last few weeks tend to be very crowded, in addition to the end of year festivities.

More about Cosmic Ray's Starlight Café area: the Tomorrowland

The restaurant area has a more futuristic vibe. However, the somewhat retro touch is not lost and provides a beautiful look to tourists.

During your visit, you can see some characters like Buzz Lightear's. In addition, Stitch also tends to walk around there from time to time. However, when consulting the timetable guide, you can find out which characters will appear in the place.

Beyond Cosmic Ray's Starlight Café: Mickey's Shop

The name of the only store in this area is Mickey's Star Traders and it has a lot of products. That way, you can go inside and buy that desired souvenir or some exclusive item.

Photo tip: the Purple Wall

Tomorrowland has a famous place for tourists to register: a Purple Wall. Especially, you can see it as soon as you enter the area, just to the right.

It has good natural lighting and a look composed of more pastel tones. That is, a good place to take some pictures inside the place.

Guest Relations: services beyond Cosmic Ray's Starlight Café

No matter what problem you have, this sector is in charge of helping you. That is, here it is possible to find people trained to resolve anything within Disney.

The Magic Kingdom, as well as other parks, has two Guest Relations points. In this way, these employees can offer help on topics that relate to:

  • Lost and found;
  • Lost Children and Meeting Points;
  • Celebration pins.

Lost and found

As the name says, this session is for those who have lost something of value. In this sense, the tip is to always check the place before leaving the park. After all, the items only arrive at the GR at the end of the day.

Lost children and meeting points

Whether you're a kid or not, it's normal to get lost in big parks like Magic Kingdom. So, if this happens, go to Guest Relations to find out if the person has been found. However, remember that the locations are safe and have trained staff.

celebration brooches

The GR has several pins with different marks, such as wedding anniversary, first visit, among others. So just go there and redeem yours without any problem.

In addition to these, there are countless other issues that this sector can take care of, so always stay tuned.

Access for people with special needs

One point Guest Relations can help with is accessibility. That is, visitors with special needs can receive a DAS card.

The acronym stands for Disability Access Service provides several benefits, which change as needed. That way, employees spread throughout the Magic Kingdom will provide whatever assistance they need.

Magic Kingdom and Cosmic Ray's Starlight Café

In this article you saw a little about the first of the four parks in the region. As well as the restaurant, which in turn is the greatest gift in the place.

In general, it is a place with options for the whole family to enjoy. However, children are still highlighted and can see memorable attractions.

Depending on the period, the trip can be very quiet and a little cheaper. Therefore, you just need to plan well to enjoy every moment of this visit to Disney.

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