Teppan Edo – Japanese Restaurant at Epcot

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Teppan Edo is a Japanese restaurant located in Epcot, the food is made by the chef in front of the visitor.

In addition, there are several options with an oriental taste, from the food to the drinks menu, don't forget to look at the menu from one of the best Disney restaurants.

Teppan Edo, an Epcot restaurant

The Epcot It is one of Disney parks, it is possible to visit other countries and cultures in one place.

Therefore, it has several gastronomic references, which makes it one of the most interesting places in Orlando.

Teppan Edo - Japanese Restaurant at Epcot
Teppan Edo – Japanese Restaurant at Epcot

It is almost impossible in one day to explore all that the park has to offer.

After all, there are eleven countries side by side to be seen.

First of all, some places deserve to be highlighted and be on the travel itinerary, this is the case of Teppan Edo.

Perfect for Japanese food lovers

It has the classics of Japanese culture, made with all the care that food requires.

Japanese Food at Teppan Edo - Japanese Restaurant at Epcot
Japanese Food at Teppan Edo – Japanese Restaurant at Epcot

After all, gastronomy in this country is seen as an art.

In this the restaurant Epcot can reproduce with high quality.

How is the decoration of the place?

At first glance, everything resembles the land of the rising sun, from the sober colors, with the basic colors like black, white and red, with wood and the iron plate on the tables. In fact, this is where Teppan is made.

Decoration of Teppan Edo - Japanese Restaurant at Epcot
Decoration of Teppan Edo – Japanese Restaurant at Epcot

The place is pleasant and the environment is extremely clean, in addition, the chefs are well-groomed and interact with the visitor.

In the end, it all adds up to an impeccable place, with a discreet Disney decor that matches the Japanese style.

a cozy space

The light and decoration leave the Teppan Edo cozy.

If you don't mind the smell of food and fires and steam, the interesting thing is to sit next to the hotplates and watch the fresh food being prepared to order.

Teppan Edo - Japanese Restaurant at Epcot
Teppan Edo – Japanese Restaurant at Epcot

But if the hot environment bothers you, there are tables in another part of the room.

Big difference from Teppan Edo

The Teppan style of Japanese food is what sets this restaurant apart.

That is, the food is prepared on an iron plate, in front of the customer.

There, the chef also plays with fire to entertain and to make the experience complete.

an amazing experience

Handling the knives, cutting the food and the flame all together makes for an incredible experience.

In addition, during preparation, it is made with utensils that have the Mickey brand and subtly include the character in the decoration.

The food served for starters at Teppan Edo

The Teppan Edo has a japanese menu at disney large and diverse, able to please all tastes.

So at lunch, the entry options are, for example:

  • Tempura selection: fried shrimp and vegetables;
  • Edamame: green soybeans served in the cold pod;
  • Miso soup: the classic soup with tofu.
Food at Teppan Edo - Japanese Restaurant at Epcot
Food at Teppan Edo – Japanese Restaurant at Epcot

There is an option for vegans and also for those who appreciate shrimp, in addition, there are options with beautiful pieces of raw fish.

The classic sushi and sashimi

Despite the Teppan food being the differential in this restaurant, there is also a cold version for those who prefer raw fish cuts, such as:

  • Sushi: Butter, Pepper or California;
  • Sashimi Menu: with pieces of Tuna, Salmon and Guaiuba;
  • Sushi tasting: Niguiri, spring roll and California.

All dishes have the quality of the restaurants from Epcot park, in addition to being tasty, the fish are fresh and brightly colored.

Food at Teppan Edo - Japanese Restaurant at Epcot
Food at Teppan Edo – Japanese Restaurant at Epcot

A diverse menu for the main course

At first, the Teppan Edo it is diverse. This is because in addition to the cold pieces, there is great diversity in dishes that can be prepared on the grill, such as:

  • Filet mignon;
  • scallop;
  • Salmon;
  • Tori;
  • NY beef sirloin steak.

In addition to proteins, the accompaniments of the dishes in general are pasta and rice. However, you can choose the mix of mushrooms and salads.

For those who don't eat any kind of meat, there is the Yasai dish, which are seasonal vegetables, with mushrooms, tofu and udon noodles.

In addition, it can include white rice and salad, so it is a restaurant that has options for all tastes.

Photo: Teppan Edo the modern Japanese restaurant located at Epcot Disney and delights its visitors with its food preparation

How are the desserts at Teppan Edo?

As with the starter and main meal, the dessert refers to the land of the rising sun, with elements and flavors.

In fact, the following dishes are part of the sweet menu:

  • matcha tiramisu;
  • Chocolate cake with ginger;
  • Yuzu mousse.

Finally, who still prefers sweet accents, machine ice cream as an option for vanilla or green tea.

Drinks a separate chapter

The option in Teppan Edo to drink hot or cold green tea, in addition to Ramune which is a japanese soda. Alcoholic options include:

  • Japanese beers;
  • Sake-based drinks;
  • japanese whiskey.

Anyway, it's an interesting part, without a doubt, although the values are a little high, for those who would like to try something new and surprising, it's worth it.

Does Teppan Edo require a reservation?

Yes, it is one of the restaurants that follows Disney's reservation policy, which requires booking 60 days in advance of the visit. In addition, it is necessary to inform the number of people, between adults and children.

Japanese Food at Teppan Edo - Japanese Restaurant at Epcot
Japanese Food at Teppan Edo – Japanese Restaurant at Epcot

Pay attention to restaurant hours

In general, they are very strict with schedules, at first, the Teppan Edo open from noon to 9pm.

So, is this Epcot restaurant worth visiting?

For those who appreciate Japanese culture and food, this is a place worth visiting.

Even with children, as there is the option of pasta and white rice reminiscent of the traditional Brazilian, just ask not to add vinegar.

In addition, the meats on the grill are golden and deep fried for those who are not a big fan of raw fish.

Teppan Edo
Teppan Edo

Although for those who like a full plate, the sashimi and sushi options don't have much variation in types of fish, but they have the basics well done.

As the chef is close by, the visitor can ask for some changes during preparation, which helps to please everyone in the family.

Go with the whole family

Finally, it is a unique experience to be with the chefs who interact and prepare the meal.

Generally, they are very friendly and please children and adults and are a good option for a family meal.

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