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A good trip to the Disney parks is not complete without knowing how to take a photo with your favorite characters, right? So today we are going to show you where to get pictures with the characters in Animal Kingdom at Walt Disney World!

So follow this post, we'll show you all the characters that you can find in this park and the locations you can find them!

It is worth noting that it is always valid and important to check which characters will be in park (via the My Disney Experience app) on the day of your visit and in which locations.

This is mainly during and after the pandemic, where we saw a good reduction in the interaction between characters and people. Certainly all interactions will return, but without a doubt many of them will be different!

In this post we will talk about all the characters that will be possible to meet in the park.

First we will talk about those who stay in fixed places or who, despite not being something “official”, always appear in the same place.

Then we'll bring you a list of other characters you can find around the park!

But depending on the season, other characters may appear (such as on special dates or special parties), the locations of certain fixed characters may be changed or even certain fixed characters may be removed.

So always keep an eye on My Disney Experience to check your park locations and appointments, as well as their schedules (this goes for all Disney parks).

So let's go!

Dinoland USA

Pluto and Goofy

Carlos and Nath with Goofy and Pluto at Animal Kingdom
Carlos and Nath with Goofy and Pluto at Animal Kingdom

At Dinoland USA you will find Pluto and Goofy dressed as adventurers to take pictures!

They are a lot of fun and one of the characters that we think most interacted with the guests, both with adults and with children!

It's so worth getting in line to meet these two classic characters!

Donald Duck

Carlos and Nath at Animal Kingdom with Donald Duck
Carlos and Nath at Animal Kingdom with Donald Duck

Also in Dinoland USA you will find our dear Donald Duck, dressed as an adventurer!

He's also really fun and always funny like we're used to seeing in Disney cartoons! It's really worth knowing!

Discovery island


Pocahontas at Animal Kingdom

There are those who say that in Animal Kingdom there are no Disney princesses🇧🇷 It's okay that pocahontas is not in fact a princess, but in the list of many she is in the same group!

On Discovery Island (right in the center of the park) you can find Disney's most beloved Indian, the Pocahontas!

This is also a very fun interaction and especially if you speak English because you can talk to the Pocahontas and interact a lot!

Russell and Doug

Also in Discovery island you can meet these two beloved characters from Up Altas Aventuras, our little explorer Russell and the super faithful dog Doug.

In some seasons they appear together to take the photos and in others it appears either only Doug or only Russell for the photos, as this is always valid to check which characters will be in the park on the day of your visit.

Mickey and Minnie

Of course, the most beloved couple in the Disney world could not be missing, Mickey and Minnie dressed as adventurers will also be in the Discovery island to take pictures with the guests!

This interaction can't be missed, they are TOO cute!

Besides, it's not every day that you'll see Mickey and Minnie in these cute adventurer outfits to take pictures of, is it?

This is one of the interactions we most recommend. It's not usually too crowded and the interaction is very private, inside a room, so you and your children can enjoy a very unique interaction with Mickey and Minnie here without having to queue!

And of course it can be a good use of your fastPass +.


Our beloved meerkat has also been present at Animal Kingdom in the Adventure Island area, he is very funny and very Hakuna Matata like in the movie!

Well worth the visit!

Characters around the Park

Here we will briefly talk about some characters that you can find around the park.

Many do not have set hours and you need a little luck to find them. Particularly I love this, because unexpectedly you can see a character you love dancing with the visitors (as we already saw Koda from the bear brother right in front of the Flame Tree Barbecue).

Often appearing in the park (but on select dates or seasons) characters Flik, from A Bug's Life, Rafiki of the Lion King, King Louie of Mowgli and others, stay tuned for those who will be in the parks on the day of your visit.

In the park it is also possible to find s Thumper and Miss. Bunny, Terk from Tarzan also appears there (pictured below)!

Character Landing can be found on your right as you approach the bridge that takes you from Discovery Island to Dinoland USA There is a small sign above the entrance. It's a very small path.

Your first clue, if any characters are currently available, is that a cast member will be standing at the entrance.

They can sometimes be cautious as to which character is hanging around, but usually they'll tell you if you ask!

We also recently encountered Jiminy Cricket in Character Landing.

Unlike what many people think, the Animal kingdom has become more and more a cool place to take photo with disney characters.

We love it, mainly because of the theme and atmosphere of the park which is cooler, so standing in line to take a picture with one of our favorite characters becomes much more enjoyable!

Of course, there are several other locations in Walt Disney like the Magic Kingdom where you can find Disney characters.

There are even rare characters to take a picture there.

Eai liked to know which characters can you find in Animal Kingdom to take pictures?

Are any of your favorite characters missing here? Tell us in the comments!

Video Tour at Animal Kingdom

For those who have been with us for some time, you know that Animal Kingdom is one of my favorite parks, I love spending a quiet day there enjoying everything this park has to offer.

Be sure to check out our Animal Kingdom tours on our youtube channel.

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