Is it possible to travel to disney earning little?

Yes, it is possible to travel to disney for little! In this post, we'll give you a cool perspective on how to program yourself to make this dream come true!

When Nath and I started dating in early 2016, traveling to Disney was so far away, I remember our conversations dreaming of a dreamlike journey because it was so far from our financial reality.

We have been dating for 3 years and are going on our second trip as a couple to disney”

Perhaps one of the most frequently asked questions is about how much does it cost to travel to disney ? How much do tickets cost?

How much will I spend on food among dozens of other questions related to spending.

Well, first I would like to point out that neither I nor Nath are economists or great finance scholars.

So, what I'm going to write here comes from things that worked for us and who knows might work for you too.

Unfortunately, we don't have much way to get away from that famous word “it depends”, but first let's open this question a little deeper. 

Earning little is extremely relative, for some people R$5000 may be little while for others it is the dream of a salary.

I thought a lot before writing this post and I'm not going to talk about exact salary amounts, simply because it is possible travel to disney with almost any salary.

What will it do The difference between you being able to make your trip, it will be your monthly expenses and your discipline to save.

How much should I save per month to be able to travel to disney for little money?

The answer is as simple as possible, as much as you can.

Let's start talking about having more goals to be clearer. 

The first thing you have to do to know how much you're going to spend on a disney trip It's a pretty simple search. 

We have a post that made these accounts for some scenarios.

In this post we cover several topics that will be necessary for your trip, such as hotel reservations, travel insurance, tickets and everything you might need to make the perfect trip!

So here we go, having this total amount in hand, let's get to the good part.

Calculate how much you can save per month and divide it.

Example: You have seen that your trip to you and your husband will cost $ 20,000. You and your husband can collect R$500 / month
R$20000 / 500 = 40 months = 3 years and 4 months of economy.

Did you think a lot? I found little! 3 years fly by and this gives a perspective and especially a GOAL!

But I will have to wait more than 3 years to travel to disney ?
Simple again no !!!

Here in Brazil we are blessed with the possibility of parceling our purchases.

Although it is not recommended to travel with many installments still to be paid, it is often the reality that we Brazilians live.

Mickey Credit Card

It is noteworthy here, never, but NEVER borrow, you will pay very high interest and this can complicate your life for many, many years after your trip. 

So in practical terms.

How to get to Disney as fast as possible for little

Let's say you can split several things in 12 times, you can save money in 1 year, start paying for your trip in 12 times to travel even before you reach the 3 years of joining the money.

After all, the installments and payments will already fit within the money needed to travel.

As I said at the beginning, what will make the most difference is not how much you earn, but how much you spend. 

Let's go to a practical example from my own life, you work outside and every day you have lunch on the street, so far everything is normal.

Have you figured out how much you can save by taking a lunch box instead of food on the street?

2 scenarios here.

The first one, lunch for R$15 and the second one, lunch for R$25.

Although there are several other ranges of lunch values, I believe that for lunches during working hours these will be very close to the reality of most people.

  • R$15/day = R$330 per month == R$3960 per year!
  • R$25/day = R$550 per month == R$6600 per year!

Remember that you would gather 3 years and 4 months to be able to travel to disney? If you add this value you just need to add:

  • 2 years in the first case (R1TP2Q15/day)
  • 1 year and 7 months in the second case (R$25 / day)

What difference is not it?

"But Carlos, this example was very absurd, I would have to buy food at the market, stay up late or wake up earlier every day to be able to save all this"

Well, if you're not willing to make sacrifices to travel, then it's better not to try because you won't reach your goal. 

But that's ok, I understand that in many cases it is impossible to take food from home, without problems. 

Do you know that water or that coke you drink during lunch? or that coffee after?

Add these values up every day!

The account is simple. Take the value of Coke for example R$4.

Multiplying by the days of the month, assuming you take 1 coke every day for lunch = R$4 x 22 = R$88 per month which is equal to R$1056 per year.

It may not sound like much, but that already represents 5% from that value we talked about in the beginning.

It started getting better, didn't it?

Travel to Disney

And that can be extrapolated to pretty much all of your little daily expenses! Have children ? Open the game with them, explain that they will also have to contribute part of the lunch money.
In addition to teaching your children how to value money early on, it will be of great help.

Create a traveling piggy bank, left over coin of the money for the bus? Put it in the vault! Is there any coin left over from the coffee you shouldn't buy but bought? Put it in the vault!
On our last trip I took over R$300 from my coin-only safe. I kept ALL the coins I received. In the end it was great, I surrendered almost U$100.

paid to gasoline for the entire trip. Worth it!

You know that sandal you just launched and you really want it? FORGETS!
Do you know that release phone that is the phone of your dreams ?? 3 years from now that same phone will cost half the price.

Am I being too radical? Believe me, it may sound radical, but when you confirm that you are going travel to disney, These sacrifices are so easy to do!
It's quite simple. It's all about how much you're willing to sacrifice to make the trip to disney to happen.

Take our case for example: When Nath and I started dating in early 2016, traveling to Disney was something so far away, I remember our conversations dreaming of a trip almost like a dream, because it was so far from our financial reality . 

We have been dating for 3 years and are going on our second trip as a couple to disney. Before they ask, we didn't win in the mega sena (we wish heheehehehe).

All this was thanks to a lot of effort and necessary savings. And look at us down there in the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train!

In reality, when you have a goal or a focus, these small savings end up becoming a little easier, especially with a couple. 

When it's an achievement for the 2, staying at home watching netflix instead of spending money going to the movies is wonderful. 

Walking on the beach instead of eating a hamburger at the restaurant on the corner is much better (and still lose weight ehehehehe)

In short, is it possible to travel to disney earning little ???? YES YES AND YES!

It's all a matter of planning and determination!

And remember, many families save 2, 5, 10 years to travel with ease. Do the same!

Travel to disney it's almost Magic, but it is not worth risking your family's financial health for 1 trip, so with planning and patience it is possible to make this dream come true.

And of course, your trip doesn't have to be one of those more expensive trips either, nothing like a good economy yet during your trip, as we talked about in this post here about making a cheap trip to disney.

As I said earlier, we are not economists or anything like that, we are disney addicts and we do everything we can to make our trips a reality.

If you want our help or opinion to plan your trip, count on us !!!

We hope we have inspired you to start saving and planning your trip!

They were doubts ??? Send us here on questions or on our social networks !!!

Kisses and have a nice trip !!!

Travel to Disney

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