Nathalia Vergueiro

In love with Disney since I was a baby (I blame my parents, my 1st baby room was themed on Disney), every year it was the same story on my birthday, which Disney theme will we choose for this year's party? My mother had a party house and each year we chose a Disney movie for the theme of the party, until in my 6th year of life, we went to celebrate my birthday at Disney in Orlando. A trip that left many stories to tell, including enchanted looks at the princesses, and at the Castle in the fireworks show, fear of the twin brothers from the Alice movie, and running away crying from the old Alien attraction in Magic Kingdom, that I was taken by my father, hidden from my mother. LOL. Since then I fell in love with this place, and every visit feels like the first time, and what does Nathalia only know how to talk about? Disney! In 2014 Carlos appeared in the life of this disney-maniac, in 2016 we started our story, and we discovered this love for Disney in common, couldn't it work better? The biggest fruit of this was born in 2017, the Partiu Disney Parks, here we can share all the news and information about this world that we love so much.