How to choose the best day to go to the parks

Knowing how to choose the best day to go to a disney park means less queues, more park time and less inconvenience during your ride, in short you enjoy it much more!

We noticed that several people when buying tickets to go to the parks of the Disney complex end up choosing the days to visit them randomly, or fit them between shopping days and other tours, without checking if on the date they will visit them there will be closing shows, like for example the Hapilly Ever After in Magic Kingdom, Fantasmic at Hollywood Studios, and Rivers of light in Animal Kingdom.

In addition, they also do not check if they are going on Extra Magic Hours, don't you know what that is?

After all, what better day to visit disney parks?

Do not worry that we will explain throughout the post. 🙂

So, so that you can better plan to visit Disney parks, going on dates that they will not be so crowded, and without missing any fireworks show or other attractions throughout the day, we will give you step by step to check each of these variables to choose the most suitable day for your visit!

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So first of all let's explain what are the Extra Magic Hours (or Extra Magic Hours) of Disney parks.  

“Day of Magic Extra Hours” is what the date on which any of the parks in the complex is called opens an hour early, or close an hour laterbut You can only enjoy those hours more when staying at any Disney complex hotel.

So these days the parks are much more crowded than usual, as all guests at all Disney hotels go to the park that has the Extra Magic Hours so they can have an extra hour to play in the park.

Partiu Disney Parks

That is, if you you are not staying at disney hotels FUJAof the days that will have the Extra Magic Hours.

That's when our step by step begins, so let's go!

1st You will access the website

2nd When the site opens you will click on “Parks and Tickets”And will open a tab as shown in the figure below. In this tab, on the upper right side it will be written “Park times for * the date on which you will be accessing the site *)” and below click on “More hours

Partiu Disney Parks

3rd  Then it will open the page below. In it you can see the times that all parks go open and close, and you will also be able to see which parks will have the Extra Magic Hours and the times they start and end on the day you’re accessing. These times are usually released 6 months in advance on the website, so with 6 months or less left for your trip you will be able to access these calendars. To see the times of the day you plan to visit any of the parks, you must click on the calendar located next to the top date on the screen.

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4th After clicking on the calendar, you choose the date you intend to visit the park to see its schedule, however at this stage, a problem usually happens, which is, when the calendar is opened, the dates that are already available must be painted blue and those that are not available yet (probably more than 6 months after the current date) must be painted gray, and the error that usually happens is when you open the calendar and the dates in it for any month are all ashes, without allowing access to the schedules. But calm we have the solution for that!

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If you experience this error of not being able to click on other dates in the calendar, you should go to the URL (where you enter the website address) which will be written and add at the end the date you want to search for in this format: YEAR-MONTH-DAY / as illustrated in PART 1 of the image below (we used as an example the 11th of August 2017 that was 2017-08-11/).

After that just hit enter and the times for this day will appear. Remembering that the site only accepts dates up to about 6 months after the current date (today).

5th That done and having the schedules of all parks in hand, just choose the park you will visit, in the example below PART 2, the park that will have the Extra Magic Hours will be the Magic Kingdom, so if you are not staying at Disney hotels try to visit any of the other parks that day, except the Magic kingdom. With that in mind, let's assume that you decided to visit Epcot Park, as it won't have those extra hours for Disney guests, so your next step will be to click on the park's name.

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6th After clicking on the name of the park, a screen will open with all the activities that will have that day in the park, such as meeting with characters, shows and parades, and this is where you check whether or not the closing show will take place at the end. day in the park.

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There will be a button on the right side of it written “All day” and on it you will be able to choose the period of the activities you want to see (morning, afternoon and night), as the closing show is always the last activity of the parks, select the option “ night ”and scroll to the end. Example in the image below.

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This way you can check if there will be a show, and its schedule. 🙂 A tip we give is always to arrive 1 hour in advance at the place where you want to watch the closing show, as they tend to get very crowded and at the last minute it is difficult to get a good place to watch.

Obviously we gave the tips here on how to choose the best days to go to a park after having already decided which one the best time to go to disney.

This study is very important for you to know the best month for you to make your magical trip to walt disney world.

Always keep an eye out for American holidays or long weekends depending on the holidays. Weekends at Disney are usually more crowded days (the tip is) than weekdays, however on holiday days or holiday weekends, the capacity increases and a LOT!

But now that you are equipped with this information, we are sure that you will choose the best day to visit the Disney parks.

If you still find the information confusing and want more professional help, don't worry, here we have what you needed, the custom script, let us do all the analysis and put together the best itinerary for your trip!

Now you can plan your days of visiting the parks carefree and enjoy a lot by taking fewer lines, knowing the times of everything before you even get there and getting ready to see a beautiful closing show at the end!

Partiu Disney Parks

If you have any questions you can leave them in the comments or send us by inbox on social networks, we hope to have helped! Good trip! 😀

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