How to Eat Cheap at Disney Water Parks

Did you know that you can eat cheap at Disney's water parks? This is valuable information because of the nature of these places.

Think of it this way: No one wants to leave the park in the middle of the fun, put on some clothes, go to a restaurant, and then come back for fun.

For this reason, there are restaurant options within the water parks so that visitors can eat right there.

Check out more information about these restaurants and how to save as much as possible in them!

How to Eat Cheap at Typhoon Lagoon

There are in all 6 establishments serving food in the Typhoon Lagoon.

All of them are “counter service”.

In other words: you go to the establishment's counter, order your food and receive it to eat outside.

Some have some tables or chairs on the counters, but you are not served there, these objects are just to help when eating.

Check out the best dishes of each restaurant:

Leaning Palms

Leaning Palms is Typhoon Lagoon's most famous food establishment.

It is the biggest and most visited.

Leaning Palms - Typhoon Lagoon
Leaning Palms – Typhoon Lagoon

Its menu is very complete, with a lot of options. I recommend:

  • 100% beef hot dog ($ $8.99);
  • Cuban hamburger ($13,49);
  • tropical chicken salad ($ $10.99);
  • Italian cold sandwich ($ $9.99);
  • Pepperoni Pizza ($ $7.99).

As you can see, the range of options is wide: it has pizza, hot dogs, hamburger, healthy sandwich and salad.

For dessert, they sell fruit salad ($ $3.99), chocolate chip cookie ($ $3.29) and chocolate cake ($ $4.29).

Snack shack

Another good restaurant on Typhoon Lagoon.

One of the advantages of Snack Shack is that it is a place to eat cheaply at Disney's water parks and with quality.


The food here is very good and healthier than Leaning Palms options. There's a lot of sandwich, but little frying. Check out our favorite options:

  • Chicken Quesadilla ($ $7.99);
  • Smoked Fish with Sauce ($ $6.99);
  • Tuna Sandwich ($ $9.99);
  • Shrimp Salad ($ $11.99);
  • Guacamole Flight ($ $7.99).

For dessert, it has different options of machine ice cream and a chocolate cookie.

Low tide lou

As the name implies, this restaurant is only available when & #8220; the tide is low & #8221 ;. It's a nice joke with the theme park theme, of course.

It has fewer options on the menu than Leaning Palms, but the food is very good.

There are two sandwiches on the menu (one Italian cold and one tuna), both with chips accompanying chips and costing $ $9.99. In addition to this option, has a chicken wrap that costs $ $10,99.

For dessert, the restaurant serves popsicles, chocolate cake, ice cream and scratch cards.

Typhoon Tilly

Do you like fish and seafood? Then Typhoon Tilly is the place for you.

typhoon lagoon Typhoon Tilly Food
typhoon lagoon Typhoon Tilly Food

Most items on your menu are fish or similar. Look:

  • Fried Fish Basket ($ $10.99);
  • Fish Sandwich ($ $11.99);
  • Fish Tacos ($ $9.99);
  • Basket with shrimps ($ $10.49).

For dessert there are fruit salad and chocolate or macadamia cookie.

Let's #8217; s Go Slurping

Decorated as a beach hut, the restaurant does not serve lunch dishes, but alcoholic beverages.

There are several formats: from drinks, to specialized drinks with ice or alcohol scratches.

Happy Landings Ice Cream

Here only sells ice cream of all kinds and flavors.

Many are machine-made, but there are also some popsicles, scratch cards and branding options, especially from Nestlé.

How to Eat Cheap at Blizzard Beach

The Blizzard beach has more food choices than Typhoon Lagoon.

As with the other water park, all options here are one-stop service. Check out:

Artic Expeditions

It's a mobile bar, selling only liquor options. It has the main American beers, as well as own special drinks.

Lottawatta Lodge

Lottawatta Lodge is not quite an option for those who want to eat cheap at Disney's water parks.

He has some good food choices (they are all very tasty), but the price is a bit high.

The cheapest are the tuna sandwich ($ $9.99) and the bowl of roasted chicken rice ($ $9.99).


The house dish is Blizzard Burguer, which is served with smoked ham jam, cheddar cheese and rustic fries ($ $1.39).

The big difference of the place is that one of the few establishments in Disney with a section of the menu with only vegetarian or vegan options.

Dessert options are lemon tart, popsicle, cookie and milk shakes.


The highlight of Avalunch's menu is its hot dogs.

They all have about 120 grams of 100% beef and different side dishes. It has a version with macaroni with cheese and bacon, another with chilli and fried cheese, and sauerkraut and nacho.

Cooling Hut

It serves some snacks and snacks. It has tuna sandwiches and chicken wraps, plus pretzels, popcorn, fruit salads, a cheese snack & #8230;


Frostbite Freddy

Serves a few different snacks. There are two choices & #8220; edible & #8221 ;: nachos with beef brisket barbecue and cheese fused with beer, plus an ice cream cone.

IC Expeditions

It is the #8220; ice cream point & #8221; at Blizzard Beach. There are many options, from sundaes, to ice cream machines, popsicles and cones.

Mini donuts

As the name implies, it only sells minidonuts. There are two options: half a dozen or a whole dozen, with syrup and toppings apart.

To drink, it sells coffee, hot chocolate, hot tea and lemonade scratch off.


Polar Pub

This is another establishment that sells only alcoholic beverages.

The menu consists of special house-made drinks, canned beers or wines.

Warming hut

Another kiosk that sells snack options. The variety is large at least.

Top options are topped potato kegs ($ $7.99) and Louie Shrimp Salad ($ $11.49).

One nice thing is that here you sell one of those famous Orlando giant turkey legs. It costs $ $12.49 with barbecue sauce with apple and mustard dijon.

Tips for Cheap Eating at Disney's Water Parks

There's an interesting tip for saving money on your meals at Disney's water parks (especially if you plan to spend all day there): soda refill.

Several of the establishments mentioned above sell these mugs.

With them, it is possible to get refills on soda all day long at the parks.

These mugs cost $$11.99 and you can take them home as a souvenir at the end of the day.

The cool thing is that they can supply your entire group, saving during the day.

For example, imagine you are traveling in a group of 4 people.

If each one gets water ($3.50 dollars) for lunch, for example, they would pay $14 dollars and would already be “at loss”.

Of course, not everyone likes soda or can handle soda all day.

But it is a good option for those who want to save on food.

So, did you like our options for eating cheap at Disney's water parks?

Now you can't complain about the price of food on this trip anymore, huh?

Comment below which of these dishes seemed more appetizing!

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