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Did you know that, in addition to the traditional Disney parks, are there any company water parks in Orlando? One of them is Typhoon Lagoon.

One of the coolest uses for these water parks is that they function as a “vacation within a vacation”.

It's more or less like this: you're at Disney, having fun with the attractions, rides, dinners with the characters.

At the same time, this whole routine is very stressful: there are hours in lines, lots and lots of steps during the day, you can't miss the reservation time… anyway, it's cool, but it can get tiring.

Then there are these water parks that are less crowded and more relaxing, so you can just rest between a visit to Epcot and a visit to Magic Kingdom.

Check out everything about Typhoon Lagoon below!

How is Typhoon Lagoon?

The Typhoon Lagoon is a water park located in the Disney complex in Orlando.

Geographically, the park is very close to the Disney springsresorts Old Key West and Caribbean Beach and Epcot.

As well as the Blizzard Beach Water Park (another Disney water park), Typhoon Lagoon also has a “legend” behind its origin.

According to the story propagated by Disney, a huge typhoon hit that tropical paradise in the middle of Florida.

The entire park is decorated based on this idea. For example, at the top of Mount Mayday, in the center of the park, is a ship called the Miss Tilly. He would have been dragged there by the typhoon.

The legend is funny (but not as funny as Blizzard Beach's) and the decor around the place creates this fun atmosphere.

What are the attractions at Typhoon Lagoon?

Perhaps because of the idea of typhoons, ships, and the like, Typhoon Lagoon has a more adventurous collection of attractions than Blizzard Beach (despite, ironically, Blizzard Beach having the second longest slide in the world).

Check out the main attractions of Typhoon Lagoon below:

Typhoon Lagoon Wave Pool

Typhoon Lagoon Wave Pool
Typhoon Lagoon Wave Pool

One of the main attractions of Typhoon Lagoon is this wave pool that simulates a large beach in the center of the park.

One of the coolest parts of the pool is that it works in programmed cycles.

There are 30 minutes of waves, very small and calm.

Afterwards, there are 90 minutes of surf cycle, with huge waves, which reach up to 2 meters in height. These waves are “shot” by the pool every 1 and a half minutes and are the joy of those in the pool.

In addition, the wave pool also has some small slides for younger children, in the shallow end.

Gangplank Falls

Gangplank Falls

A slide for the family. Participants go in groups of 4 people inside a rotating buoy, on a path that crosses part of the park.

Part of the fun is that the path has some “waterfalls” that throw water at the participants. However, in general, the toboggan is very light and very calm.

Crush ?n? gusher


This is probably the most extreme attraction at Typhoon Lagoon and competes with Summit Plummet as the most extreme attraction at Disney's water parks.

There is no other way to describe the ride other than a water roller coaster. That's exactly it: you get on a tube and go to the route, which has drops and climbs (yes, climbs!) as if it were a roller coaster.

The cool thing is that there are 3 different ways: one for individual buoys, one for double buoys and one for triple buoys.

Mayday Falls

Mayday Falls Typhoon Lagoon
Mayday Falls Typhoon Lagoon

Another toboggan with a buoy. This time, you go alone, since it's an individual raft.

The attraction simulates a river rapid and you go down until you reach the pool at the end. The speed is faster than Gangplank Falls, but it's not scary. It's quiet for those who don't have much courage.

Keelhaul Falls


It is a “sister” toboggan to the Mayday Falls and it works the same way: you mount an individual tube and go down the path.

He's a bit curious: somehow, after the second corner or so, he hits an interesting speed. However, the route does not have many curves (only the last one is more pronounced), so the adventure is small.

It's good for kids and anyone looking for a quieter ride.

Humunga Kowabunga

Humunga Kowabunga
Humunga Kowabunga

It is the fastest toboggan run in the park, made up of three closed lanes. Visitors reach the mark of 50 kilometers per hour during the adventure.

I don't recommend it for those who don't like closed slides (it can feel claustrophobic), but it's perfect for those who like adventure and adrenaline.

Storm Slides

If you don't like indoors, your best choice is the Storm Slides. It also consists of 3 slides.

The difference is that, because of the angle and height of the attraction, the speed reached is much lower than the Humunga Kawabunga.

Castaway Creek


As it should be, the Typhoon Lagoon has a flowing river around the park.

There are several entrances scattered around the place, where you can enter and exit the current. You receive a buoy when you enter and you can calmly navigate the route.

It is important to remember that, in some stretches of Castaway Creek, the current is a little stronger than others but, overall, it is a very relaxing walk (which even includes a mini-cave).

Overall, it should take you about 10, 15 minutes to go all the way down this rushing river.

Miss Adventure Falls


This is an attraction for the whole family. Everyone uses a buoy, which fits up to 4 people, and they get on a treadmill (like supermarkets). The buoy is taken to the top of the adventure (which is decorated as a kind of Caribbean pirate adventure).

From the top, the tube enters the slide, which has many curves and is slightly longer than most in Typhoon Lagoon.

The game is really fun because the buoy is revolving, so you rotate as you go down.

Ketchakiddee Creek

Ketchakiddee Creek
Ketchakiddee Creek

For children, there is a separate area of the park called Ketchakiddee Creek. There, there is a small playground with water fountains, slides and a mini-beach.

It is worth remembering that this does not prevent them from visiting other attractions. Some have age and size limits, but most don't.

When is Typhoon Lagoon open to visit?

Disney water parks are usually open for most of the year, but not all of it (unlike “normal” amusement parks).

As there are two water parks, they “take turns” between who is closed. So there is at least one option available at all times.

They are usually closed for about a month and a half a year for maintenance.

The period chosen is always in winter (usually January), when the visitation date is shorter (the pools are slightly heated, but not enough to convince you to enter them).

Either way, it's hot in Florida at virtually every time of the year. Therefore, it is worth inserting Typhoon Lagoon into your Disney trip planning!

A good tip, of course, is to take a look at the disney website to find out if the park will be open on the date of your trip.

So, what did you think of Typhoon Lagoon? Did you like to know this water park? Tell us in the comments below!

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