Round trip in Miami – Find out how to do it

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Per Orlando and Miami being very close cities, it turns out to be easy to combine the two destinations in the same trip.

Who likes a very busy nightlife and the daytime part full of activities, without a doubt Miami you cannot stay out of your itinerary, even for 1 or 2 days.

The options are the most diverse, pleasing people who seek to relax and enjoy the local nature to people who seek more fun and excitement.

The city has the best beaches in the state of Florida and as much as people know that they are stunning beaches, it is very common for people to be surprised by their beauty and nature.

Depending on the location of your Hotel, you may need a car to get around or to travel to tourist spots further away. The attractive price of car rental makes people rent for many days.

What is the distance between the cities?

Miami and Orlando they are separated by 380 km, where you usually spend between 3h30 and 4h by car, varying a little according to the traffic and flow between the cities.

The route that tourists most often use is the Florida Turnpike road, which runs diagonally inland to reach the coast, in West Palm Beach, but it is possible to take I-95 following the coast, but without having a view of the sea.

Both routes take about the same time.

What's on the way between cities?

On the route that goes inland, there are no tourist attractions to stop and visit, but if you go along the coast, you can schedule a stop at Cape Canaveral and visit the Kennedy Space Center.

Almost arriving in Miami, around an hour before, the well-known and super chic resorts like Boca Raton and West palm beach, there are those who like it and those who don't.

If you leave the motorway to go around the coast, your trip, as panoramic as it is, ends up being much slower.

The most interesting thing is to take the straight line and get to your destination faster, you will certainly enjoy it better Miami.

The beaches of Miami

Hollywood Beach in Miami

The beach is north of Miami. This paradise, called Hollywood Beach has white sand and the sea water is calm and crystalline, a great option for those looking to relax and enjoy nature, it is an incredible beach.

It is common to be one of the favorite beaches of its visitors, since in addition to being a very beautiful beach, it is not very busy and has a beautiful boardwalk that allows its visitors to do sports and walks.  

It is also worth remembering that Hollywood beach, among all the beaches of Florida, is the darling of celebrities. So there's no need to be surprised if you meet someone famous on the streets of this wonderful beach.

If you are staying in Miami Beach, the drive to get there will take around 40 minutes north.

For those who want to enjoy the beach and then take a stroll through the streets without having sand all over their bodies, there are several showers on the beach so you can clean yourself up.

South Pointe Park, Miami Beach

South Pointe Park Miami is a fantastic park located in the south of Miami Beach, where it was recently structured to offer all the support to tourists who visit the place.

For people who want to enjoy a beach without all the hype of Miami beach and have a good structure to receive everyone, South pointe park without a doubt it is one of the best options and you cannot miss out on your trip.

Getting to the beach is very simple, just go down the island of Miami beach, if you have a GPS, just put the name of South pointe park.

Because it was built a short time ago, its structures are very new and ends up being very little known by people, being very quiet to be used during the day.

The beach is amazing, it's very clean, with transparent and calm waters.

It is certainly one of the best beach options in Miami for those who want to rest and enjoy a very quiet beach, in addition to being able to enjoy a nice swim and watch the fish swimming.

Something that turns out to be a differential for South pointe park is that there are restrooms, a cafeteria, a very tasty restaurant that has a spectacular view of the sea, in addition to the various showers where you can refresh yourself during your tour, these are great for the children have fun and at the end of the day take a nice shower to wash off the sand and salt water.

The beautiful island of Key West

This paradisiacal island is in the Florida and it is one of the most beautiful places to visit, it looks like a painting. The island has different beaches with landscapes that look more like fine art.

It is very famous for being a highly rated holiday destination for people who want to enjoy their rest period in the shade, an incomparable beach, fun and fresh water.

The route of Miami until there it takes approximately 3 and a half hours, but because the route is very dynamic, passing through gigantic bridges suspended by the sea that connect all the islands until reaching the last island of the place, this is Key west.

It is really worth investing at least one day in the region of Key west and get to know the different beaches that this paradise island can offer you.

General Tips

Per Miami being a very big city, staying in a central region, close to tourist attractions, will make all the difference in your trip, even if you have rented a car.

It is worth remembering, since we mentioned a car, to go to some beaches and remote places, the best way to make this trip is by renting a car, with it you will be able to travel long distances and make the most of your trip.

And of course, we always recommend that your car rental be done on a trusted website. For those who like to solve everything online, we recommend the rent cars because in addition to being extremely reliable, you can compare prices between major rental companies and make the best car reservation for you and your group!

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Note that to drive on Florida it is not mandatory to present the PID (International Driving Permit), just present your valid driver's license (CNH) when renting the vehicle.

After writing down all our tips and advice, it's time to enjoy your trip and make the most of your vacation.

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