Disney Hotels in Orlando 2022

Disney's Grand Floridian Resort - Disney World's Most Luxurious Hotel in Orlando

If you've ever thought about staying in a Disney hotel in Orlando, you know how difficult it is to choose because the amount is huge. Today we will talk about each of them to help you choose the best Disney hotel for your trip in 2022! In this post I will go through each of the… Read more

Frozen attraction at Disney - Frozen Ever After


With all the success that the Frozen movie had, Disney couldn't stop creating attractions using this universe as a theme. That's how Frozen Ever After was born, an incredible attraction within the universe of Anna and Elsa! The most interesting place to embark on this freezing world is at Epcot, more specifically at the Norwegian pavilion, … Read more

Orlando Discount Coupons 2022 – Get the Best Discounts

Orlando discount coupons

We came to bring some discount coupons for Orlando valid for 2022! We keep these posts always updated in order to ensure that you, our dear reader, have the most current coupons and can guarantee excellent promotions during your trip! I think one of the things we get the most requests for, both from our customers who bought our custom itineraries… Read more

All Epcot Rides 2022 – The Complete Guide

EPCOT Tips and Attractions

The Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorow, also known as Epcot, is a Disney park in Orlando that provides exciting and fun attractions and activities for the whole family. Today we will list all the best attractions at Epcot! Epcot is yet another Disney park, opened in 1982 and was the second park … Read more

Shades of Green Resort – Complete Military Resort Guide

For those who enjoy international travel, the Shades of Green Resort is the ideal family place to vacation. After all, this is a Disney hotel that offers a magical atmosphere to its guests. So find out what to do at the resort, what the attractions are, places to eat and much more. Beyond … Read more

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train - Seven Dwarfs Roller Coaster


The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train is an attraction for the whole family. It was the last roller coaster opened at Disney Orlando. Until the opening of Slinky Dog Dash at Hollywood Studios! It is located in the Magic Kingdom park and is to this day the most popular attraction in the park. Undoubtedly the roller coaster of the seven dwarfs is… Read more

Healthy Eating at Magic Kingdom

Many tourists believe that eating at Disney parks is synonymous with eating junk food. However, this is far from the truth, so much so that today we will list several options for healthy eating at Magic Kingdom! We already made a post for Junk Food lovers just about where you can find hamburgers… Read more

PANDORA, the Avatar World in Animal Kingdom


In 2017 we had the opening of one of the most amazing areas at Disney to date. The Pandora area, the world of Avatar located in Disney's Animal Kingdom! This new area of the park is amazing and will take you straight to the planet of the Na'vi and you will experience many adventures just like … Read more

Thrilling Rides at Busch Gardens

If your family and you like adrenaline-fueled rides instead of lighter, more kid-friendly rides, keep an eye out for this selection of extreme attractions at Busch Gardens in Tampa, right next to Orlando! He gained fame for his extreme rides, especially with many different roller coasters. The easiest way to go from… Read more