Disney Hotels in Orlando 2022

Disney's Grand Floridian Resort - Disney World's Most Luxurious Hotel in Orlando

If you've ever thought about staying in a Disney hotel in Orlando, you know how difficult it is to choose because the amount is huge. Today we will talk about each of them to help you choose the best Disney hotel for your trip in 2022! In this post I will go through each of the… Read more

Healthy Eating at Magic Kingdom

Many tourists believe that eating at Disney parks is synonymous with eating junk food. However, this is far from the truth, so much so that today we will list several options for healthy eating at Magic Kingdom! We already made a post for Junk Food lovers just about where you can find hamburgers… Read more

PANDORA, the Avatar World in Animal Kingdom


In 2017 we had the opening of one of the most amazing areas at Disney to date. The Pandora area, the world of Avatar located in Disney's Animal Kingdom! This new area of the park is amazing and will take you straight to the planet of the Na'vi and you will experience many adventures just like … Read more

Clearwater – The Perfect Beach Close to Orlando in 2022

Clearwater Beach is a very famous district in Florida, being one of the most sought after by tourists. It has a vibrant nightlife and one of the most beautiful beaches in the United States, so it's worth a visit. The place is beautiful and has a unique atmosphere making everyone want to know a little of this paradise. … Read more

Disney parks

Disney parks

Something that for some may be obvious, for others it can be quite confusing. So, we made this post to tell you a little about the Disney parks that exist so far. There are so many options that once you're there the problem really could be time management and not how… Read more

Driving Back and Forth from Orlando to Miami and Miami to Orlando

Because Orlando and Miami are very close cities, it is easy to combine both destinations in the same trip. Who likes a very busy nightlife and the daytime full of activities, without a doubt Miami cannot be left out of your itinerary, even if it is for 1 or 2 days. The options are… Read more

Happily Ever After - Disney Fireworks Show

We present the new MK closing show called “Happily Ever After” which replaced the famous wishes in 2017. At the time of writing this post in 2017, we had no idea what exactly the new Magic Kingdom fireworks show, Happily Ever, would look like. After . And now in 2019, having already watched it a few times, … Read more

Mission Space - Travel to Space at Epcot

Epcot - Mission Space

Does traveling to Mars seem like an impossible dream? In disney nothing is impossible and in Mission Space you can participate in a space launch and successfully land on the moon. Strong emotions await you! The Mission Space attraction started its activities in 2004 (October) at the Epcot park at Walt Disney World in Orlando. IT'S … Read more

Shake Shack Orlando - Wonderful Hamburger

Shake Shack Orlando - Departed Disney Parks

He arrived! Now we have a (now there are 3) Shake Shack in orlando. Do you already know the Shake Shack burger? If not, you are missing a lot. It is a network with international growth and SUCCESS in New York also arrives in Orlando, and you as a very well-informed tourist tuned in to our … Read more

What to do on International Drive

Visitors Center International Drive

How to make a trip to Orlando without good planning? And it is essential to know What to do on International Drive? It is without a doubt the most famous avenue in Orlando and known as I-Drive. They even say that it is one of the most famous in the United States, second only to the Las Vegas Strip. The International… Read more