Visitors Center International Drive
Visitors Center International Drive

How to plan a trip to Orlando without good planning? And it is essential to know What to do on International Drive?

It is the most famous avenue in Orlando and known as I-Drive.

They even say that it is one of the most famous in the United States, second only to the Las Vegas Strip.

THE International drive It is almost 18 km long and is surrounded by hotels, attractions, restaurants, shopping centers, services, shops, ie it is a place made especially for tourists and, therefore, is one of the most sought after destinations by Brazilian visitors.

That is why today we will bring some information about this amazing place that is International Drive.

International Drive Attractions

The number of attractions along the road is extensive, among them, we will highlight the ones that we find cool and the most sought by visitors.


Icon Park - International Drive
Icon Park & #8211; International drive

Tourist complex filled with attractions and restaurants, aimed at all types of public, where you can find good restaurants, convenience stores, and more radical and cultural attractions for all ages.

It is also one of the most visited in Orlando. It is located at number 8445 of International drive.

Opened in May 2015, the place has already undergone some changes in its name.

Initially, at its opening, it was called the Orlando Eye, already in July 2016, it was called Coca-Cola Orlando Eye.

And honestly changed a few more times.

At the moment (2020) is called Icon Park Orlando. If it changes again, we will update the post to always keep the last name valid.

There is the iconic ferris wheel, which can be seen from various points of Orlando, the Orlando Eye.

It corresponds to the height of a 40-story building consisting of 30 glass capsules that hold up to 14 people inside, where you will have a beautiful view of the city.

Madame Tussauds Orlando
Madame Tussauds Orlando

There you can also find the museum Madame Tussauds, the most famous wax museum in the world, where visitors will enjoy over 100 wax personalities. Be sure to register your photo!

Outra atração do Icon Park, que a criançada adora, é o Orlando Sea Life Aquarium

, famous for the huge diversity of marine species.

There are more than 5,000 species that can be seen within a fun and interactive structure.

Sea Life Aquarium Orlando
Sea Life Aquarium Orlando

The latest site activity, called Orlando Star Flyer, is the most radical toy in the area.

It was a tower, 137m high, or higher than the Orlando Eye, with 12 double seats, where the visitor rotates at a speed of approximately 70 km / h for 4 minutes.

Starflyer Orlando
Starflyer Orlando

Free self-parking is available on site and is free of charge to enter the complex unless you visit one or several attractions. Be sure to check out the local ticket office for the combo ticket, where it is cheaper than buying the activities individually.

iFLY Orlando - International Drive

IFLY Address: 8969 da International drive.

Are you that kind of person who has always dreamed of parachuting to feel like flying but afraid?

iFly Orlando Indoor Skydiving
iFly Orlando Indoor Skydiving

This is the place to realize your dream! The iFLY It is a jumping simulator, where the visitor enters a wind cabin, where will have the clear feeling of free fall. All equipment needed to be used in the attraction is delivered at the time you purchase the attraction access and everything is already included in the ticket price.


Address Wonderworks Orlando: The museum is located at 9067 International drive and open every day from 09:00 to 24:00.

Wonderworks Orlando
Wonderworks Orlando

I remember when I went to Orlando and I was 11, this was one of the places that struck me most.

As a boy who has always liked simulators, games and virtual things, this house really was a huge milestone for me as much as the Disney parks.

Fun museum, where you can find numerous activities, which diversify between educational attractions, activities that explore your imagination and all, in a highly interactive way, such as a simulator that the visitor can build their own roller coaster and still have fun with adrenaline.

Wonderworks Orlando Inside
Wonderworks Orlando Inside

The museum also has many sensory activities such as an attraction that simulates nature phenomena such as an earthquake or a hurricane. Have you ever imagined?

Pirate's Cove Adventure Golf

Address Pirate´s Cove Adventure Golf: The attraction is at number 8501 of International drive and is a guarantee of fun for all ages.

Pirate´s Cove Adventure Golf
Pirate´s Cove Adventure Golf

How about a day of competition between friends and family?

In this mini golf, you can have fun and compete in the middle of a themed area consisting of pirates, ships, waterfalls and a lot of cannon fire.

Ripley's Belive Museum It or Not! - International Drive

Ripley's Belive It or Not Address: is located at number 8201 of International drive and open every day from 09:00 to 24:00.


Famous “believe it if you want” museum, with its own facade to surprise its visitors. Its collection is very eccentric and nothing conventional.

The museum is large and has 16 galleries where visitors can come across a picture of Beyonce made of bullets or a piece of the Berlin wall. It also has several interactive activities.

Ice bar

Address Ice Bar Orlando: International Drive number 8967.

The famous ice bar, with units in various locations across the US, has one of its largest structures in Orlando.

Icebar Orlando
Icebar Orlando

The bar is made entirely of ice, from the table, through the cutlery and glasses, to the sculptures, walls and floors.

The bar maintains a temperature of -3C in a building of more than 5 tons of ice.

But do not worry about the cold, to enter the bar, every visitor will receive specific clothing to enjoy and enjoy, without prejudice, this unique bar.

In addition to all the attractions mentioned, it is worth remembering that the SeaWorld, one of the most popular theme parks for visitors to Orlando, is also located on International Drive at 7007 Sea World Dr.

Where to eat on International Drive

Now that we've talked about the most popular attractions on I-Drive, let's talk about some restaurants and where to eat well in Orlando and end this myth that you only live on fast food in the US.

We can say that there is a restaurant for all tastes.

The options are numerous.

You will be able to choose from the most popular chains, as well as steakhouses and renowned chef restaurants, all along the length of the International Drive

Olive garden

We already talked about it here in our blog with more details, link in the name above.

Olive Garden Orlando
Olive Garden Orlando

Without a doubt it is the darling of Brazilians.

Italian Cuisine Restaurant & #8211; American, with delicious pasta, as well as meat and salads. The food is very well served and the bread roll is our recommendation! Prices are fair. It is an excellent value for money.

Also, as it is a large network with several branches spread throughout Orlando, it is unlikely that visitors will wait long for a table.

At International drive Olive Garden is located at number 8984.

Miller's Ale House

If you're looking for a Happy Hour-looking bar, delicious drinks and beer and good snacks, there's no better place on International Drive.

That is a precious tip. Few Brazilians look for Ale House compared to other major networks known as Culvers and Five Guys.

Ale House Miller´s
Ale House Miller´s

But little do they know they miss an incredible opportunity!

We can say that Miller's Ale House is a sport bar.

Here you will find a large menu of drinks and snacks, at a very fair price, in a more relaxed atmosphere. All this surrounded by monitors and televisions that pass the games of the day and news.

At International drive Miller`s Ale House is located at 8963.

Shake shake - International Drive

Address: The Shake Shack of International drive It is at number 8359.

Another one of the darlings of Brazilians who also We already talked here on the blog!

Considered one of the best burgers in New York, the fast food chain is expanding in Orlando after a long wait.

Shake Shack Orlando
Shake Shack Orlando

The first store opened in Winter Park, which is a little farther away, and then, to everyone's delight, they opened a store amid the buzz of International Drive. The store is inside the ICON Orlando 360 complex and is constantly full.

In addition to the traditional sandwiches, one of the most sought after items in the store is the ripple-shaped fries with cheese sauce. Impossible during the trip not to stop at this restaurant.

Maggiano's Little Italy

Another restaurant of Italian-American cuisine.

It closely resembles Olive Garden and is as good as it can be a great option for those who already want to vary on the trip.


Its menu is large and its entrée is served with fresh breads and olive oil. A delight we recommend!

Maggiano's Little Italy is huge and so, despite being famous, it is hard to find lunch or dinner in one of its more intimate, romantic units and can be a great option for relaxing in a dinner for two.

The restaurant is located at 9101 International drive.

Yard house

It is one of the most sought after restaurants within the ICON Park complex mentioned above.

This is due to the more relaxed atmosphere, and the extensive wine list and the variety of local beer and craft beer.

Yard house
Yard house

The restaurant also produces beer.

Great for a late afternoon and happy hour, the restaurant has a very diverse menu, ranging from small starters and appetizers to larger dishes.

And so it pleases everyone, even those in large groups. It has option for everyone.

Yard House is at 8367 International drive.

Ground Fire Steak House

The city of Orlando has numerous steak houses, but barbecue is barbecue, especially the Brazilian and abroad, foreigners love it!

And for Brazilians that even in ten days of travel, already missing the spice of home, can not disregard include in their itineraries, the steakhouse as one of the restaurants to visit on International Drive.

Ground fire
Ground fire

The restaurant works with carvery service, same in Brazil. At the buffet you can miss your longing for our famous black beans.

Fogo de Chão steakhouse is traditional in Brazil for its service and the quality of its meat and could not be different out there.

Therefore it is one of the most visited restaurants by tourists from other countries and by the Americans themselves.

The steakhouse is located at 8282 International drive.

Compras at International Drive

And of course, could not miss the item shopping, since Orlando is the joy of consumers.

In addition to large malls, the city has outlets and small complexes with shops, markets and drugstores, all at no cost for parking.

For the uninformed, Orlando's drugstores and markets are more in demand than the malls and outlets themselves.

Walmart (not one specific on I-Drive, but on adjacent streets), as well as CVS and Wallgreens drugstores look like hangouts for Brazilians.

Walmart International Drive
Walmart International Drive

In addition, there are several huge convenience stores and are true adult amusement parks, such as Ross Dress for Less (5295 International drive), TJ Maxx (5295 International drive), Bed, Bath and Beyond (5295 International drive Ste 100), like many others.

International Drive Premium Outlets: Orlando's largest discount store complex, located right on International Drive! If in your itinerary you are not visiting this outlet, review it, as there is something wrong. Within its complex there are several brand stores, such as Nike, Calvin Klein, Michael Kors, Disney Store, Tommy Hilfiger and many many discounts and coupons.

Orlando Premium Outlets
Orlando Premium Outlets

This outlet is on 4951 International drive.

Final Information

In addition to everything we talk about, there is much more to International drivesuch as hotels, travel agencies, Orlando attractions, shopping complexes and everything imaginable.

As Orlando has its economy based on amusement parks, the other places had to adapt to the large numbers of tourists that started arriving some sixty years ago and International Drive did it well, being as heterogeneous as possible. to cater to all styles of visitors.

We hope again that this post helped you in your research for your trip to Disney. As a way to help us maintain the blog, we just ask you to help us by sharing this publication and subscribing to our social networks as Facebook, Instagram or Youtube channel.

In addition to helping us, we are sure that there you will find hundreds of useful posts for your trip!

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