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If you're planning a trip to the famous Whale and Dolphin park and want to know everything you'll find there, check out the Most Complete Guide to Seaworld Orlando here!

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Seaworld is a park well known for its shows with marine animals, but what many people may not notice is that it is also the park with the largest number of roller coasters in the city.

Orca Show at SeaWorld Orlando
Orca Show at SeaWorld Orlando

The first tip we will give is regarding the schedule.

The Disney parks they are often open very late into the night, but that is rarely the case at SeaWorld.

Opening hours vary greatly and we recommend that you check the opening hours of the day of your visit on official site.

But in general the park usually opens around 10 am and closes at 6 pm.

About SeaWorld Orlando

SeaWorld Orlando is one of Orlando's top three major theme park complexes, along with Disney World and Universal orlando.

This theme park tends to be a little less crowded than others.

SeaWorld Orlando
SeaWorld Orlando

But that doesn't mean every day will be empty there. Unfortunately the reality is far from that, you also need to organize your day to enjoy your day at Seaworld Orlando with peace of mind.

And the first step towards that is to secure your tickets. As always, we recommend that you buy your tickets in advance, preferably at a specialized agency like ours. PDP Trips.

Tips and Tricks for Enjoying Your Day at SeaWorld Orlando

Let's check out some Tips before we go into detail on the shows and attractions you'll find in the park.

take a coat

Seaworld is an open park and on hot days you will certainly feel hot there.

However, some attractions and aquariums can be extremely cold.

The cold maintains the underwater environment for the benefit of the animals.

Wear clothes that dry fast

It's a park that revolves around marine animals, and naturally you'll find attractions and shows that will get you wet!

Journey to Atlantis
Journey to Atlantis

Check the weather forecast

Check the Orlando weather when you are travelling!

Well, if you know Florida a little, you know how quickly the weather changes there, so check the weather forecast before you go and avoid surprises.

make a script

If Manta and Mako roller coasters are at the top of your list, prioritize them first!

SeaWorld queue times may be shorter in the morning and evening for example.

And of course, if necessary hire a script professional for your trip

Rent the closet for your whole day

If everyone in your group wants to ride an attraction, you will need to rent a locker to store your belongings.

SeaWorld Orlando
SeaWorld Orlando

Financially it makes more sense to pay the daily rate if you are going to use the locker more than once.

Pay Attention to Show Times

The shows are part of a complete visit to the park and they have exact times to happen.

Orca Encounter - Whale Show at SeaWorld Orlando
Orca Encounter – Whale Show at SeaWorld Orlando

Keep an eye on the schedules so you don't miss any.

Get one map as soon as you enter the park, it has all the time information for these shows.

Enjoy Animal Interactions

Some interactions with animals go beyond observation in large tanks.

At Stingray Pond for example, you can feed and even pet a ray!

Stingray Pond - SeaWorld
Stingray Pond – SeaWorld

SeaWorld Orlando attractions

Here we will talk a little bit about each of the attractions that you will find in the park.

Be sure to check out the minimum height on each one to see if everyone in your group can walk.

Ice Breaker

This is the park's newest attraction to date. It opened in 2021.

It's Seaworld Orlando's first fling coaster, and in total there are 4 flings back and forth.

Ice Breaker - Seaworld Orlando Throwing Coaster
Ice Breaker – Seaworld Orlando Throwing Coaster

That's right, on this roller coaster you will ride in all directions.

The inspiration for this attraction was the Arctic and it is recommended for those who like strong emotions!

Infinity Falls

Infinity Falls is a super fun attraction, but be careful as you will get very wet from it.

You'll board a giant inner tube with several people and ride down a wild river.

It is not an ordinary tour because in the middle of the tour you will enter an elevator that will rise followed by a fall that will finish wetting everyone who is still minimally dry.

Infinity Falls - Water Attraction at SeaWorld Orlando
Infinity Falls – Water Attraction at SeaWorld Orlando

We do not recommend riding it on very cold days.

  • Tour Type: For the whole family
  • Height: minimum 1.07 m


Mako Entrance - Shark Roller Coaster at Seaworld
Mako Entrance – Shark Roller Coaster at Seaworld

The Mako It's my favorite roller coaster at this park.

Known for its high speed and dives, despite being super radical, it has no looping.

Named after one of the fastest sharks in the ocean, this roller coaster reaches speeds of up to 117 km/h and a height of up to 60 meters.

Mako-roller coaster-seaworld
  • Tour Type: Extreme, Roller Coaster, Family
  • Height: minimum 1.37 m

Kraken Unleashed

The Kraken It's a super extreme roller coaster.

The attraction includes a total of seven descents, including two vertical rings, dip rings, spirals and lots of screams.

Kraken - SeaWorld Orlando roller coaster
Kraken – SeaWorld Orlando roller coaster

It is also the second longest baseless roller coaster in the world, reaching almost 1500 meters.

  • Tour Type: Extreme, Roller Coaster, Family, Outdoors
  • Height: minimum 1.37 m

Mantar Roller Coaster

A unique and incredible roller coaster.

This attraction allows visitors to see various types of rays before boarding.

Unlike other roller coasters, you won't be sitting down, but lying down, as if you've turned into a stingray.

Then you will ride this incredible roller coaster of 1023 meters through the park at a maximum speed of 90 km / h.

Manta - SeaWorld Orlando roller coaster
Manta – SeaWorld Orlando roller coaster

It is without a doubt a unique sensation and if you like roller coasters, you cannot miss the Mantar Roller Coaster!

  • Tour Type: Extreme, Roller Coaster, Family, Outdoors
  • Height: minimum 1.37 m

Journey to Atlantis

A hybrid attraction and wonder.

Journey to Atlantis - Attraction That Waters at SeaWorld Orlando
Journey to Atlantis – Water Attraction at SeaWorld Orlando

It combines roller coaster elements, such as current elevations and steep spinoffs, with elements of water rides with big drops like the Splash mountain from the Magic Kingdom, but slightly more radical.

  • Tour Type: Immersion ride, Roller coaster, Family
  • Height: minimum 1.07 m

Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin

Empire of the Penguin is a SeaWorld Orlando themed area that penguins life in a unique, immersive and very cool attraction!

  • Tour Type: Family, Friends
  • Height: minimum 1.07 m

Wild Arctic

It's a simulator where you'll learn more about animals and the climate of the North Pole.

Wild Arctic at Seaworld Orlando
Wild Arctic at Seaworld Orlando

This attraction is combined with animal exhibits with belugas, walruses and seals.

  • Tour Type: Family, Indoor Tour
  • Height: minimum 1.07 m

Sesame Street at SeaWorld

Sesame Street is actually an entire area and not just an attraction.

This area is amazing for children. There you will find attractions aimed at children and in addition there are several interactive parts throughout this area.

Sesame Street Parade at SeaWorld Orlando
Sesame Street Parade at SeaWorld Orlando

And of course, there you will also find several famous characters from Sesame Street.

We have a post entirely dedicated to Sesame Street here on the blog. If you want to know more, click here.

  • Tour Type: Immersion, Roller Coaster, Carousel, Family, Children
  • Height: N / A

Flamingo Paddle Boats

Board a rowboat for a relaxing ride on SeaWorld Orlando's large central lake.

Flamingo Paddle Boats
Flamingo Paddle Boats

This boat themed flamingo It's fun for young and old alike.

  • Tour Type: Water ride, Leisure, Family, Friends
  • Height: N / A

Sky Tower

This tower features a two-sided turntable that rises to over 106 meters high.

Sky Tower - SeaWorld Orlando
Sky Tower – SeaWorld Orlando

It has a capacity for 50 passengers.

If you look from above Sky Tower, you can see all the attractions at SeaWorld, as well as the attractions around Aquatica Orlando and Discovery Cove that are very close to the park.

  • Tour Type: Family, Friends
  • Height: N / A

Animal Attractions at SeaWorld Orlando

SeaWorld Orlando has always been a park known for its animals, especially marine animals.

There are still some attractions with animals there, let's check them all out

Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin® (Habitat)

Antarctica Empire of the Penguin (Habitat)
Antarctica Empire of the Penguin (Habitat)

It is glued to the attraction and at the end you will be able to see a huge group of penguins in their habitat in the park.

  • Type: Family, Friends, Indoors, View Animals

Dolphin cove

One of the largest dolphin pools where visitors can interact with dolphins.

Dolphin Cove at Seaworld
Dolphin Cove at Seaworld

It used to be possible to feed and touch the dolphins, which is no longer possible.

If you want a closer interaction with the dolphins, you can pay for the “Dolphin Encounter” service, which we will talk about later in the Private Tours section.

  • Type: Family, Friends, Seeing and touching animals

Jewel of the Sea Aquarium

Jewel of the Sea Aquarium - SeaWorld Orlando
Jewel of the Sea Aquarium – SeaWorld Orlando

A series of aquariums where you can see incredible marine creatures such as jellyfish illuminated by an interactive backlight to a cool aquatic habitat covered in acrylic.

It is located in next to the Journey to Atlantis

  • Type: View Animals, Family

Manatee Rehabilitation Area

This 5-hectare rescue center helps manatees and other marine animals that have been injured, sick or exposed to stress, such as orphans.

  • Type: Family, Friends, Outdoors
Manatee Rehabilitation Area
Manatee Rehabilitation Area

Aquarium blanket

A gigantic aquarium.

In it you will have the opportunity to see about 3,000 animals of more than 60 species, including more than 300 rays!

Manta Aquarium - SeaWorld Orlando
Manta Aquarium – SeaWorld Orlando

The amount of Rays here is really quite incredible.

It is possible to see a good part of this aquarium from the queue for the Manta attraction.

  • Category: Indoor, View Animal Habitat, Family, Friends

Underwater Viewing

Here you can watch the whales as they glide below the surface in this amazing nearby area.

  • Type: Outdoor, Family
Underwater Viewing

Pacific Point Preserve

Here you can see sea lions and seals.

  • Type: Outdoors, Family, View Animals

Pelican Preserve


Habitat for saved pelicans.

  • Type: Family, Friend, Outdoor

Shark encounter

The Shark encounter It is an aquarium with several species of sharks and other fish.

In addition to the incredible aquarium, you will be able to go through a tunnel that will cross this incredible aquarium.

Shark Encounter - Aquarium with Sharks at SeaWorld Orlando
Shark Encounter – Shark Aquarium at SeaWorld Orlando
  • Type: Indoor, View Habitat, Family, Friends

Stingray Lagoon SeaWorld

Stingray Lagoon - SeaWorld Orlando
Stingray Lagoon – SeaWorld Orlando

At the Stingray Lagoon you will be able to interact with several rays and learn more about these extraordinary creatures.

We show in our youtube channel when I was “bitten” by a stingray there! Check out the video below!

  • Type: Outdoor, Pet Touch, Family, Friends

Turtle Trek

Here you will see beautiful and amazing endangered sea turtles.

Turtle Trek - SeaWorld Orlando
Turtle Trek – SeaWorld Orlando
  • Type: Family, Friends, Indoors, View Animals

SeaWorld Orlando Shows

For some people, SeaWorld is a park full of attractions, both extreme and for the whole family.

At the same time, for other families, the highlight of the park is the concerts.

Including, it's not for less!

SeaWorld shows will really delight you for their quality!

Orca Encounter

The Orca Encounter is the new orca show, which has replaced One Ocean.

Orca Encounter - Seaworld Orlando Show with the Whales
Orca Encounter – Seaworld Orlando Show with the Whales

It is more of an educational show and shows the importance of play for the orcas and talks a little about their hunting techniques and more information about these amazing creatures of the sea.

  • Type: Family, Friends, Show, Seeing Animals

Dolphin Days

The Dolphin Days is a living celebration of amazing dolphins.

It is a very beautiful show to see as it shows how these animals are extremely intelligent.

Dolphin Days - Seaworld Orlando Dolphin Show
Dolphin Days – Seaworld Orlando Dolphin Show
  • Type: Dolphin Show, Outdoor, Family, Friends

Sesame Street Party Parade

Sesame Street Party Parade - SeaWorld
Sesame Street Party Parade – SeaWorld

A stop where kids can see their favorite furry friends from Sesame Street!

  • Type: Parade, Show
  • Time: 11:30, 14:00 and 16:30

Pets Ahoy

Pets Ahoy - SeaWorld Orlando
Pets Ahoy – SeaWorld Orlando

The Pets Ahoy is a different show with pets in a series of unlikely characters that will have the whole family laughing from beginning to end.

  • Type: Family, Friends, Animal Show

SeaWorld Orlando Events

As in the Disney parks (mainly in the Magic Kingdom) and others Orlando parks, there are a number of dates where special events take place in the park.

We will list a few here and try to keep this post as up to date as possible, however it is possible to see the official calendar of events on the park's official website.

Electric Ocean

Electric Ocean – SeaWorld Show

Explore exotic worlds of light and music filled with glittering sea creatures, DJ entertainment and a spectacular fireworks display.

  • Date: September

4th of July

SeaWorld Orlando – 4th of July

The sky will light up with fireworks and lasers, the new show takes place on the 4th of July at night at SeaWorld.

  • Date: 4th of July

SeaWorld Halloween Spooktacular

The Seaworld Orlando Halloween party.

It is an event that takes place throughout the day.

SeaWorld Halloween Spooktacular
SeaWorld Halloween Spooktacular

Here you can explore the slightly spooky trick-or-treating trails, meet special Halloween characters and much more in this family-friendly event that could only come from SeaWorld.

  • Dates: From September to November

Praise Wave

At this event, guests can celebrate fellowship and Christian fun at SeaWorld Orlando.

Praise Wave - Seaworld Orlando
Praise Wave – Seaworld Orlando

A host of exciting live shows from the hottest names in Christian music will light up the stage at the Nautilus Theatre.

  • Dates: Selected days in November

SeaWorld Inside Look

Here you can go behind the scenes of the park, learn more about the animals and observe the care they receive during the Inside Look event.

Inside Look SeaWorld
Inside Look SeaWorld

Inside Look tours are available on select days at different times of the day!

  • Dates: Selected Days

Furry Friends Fun Run

A race you can take with your friends and family through Sesame Street Land at SeaWorld Orlando.

Furry Friends Fun Run
Furry Friends Fun Run

Participants can enjoy the sights, sounds and favorite Sesame Street friends all along the park's scenic paths and through the iconic Sesame Street neighborhood.

  • Dates: Selected November Date

Sea World Christmas Celebration

It's Christmas every day at SeaWorld's Christmas Celebration. Enjoy festive shopping, delicious food and impressive live shows.

SeaWorld transforms into a winter wonderland, glowing with joy, excitement and over 3 million beautiful lights.

Sea World Christmas Celebration
Sea World Christmas Celebration

A series of special events take place on these days such as the Sesame Street Christmas Parade and spectacular Christmas shows.

Sea World Christmas Celebration - Winter Wonderland on Ice
Sea World Christmas Celebration – Winter Wonderland on Ice
  • Dates: from November 21st to December 31st

New Year's Eve

Celebrate the connection to the sea, marine life and the world that SeaWorld Shares at New Year from SeaWorld.

New Year at SeaWorld

A spectacular musical celebration and an incredible fireworks display will send a wave of welcome to the new year ahead.

  • Date: December 31

Seven Seas Food Festival

It's a food festival as its name suggests which offers, in addition to food and beverage tasting, concerts by famous live artists. 

Seven Seas Food Festival SeaWorld
Seven Seas Food Festival SeaWorld

It started in 2017 and as it was quite successful, it usually happens annually.

It's really a fun and tasty festival, it reminds a lot of the style of Epcot festivals like Food & Wine.

  • No date set

SeaWorld Orlando Accessibility

SeaWorld Orlando's accessibility program is designed to allow guests to fully participate in the park while taking into account the safety requirements of each of its attractions.

Another relevant piece of information is that SeaWorld is a Certified Autism Center (CAC).

SeaWorld Orlando address

SeaWorld Orlando is located on 7007 Sea World Dr, Orlando, FL 32821.

ticket to SeaWorld Orlando

Naturally, ticket prices vary over time and a series of promotions are carried out, especially if you buy in advance with installment options at a reputable agency.

Also, if you need a budget, do not hesitate to contact us. contact our agency.

  • One day ticket from US $ 79.99
  • Multi-park tickets from US $ 54.99 per park
  • “Dine with Shamu” package from US $ 29.00 for adults and US $ 19.00 for children

SeaWorld admission free

Children under 2 years old are free of charge!

Parking at SeaWorld

Parking is a topic that we have unfortunately seen increase every year for a few years in a row, so the price is getting really significant for your trip.

SeaWorld Orlando Parking
SeaWorld Orlando Parking

General Parking Pass – $ 23.47: General parking for cars, motorcycles, trucks, recreational vehicles and campers (FREE for Annual Pass members)
Preferred Parking Pass – US $ 32.86: special parking (US $ 10 for Annual Pass members)

SeaWorld All-day Dining Plan

This is SeaWorld's meal plan.

He is very different from Disney Dining Plan because it does not have different types of plans and can be used by all visitors to SeaWorld and Busch Gardens parks, without the need to stay in one of the hotels in the complex.

SeaWorld All-day Dining Plan
SeaWorld All-day Dining Plan

Let's take a quick explanation of how it works.

The meal plan is individual, you will receive an ID wristband on the day that entitles you to a starter or dessert, a main course and a drink at any of the restaurants participants (attention, because they are not all, but there are many).

You can make as many meals as you like, choosing one or more available items, but with an interval of at least 1 hour between them.

I guarantee you that it is impossible not to be satisfied.

Price is US $ 34.99 per adult and US $ 19.99 per child.

Seaworld Orlando Annual Pass

Just like the Disney and Universal have their annual passes, SeaWorld also has its own and for many it can be a worthwhile investment.

There are currently 4 types of SeaWorld Orlando Annual Passes, each with naturally different values and benefits.

Annual Pass Seaworld

Bronze Annual Pass

Price: $138

  • 50% discount on parking
  • 10% discount on shopping and food
  • Entrance to SeaWorld network parks** However with some blocked dates
  • Admission to Seven Seas Food Festival, Electric Ocean, Halloween Spooktacular and SeaWorld's Christmas Celebration events

Silver Annual Pass

Price: $186

  • Entry to SeaWorld network parks
  • Admission to Seven Seas Food Festival, Electric Ocean, Halloween Spooktacular and SeaWorld's Christmas Celebration events
  • 1 free ticket for a companion **But with some blocked dates
  • Free parking;
  • 10% discount on shopping and food;
  • Discount of 50% when purchasing up to 3 tickets.

Gold Annual Pass

Price: $222

  • Entry to SeaWorld network parks
  • Admission to Seven Seas Food Festival, Electric Ocean, Halloween Spooktacular and SeaWorld's Christmas Celebration events
  • Free preferential parking
  • PhotoKey Free
  • 2 free tickets for a companion **But with some blocked dates
  • 15% discount on shopping and food
  • 50% discount when buying up to 6 tickets
  • 1 free animal encounter

Platinum Annual Pass

Price: $366

This is the Annual Pass with the greatest number of benefits.

  • Entrance to the 11 US parks of the SeaWorld Parks network ? SeaWorld Orlando, Aquatica Orlando, SeaWorld San Diego, Aquatica San Diego, SeaWorld San Antonio, Aquatica San Antonio, Adventure Island, Busch Gardens Tampa Bay, Busch Gardens Williamsburg, Water Country and Sesame Place
  • Admission to Seven Seas Food Festival, Electric Ocean, Halloween Spooktacular and SeaWorld's Christmas Celebration events
  • Free preferential parking
  • PhotoKey Free
  • 2 free tickets for a companion **But with some blocked dates
  • ?Ride Again? at select attractions at SeaWorld Orlando and Busch Gardens Tampa Bay
  • 15% discount on shopping and food
  • 50% discount when buying up to 6 tickets
  • 1 free animal encounter

Quick Queue at Seaworld Orlando

Many people think that it is a system similar to the old one fastPass + from Disney, but it is much closer to the Universal Studios Express Pass.

As Quick Queue you can skip the queue at the main attractions.

Prices start at US $19 and vary depending on how crowded the park is on that day.

Not all attractions in the park are enabled for this system, those that do are:

Seaworld Orlando Private Tours

Dolphin Encounter

Dolphin Encounter Sea World
Dolphin Encounter Sea World

From US $ 15.00
Spend time up close with dolphins at Dolphin cove.

Sharks Up-Close Tour

From US $ 15.00

You will be able to touch a small shark and learn more about these amazing ocean creatures.

Wild Arctic Up-Close Tour

Wild Arctic Up-Close Tour
Wild Arctic Up-Close Tour

From US $ 59.00

A 60-minute interactive program about walruses, seals and beluga whales.

Penguin Up-Close Tour 

From US $ 69.00 for adults

A 45-minute walking tour where you can get up close and learn more about what it takes to care for penguins.

Sea Lion Up-Close Tour


From US $ 44.00 for adults

A 60-minute tour where you can interact and learn more about what it takes to care for sea lions.

Dolphin Up-Close Tour

From US $ 45.00 for adults

An incredible tour of approximately 60 minutes, where you will have the chance to interact with Atlantic dolphins.

Behind-the-Scenes Tour

From US $ 29.00 for adults

A 75-minute tour of how rescued manatees and sea turtles are treated.

Private VIP Tour 

From US $ 199.00

The Private VIP Tour provides your group with their own SeaWorld tour guide for up to 7 hours.

SeaWorld-Private VIP Tour
SeaWorld-Private VIP Tour

Includes tips from an expert guide, front row access and reserved seats for tours and shows.

Expedition SeaWorld®: A Guided Tour

From US $ 79.00 for adults.

This is the VIP Guide to the park.

A 6-hour visit with an expert guide at SeaWorld.

You'll also enjoy reserved seating at three of the most popular shows, frontline access before and after your guided tour, all-day dining and more.

All prices are subject to change.

SeaWorld Orlando Itineraries

Video Tour at SeaWorld Orlando

As mentioned a few times in this post, we have a series of videos of our SeaWorld tours on our website. Youtube channel!

We hope that like this post, our videos can help you in planning your trips!

We hope again that this post has helped you in your research for your trip to Disney or Orlando.

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Guarantee the Best Trip to Disney

We know that the amount of information that goes into a trip to Disney and Orlando is simply enormous.

This makes planning tiring or sometimes seem impossible!

But what if I told you that you can trust professionals to assemble a script totally EXCLUSIVE and CUSTOMIZED for you and your group?

Unlike the assembled itineraries found out there, this itinerary will take into account all the factors of your group such as ages, tastes and any profile that may change your trip.

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Get your Parks Tickets at a Discount

Many people leave to buy their tickets when they arrive in Orlando or even on park day.

We absolutely do not recommend that you do this for a number of reasons, such as:

If you buy tickets on the spot, you won't be able to book your park days in advance at the risk of not even being able to enter a park on a given day.

You will lose valuable park minutes in line to buy your tickets.

AND MOSTLY, you will pay more because tickets at the box office are more expensive than buying in advance!

Access our ticket website to buy your tickets or request a free consultation to find out exactly which tickets are the best to buy.

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More Tips for your Orlando Trip

Don't forget to check out our Youtube channel where we give several travel tips for Orlando.

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