Antarctica: Empire of The Penguin - Sea World attraction

Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin is one of the most interesting - and expensive - attractions in the SeaWorld!

This area was known for the high investment on the part of the park, so that everything would be perfect.

As a result, we can observe a very characteristic place that makes you believe that you are in Antarctica.

The walls of the area imitate ice, as well as the floor and the decoration. In addition, the temperature is also lower than that of the rest of the park.

As the protagonists of the region are penguins, they could not be left out. For you to immerse yourself in the life of these pets, Sea World has this attraction.


Characteristicçthose of Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin

The Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin it works as a presentation, given by the little penguin Puck. Through it, you will be able to know a little more about penguins and their habits of life.

The tour is carried out through a cart and the attraction has two speeds: mild and wild. It has 8 people, who should be able to sit alone.

The mild mode is suitable for young children, the elderly or people who cannot make sudden movements. However, despite this, infants (who cannot sit alone) cannot attend this attraction.

In turn, the wild has some more "sudden" movements, but by no means radical. In a nutshell, the cart spins and walks, accompanying Puck on his journey. For a person to choose this mode, he must measure above 1.22 meters.

Educational content

Each year, Sea World is innovating its attractions in order to raise awareness about marine animals, and not just their exposure.

In this sense, this attraction, like others, also has an educational area, especially for children.

There, you and the children in your group will be able to compare their height to that of 17 penguin species.


In addition, there are also interactive screens with interesting information about these animals.

The staff who work at Sea World also chat with visitors, in order to make us aware of the importance of penguins.

How is the Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin queue?

Right at the beginning, in a screening room, you already know Puck. He is a very friendly penguin and will be your guide in the attraction.

In that place, you can already feel the temperature much colder. That's a relief from Orlando's hot days!

It is also in the queue that you make the choice between mild and wild modes. My recommendation is: if you don't have any movement restrictions, choose the wild.

Quick Queue

Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin features the Quick Queue, the lines break the Sea World. However, as it is a somewhat still attraction, I prefer not to use it.

Although the attraction queue can reach a long time, the atmosphere is very pleasant, due to the temperature.

How is Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin going?

THE ride starts with Puck guiding you through the Antarctic glaciers. Along the way, you will be able to observe beautiful environments that represent the lights of the continent.

You can even see a seal trying to hunt Puck in the projection. Luckily, he had managed to escape unscathed!

A little further on, you will be able to see how penguins are animals that enjoy the family. Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin is an attraction that can bring your whole family together.

At the end, the attraction windows, which were previously frosted, light up! That way, you can observe an environment full of penguins. They swim and pose for photos in a very cute way!

Finally, when you leave the cart, you will be in front of a tank where you will also have penguins.

At that moment, get ready to take beautiful pictures with the pets. I can guarantee that they are very friendly and sometimes even pose!


Some technical information about Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin

  • Attraction opening: May 2013;
  • Capacity of people: 8 people per cart;
  • Minimum height to enjoy the attraction: 1.07 meters.

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