Manta - SeaWorld Roller Coaster

The Manta Roller Coaster was opened to the public in 2009 and is one of the most popular attractions at SeaWorld Orlando.

It was based on the movements made by the stingrays which is why unlike the other roller coasters you will lie on your stomach!

I remember the first time I walked into it. What an amazing feeling! It offers a different experience from all the roller coasters I've ever ridden.

Nath and I love her. SeaWorld has increasingly become a park for adrenaline lovers, with a series of wonderful and fun roller coasters.

No doubt for those who enjoy roller coasters, the Manta is a must stop! Learn more why it attracts so many visitors. 

What is Manta like?

As we speak, it is located at SeaWorld and is at the top of the world list of the best roller coasters in the world, being one of the main attractions of the park.

Of the types of roller coasters that simulate a sensation of flight, the famous flying coasters, she is one of the most outstanding, because the visitors are in a horizontal position and for having very sharp curves, fall and different loopings, what the make it much more radical.

The route was all inspired by the swimming of the stingrays, which can be seen in the ten aquariums that are included on the way to the entrance of the toy.

You will notice that throughout the line there is a theme about marine life, with many aquariums with different fish and rays.

For the more curious, it is possible to know even more about the marine animals that are there, because there are sculptures and paintings on the way to the embarkation in Manta.

Regardless of whether or not you go on a roller coaster ride, it is possible to visit the aquariums, even if they are just one attraction.

There is a space entirely made for children, a transparent roof where you can see the rays passing by.

So even if you have small children in the group or are not fond of more radical toys, be sure to visit the stingrays! 

As for the crowd that will enter the toy, you will be able to enjoy other marine species that are in the aquarium while waiting in line.

So waiting ends up not being so bad, because you end up having fun watching the aquariums.

When you get closer to Manta, you will need to choose which queue you want to stay in, and this decision needs to be made because the queues are separate.

The queues that tend to be more crowded and radical are the first and the last.

In the front rows, it seems to be more relaxed, since the last ones you will feel more swinging and the speed will be greater.

What is the differential of Manta?

SeaWorld has invested heavily in the setting of its roller coasters, the Manta is living proof of that, with a theme from its entrance to the toy door.

The way the visitor walks through the toy, is inspired by the smooth swimming of the rays, so we go horizontally and belly to the ground.

When you pass close to the water, you end up feeling that you really are an animal swimming in the ocean.

The strollers are thus made available exactly so that visitors feel like a stingray. There are 3 carts with a capacity for 32 visitors.

You board seated, like a normal roller coaster, but just before the game starts, it turns downwards, making everyone throw their weights down, getting light, with the feeling of being flying.

Manta carts go up very slowly, which gives visitors incredible views of the park and for those who don't like it so much, it can seem a little daunting.

In the beginning, there will be the biggest fall, with 35 meters, with that feeling of flight and passing near the water, while the second dive is followed by a loop, the big dive loop. A lot of people in this part believe it's really loose in the air!

The Manta Coaster reaches a top speed of 90 km / h and is about 2.36 minutes long, although not so heavy, you go on your stomach, which puts some pressure. So avoid eating too much before going to the toy.

There is no age restriction, only height, where the person needs to be at least 1.37m. 


The idea of the park came up with four young colleagues from a college in California, who back in the 1960s, had the idea of creating a submerged restaurant.

But this idea ended up with many difficulties to be put into practice, which made them end up giving up. 

Despite this, other plans were eventually created, including the creation of a marine zoo, that's when SeaWorld was born in 1964.

But here comes the question, wasn't the park built only in 1973? A lot of people think that SeaWorld Orlando it was the first park, but it wasn't, the first in the chain is in San Diego, California.

The park had only two large saltwater aquariums, few animals and a few attractions, but it only received 400,000 visitors in its first year.

The second SeaWorld was installed in Ohio, in the city of Aurora, in 1970. But as the place was very cold, it was difficult to maintain the park, which ended up leading to its closure.

In 1973 SeaWorld's Orlando headquarters was opened, this was because the Disney complex was already reaping the rewards and SeaWorld Group representatives saw the city as an opportunity.

In 1988, it was the turn of San Antonio, Texas, with the largest unit in the park. 

Orlando's SeaWorld is known for being one of the largest parks with marine attractions in the world and the second oldest park in Orlando. 

In the SeaWorld group we also find three more parks: Discovery Cove, Busch Gardens and Aquatica Orlando.

The park carries the proposal to promote interaction between visitors and marine animals.

In addition to shows with animals such as dolphins, whales and sea lions and toys for all audiences with a marine theme, as is the case of Manta.

As it is a park with animals, it ends up having a reduced opening hours, as well as others with the same theme in Orlando.

In the periods between September and April, the closing usually occurs at 18h, between May and August, between 21h and 22h.

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