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Discovery Cove it is a magical place where you can live adventures and connect with nature in a unique way. It is located in Orlando, USA, and this incredible water park offers an experience that is not easy to forget for children and adults alike.

Why is Discovery Cove an amazing place to swim with dolphins?

At the Discovery Cove in Orlando, swimming with the dolphins is incredible. After all, they are intelligent and friendly animals. By the way, there, you can, for example:

  • interact with them;
  • caress;
  • and even get kisses from them.

Located next to SeaWorld, this is one of disney water park known for offering a peaceful and interactive environment for visitors. One of the advantages there is that admission is limited, which guarantees a more exclusive and less crowded experience.

What makes a destination special for marine life lovers?

A special destination for marine life lovers is a place where you can explore its beauty and learn about different species of marine animals. That way, there you can:

  • swim with dolphins;
  • see colorful coral reefs;
  • observe tropical fish;
  • feed stingrays.

What are the must-sees besides swimming with the dolphins at Discovery Cove?

At the Discovery Cove you can explore a wonderful world. For example, go on exciting tropical river adventures with rapids and incredible scenery. Even more, it is also possible to visit the aviary, a place full of exotic birds and beautiful songs.

Explore the beauty of the coral reef

Imagine diving into a world full of colors and marine life. On the coral reef there, you can do that. So, swim alongside colorful fish and observe the amazing plants that make it up.

It's like stepping into a giant aquarium filled with the wonders of the aquatic world. So, don't miss this chance to explore the beauty of the ocean.

Tropical river adventures

Get ready for lots of fun on the tropical river. Because, in a buoy, you will go down incredible rapids, go through caves and see incredible landscapes.

The river is surrounded by lush vegetation, which makes for a unique and exciting experience. So hold on tight and get ready for a great experience.

Discover the incredible aviary

In the aviary there, you will find a number of exotic free-flying birds. So, walk along trails surrounded by nature and observe the colorful birds in their natural habitat.

They sing beautiful melodies and you can even feed them special seeds. In this way, it is an incredible chance to discover the diversity and beauty of these animals.

discovery cove
At Discovery Cove in Orlando it is possible to swim with dolphins. Image from the Visit Orlando website.

How to plan a visit to Discovery Cove in Orlando?

If you want to visit the Discovery Cove in Orlando, it's important to plan ahead. Thus, choosing the best day to visit is essential to avoid queues and enjoy more. Here are some tips for making the most of the water park.

What you need to know before you go

Before going to Discovery Cove, first, you need to buy tickets in advance, as the park has limited capacity. Also, don't forget to bring:

  • sunscreen;
  • towel;
  • swimwear;
  • an extra change of clothes.
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It's worth mentioning, finally, that it's also important to know that swimming with dolphins is a popular attraction, so book in advance.

Choose the best day to visit

Choosing the best day to visit the park is important to get the most out of your experience. So, try to avoid weekends and holidays, as these days tend to be busier.

Weekdays are generally quieter. By the way, check the weather forecast too, to make sure you enjoy the park without rain.

Tips to make the most of your experience

First, arrive early to enjoy all the attractions without rushing. Even more, when you arrive, take a map to guide yourself through the park.

Be sure to explore the Aviary, where you can see beautiful birds. And, of course, don't forget to take lots of photos to keep the memories of that special day.

What are the benefits of visiting Discovery Cove in Orlando?

visit the Discovery Cove in Orlando brings you many benefits. After all, you are going to relax on paradisiacal beaches, with crystal clear waters and white sand.

Also enjoy delicious food and refreshing drinks, such as ice cream and juices. Finally, enjoy the surrounding nature, with tropical plants and amazing animals. It's fun and peace guaranteed.

Relax on idyllic beaches

There, you will find paradisiacal beaches to relax and have fun. By the way, the waters are crystal clear and the sand is very soft. So, you can swim, play with the family and even sunbathe. It's like being in a piece of paradise, surrounded by natural beauty.

Enjoy delicious food and drinks

In addition to the attractions, the park also has delicious food and refreshing drinks. You can taste yummy ice creams, juicy burgers, crispy fries and much more.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that there are also juices and soft drinks to refresh you during the day. Thus, a delicious experience for your taste buds.

Enjoy nature and the tranquility of the environment

There you can enjoy nature and the peace of the environment. There are tropical plants, colorful birds and even fish swimming in the waters.

It's a calm place where you can relax and connect with nature. Thus, breathing the pure air and listening to the sounds of the animals is an incredible experience.

discovery cove
At Discovery Cove you can meet several marine creatures. Image from TripAdvisor website.

What package and ticket options are available at Discovery Cove?

At the Discovery Cove, there are different package and ticket options for you to choose from. You can opt for the “Dolphin Swim” package, which includes the thrilling experience of swimming with dolphins, as well as access to all park attractions and delicious meals.

If you prefer, there are also packages that do not include swimming with dolphins, but still allow you to enjoy the beaches, pools and other fun activities in the park.

It is also worth mentioning that there are separate tickets for those who just want to relax on the paradisiacal beaches and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere. Choose the package or ticket that suits you best and have fun in the park.

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