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The Discovery Cove It is a quasi-resort park that wins the hearts of all visitors. It goes way beyond a water park, to be honest with you.

It makes you feel like you're in a Caribbean resort rather than a Florida park.

The park is part of the Group SeaWorld, and ends up being one of the most expensive parks in the United States, because there are many things included in the ticket price, among them we must highlight: complete food, drinks and snacks.

We must point out that you can consume them at will throughout the day, parking, sunscreen, lockers to store your belongings, masks, snorkel and wetsuits.


In addition to bath towel, shampoo, conditioner and liquid soap.

There are ticket packages that you in addition to Discovery Cove, tickets to other parks in the network SeaWorld: aquatic, SeaWorld and Busch gardens.

So be careful when purchasing your tickets.

The main attraction of Discovery Cove is swimming with the dolphins, the “Dolphin Swim”, and the experience lasts about 30 minutes. Interaction includes swimming, taking pictures, feeding and playing with the animals. dolphins.

Arriving at Discovery Cove

No turnstiles or queues, in the park you really think you are arriving at the reception of a resort.

There are several counters where you can check in.

With your reservation voucher number and an identity document, the attendant will print a plastic badge for each person in your group, containing a photo and personal data.

You will need to wear your badge throughout the day, there is also a park map on the back.

In it there will also be the time of your swimming with the dolphins and you can even drink alcohol or not, for those over 21.

Arrive very early, because this guarantees that you will swim first thing in the morning with the dolphins.

When you leave the lobby you will find photographers who will take a photo of you and if you buy the photo package, it will be included.

Depending on the time of your swim, you can have breakfast right away or go get changed and then eat.

The dressing room is very complete, offering everything you need during your visit.


You can choose as your swimwear a neoprene jumpsuit or a vest made of the same material, the kit with mask and snorkel for diving is also available, along with sunscreen suitable for swimming with the animals.

After changing your clothes, you can leave your things in the lockers next to the changing rooms.

The employee who will be near these lockers will give you a key with a number, so you find the locker number, leave your belongings, lock it and go enjoy the park.

Unlike what happens in other parks, in the Discovery Cove you don't pay to use them.

swim with dolphins Discovery Cove

After eating and getting dressed, when you arrive at your swimming time, you must go to one of the orientation huts for those who are going to swim with the dolphins, the name of the hut will be written on your badge.

Once there, your group will receive important information about swimming, contact with dolphins and how to behave in the water.

Each visitor receives a clipboard to fill in with their name, address, telephone number and signature showing that they are aware of the risks and are responsible for such.

For minors, parents or legal representatives must fill in the form with their data and the child.

Children under 12 years old can only enter the pool with the dolphins with a paying adult. There are no exceptions as only the child enters and the adult stays out.

It is forbidden to enter the water with cameras and other objects that can come off such as glasses, caps and jewelry, and each person can only enter with a ring or wedding ring.

Like the dolphins they are very curious animals, they end up stealing objects, which is dangerous for them.

There is a photographer recording all the moments, on the way out you can buy an individual or group package, if you are with more people.

If someone in her group doesn't go swimming, she can stay out of the water taking pictures.

Swimming is very cool, even if it is a little strange because of the cold water, but after getting involved with the experience, you forget about the cold.

The dolphins they arrive playing, posing and showing tricks.

After swimming with the dolphins, you can and should continue enjoying the park.


other attractions

In addition to swimming with dolphins, there is the Grand Reef, where you will find many fish and giant rays that are swimming peacefully there. For those who like to have contact with animals, it is very cool, in addition to being something very different.

There is also a great cold with current and warm water, a delight to relax and enjoy the beauty of the park. With caves along the way for you to explore, dive and use your snorkel and mask.

Explore`s Aviary is an aviary with tropical birds, where you can feed them fruits and seeds, and take pictures.

There are other paid activities like swimming with sharks, learning to be a dolphins, feed the stingrays and Sea Ventura, which teaches you how to dive in an oxygen tank.


When is the best time to go to Discovery Cove?

The park, unlike many water parks, it does not close during the year, so it is possible to visit it at any time.

For those who are very chilly, we recommend the warmer seasons and in the winter months, it ends up being lucky that a hot day coincides with your visit.

It is worth remembering that the water that has animals is very cold, and in certain months it can reach temperatures below 0 degrees.

Buy your ticket in advance

As it is a different themed park, there is a limited number of visitors per day.

The total number of visitors can reach 1,300, but only 200 can swim with the dolphins, which is usually what people look for in this park.

As everything is scheduled, you need to schedule a day to visit the park at the time of purchase.

Therefore, be sure to guarantee your discounted park ticket.

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