Montu: what is the differential of the attraction?

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The Montu is a roller coaster that is at the top of the list of most visitors to the park that is located in Busch gardens. Thus, she is among the twenty-five best steel mountains in the world and has received several titles such as Golden Ticket Awards.

What is the Montu roller coaster?

The Montu is an inverted roller coaster that is a favorite at the park and was featured with the Egypt session. And so, with the theme of Egyptian mythology, the attraction was named after a god of war and cost close to US$20 million.

Ride the roller coaster named after the god of war. Image by Jeremy Thompson from the Flickr site

When was Montu inaugurated?

The attraction opened to the public on May 16, 1996 and is described as being inverted, taller and faster in the world. In this way, it was developed to have seven inversions and to display an Immelmann loop as one of the main attractions of the mountain.

Furthermore, it was made by Swiss manufacturer Bolliger & Mabillard and developer Jim Wintrode. And so, the project started in 1995 was completed fourteen months later.

Where is Mont?

The roller coaster is located in Tampa, Florida. So, the attraction has construction in Busch Gardens in the Egypt section on an area of 28,328 square meters.

Montu differential

The big difference is that the roller coaster does not have support for the feet that are hanging outside. That is, it is a mountain with an inverted track, which at the time it was inaugurated was the highest and fastest at 46m and with an acceleration of 97 km/h. 

Therefore, it is still a classic roller coaster that is quite intense and with the thrill of plunging into various twists. And so, the attraction has 7 exciting inversions and several loopings. At the premiere it was the mountain with the most inversions in the world.

How to access Montu? 

To access this classic roller coaster visitors enter the Egyptian temple where the queue is. And so, the queue starts in a huge and curved outdoor area. After that, the guests passed through a corridor and entered the boarding station.

However, the attraction receives many visitors every day and it is natural that the queue is a little long and that sometimes it takes time to get there. But if you don't want to waste time in line, you can invest in a special ticket and enjoy the park even more.

In this way, you can purchase a skip-the-line ticket for SeaWorld parks and sales are made separately for each park, Busch Gardens, SeaWorld and Aquatica.

fast queue

In this additional service, you can skip the queue only once per attraction. That is, it is excellent to use in Busch Gardens, which has a lot of attraction and is more difficult to repeat. 

The price will vary according to the concentration of people in the park and also according to the time of year. In this way, the investment is around US$14.99 to US$50 dollars.

unlimited fast queue

It's a benefit that allows you to skip the attraction queue unlimitedly as many times as you want. That is, the use can happen throughout the day that you are in the park.

The investment to take advantage of this convenience in the park starts at US$19.99.

Best Attractions at Busch Gardens 

At the Orlando park, has many challenging attractions for those who love adrenaline and seek excitement. In addition, it also has an area for people who do not enjoy adrenaline.  

Therefore, you cannot fail to check out the best attractions:

  • Cheetah Hunt with the longest roller coaster in the park, but it's quiet;
  • Iron Grazi makes the movement similar to the crocodile and reaches 122 Km/h; 
  • Tigris she goes back and forth several times in 60s at 96 Km/h with inversions;
  • Sheikra climbs 60 meters and stops for a while at the edge of the 90° drop.   
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As well as, it is possible to have fun in other roller coasters and other attractions as in Kumba, Scorpion, Cobra's Curse, Falcon's Fury, Congo River Rapids, Stanley Falls Flume Ride and animal attractions throughout the park. Finally, these programs are a must.

Who can enjoy the Montu roller coaster?

The Montu it is a roller coaster that lasts for 3 minutes and has a speed above 95 km/h and everyone can enjoy it. However, the attraction, which is about to complete 27 years, has restrictions on the entry of children under 1.37m as a means of security. 

Accessibility at Montu 

People with reduced mobility or disabilities have all the necessary accessibility. That is, the park is adapted for travelers with PCD with ramps.

In addition, it has the Ride Accessibility Program (RAP) that allows you to wait in line for attractions in a more comfortable way. And then visitors don't have to wait in the regular queue and use Special Access. But first you need to register with the RAP.

Security at Busch Gardens Park

The park is not responsible for personal property that has been stolen or lost. However, reporting of lost and found items must take place in Moroccan Village.

Tips for Enjoying the Attractions at Busch Gardens

The Montu is one of the attractions that most receives visitors at Busch Gardens, as it is one of the most extreme mountains. In other words, to enjoy the attraction it is necessary to plan the script.

So, pay attention to these tips and enjoy every minute:

  • think about the bag you are going to carry, you cannot enter with belongings on the roller coaster;
  • choose someone from the group to take care of the backpack and not pay for a locker;
  • invest in the extra skip-the-line service to enjoy the attraction several times.

Finally, plan with a small backpack and a group of friends so you don't have to pay for the locker. As well as, take advantage of the skip-the-line to enjoy the park.

Montu and planning to take the necessary and enjoy. Image by Jeremy Thompson from the Flickr site

What is Montu's adventure level?

The adventure in Montu happens just as he promises with various emotions. That is, the attraction has seven inversions that reach 122 km/h, 46m and a drop of 39m.

Is Montu worth it at Busch Gardens?

The  Montu delivers a lot of fun, in addition to promising and fulfilling great emotions. That is, this is one of the biggest roller coasters with the most inversions in the world and with a total screw. Therefore, it is an attraction that is worth enjoying, having fun and creating memories. 

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